Instagram Content Creation: 7 Best Secrets To Winning Customers

Instagram content creation is the most significant determinant of whether or not you will be successful on Instagram. When you are going to create your Instagram content the right way, then you are going to win the attention of your dream customers, get better results and make sales.

If you won’t create the right content, your chances of getting new dream customers to find that you exist are nearly zero.

So, how are you going to take your Instagram content creation to the next level and get the best results?

That’s exactly what I am going to reveal to you in this blog post.

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

1. Batch Create Content To Stay Consistent

Batch creating new content is amazing because not that only you will be able to focus your Instagram content creation to stay in compliance with the content strategy that you have created…

…but it is also a giant time saver and it is going to help you stay consistent. When you batch create content for, for example, the entire week in one day, and then you schedule all of the other posts, the chances of you getting into any problems with not creating the post that you need to create are zero.

That is because all of the Instagram content is already scheduled using a tool like Sprout Social and it is going to post automatically.

Example of scheduling content using Sprout Social

That way, you won’t be interrupted working on other tasks during the day, and you will be able to clearly focus as you know that the content is going to post automatically and you don’t have to do anything.

Another giant benefit for Instagram content creation is that it is going to make the content more high-quality.

You see, when you dedicate a big chunk of a day just to creating Instagram content for a certain period of time so that you don’t have to do it later, you will do better research, you are going to be more relevant, the content is going to be better when it comes to alignment with your content strategy, and you’ll also do better research of trends happening that you could possibly leverage in your own favor.

It’s an amazing trick to use. So, stop creating new content every single day. Do all necessary Instagram content creation in one day to get better results.

2. Always Be Relevant To What You’re Selling

This is another tip to take your Instagram content creation to the net level and to make your content convert way more people from just random strangers that comment on your posts into actual paying customers.

That is because when your content is always talking about the problem that they might not even know that they have and that your product or service solves…

And then shows them how the solution that your product or service actually provides works…

People will want to buy what you’re selling before they even know the product or service itself. That’s simply because they will know the outcome and they will know you are the only vehicle through which to get there.

It is extremely powerful and you should definitely do it all the time.

There are not many more powerful pre-frames than that. It is necessary to take your Instagram content creation to the next level.

3. Repurpose Content From Other Platforms

This is another very powerful thing that you should do, especially if Instagram is not the only place where you create content.

Actually, it is so powerful that it can eliminate the Instagram content creation process at all.

When you, for example, have a blog, instead of creating new content for your Instagram separately, all you have to do is to take one article inside of your blog and turn it, for example, into a reel or a carousel post.

The only difference is going to be that you will use headings in the blog post as separate points in the carousel or the reel and then you’re going to make it super concise.

Same for, for example, YouTube. If you are recording YouTube shorts, then you don’t even have to repurpose anything and you can just repost them as reels.

Long YouTube videos can also be cut in a way that you just change the margins of the video and you can immediately repost them. Sometimes you edit the video a little bit and add in-video captions and sometimes you just leave the video the way it is.

Same for Twitter, same for LinkedIn, etc.

A LinkedIn post can be shared virtually in the same form on Instagram. If the post has no image, then you create it and that’s it.

This thing can save you hours of time and get you unbelievable results when you do it the right way.

And now, let’s move on to another Instagram content creation tip…

4. Get On Video

This is another powerful Instagram content creation tip that can not only save you a lot of time but also, it is going to likely boost your performance.

The reason why is simple – video is BOOMING right now on Instagram and virtually all social media platforms. Even though it has been booming for a long time, now it is more significant than ever before.

And honestly, talking to a camera for 60 seconds is way easier than designing a carousel, right?

Especially reels are one of the highest-performing content formats now on Instagram, and they work like crazy. If one goes viral or becomes popular it can reach hundreds of thousands of people. And it is happening every minute.

So, try using video content as well. It is easy to repurpose for other platforms and it also gets you the best results.

Plus, it is far easier to create.

5. Use Better Hooks

Another really important thing to do to win the attention of your dream customers, make more sales, and take your Instagram content creation to a whole new level is simply…

Using better hooks.

Look, you have about 3 seconds to grab somebody’s attention, and if your hook is bad, then you’re not going to get any results.

You need to use the most amazing hooks on the planet. In the video, it is called the “wow” effect (and headline), and in a normal image post, it is a strong headline.

The wow effect is something shocking that is going to happen in the first 3 seconds of a reel like a cool transition or some crazy thing that is going to grab their attention.

When it comes to normal posts, then the headline must arouse curiosity to get you the best results. Otherwise, it is not going to work.

But that’s not everything you need to do if you want to take your Instagram content creation to the next level…

6. Leverage Trends But Carefully

Leveraging trends and get you a lot of exposure when it is done the right way, but if you pick the wrong trend to leverage then it can also hurt your brand.

That’s why trends are an important part of Instagram content creation but they must be leveraged carefully.

The first thing that you want to determine before you decide to leverage a trend is if the trend is actually relevant to your dream customers and then to your brand.

If the trend is for example in real estate, and your brand is promoting investing in multi-family apartment buildings, yet the trend is about buying lots, you shouldn’t leverage it.

The reason is that is against what your brand stands for and even if you would get a lot of reach, you wouldn’t attract your dream customers.

And that is something you want to avoid. Selling to irrelevant people costs the most and gets you no results.

However, if the trend would be about multi-family real estate, then it is relevant to your brand, your values, and your dream customer…

When that happens you should leverage it.

Same for example, if you’re a business lawyer. If there is a “dancing” trend, then you probably shouldn’t leverage it as it would be against your brand.

I can’t imagine being at a course with a business lawyer that is dancing Fortnite moves on Reels. It would immediately break your credibility as lawyers need to be tough.

So, leverage trends to get more exposure but do it carefully.

7. Keep It Simple

Another Instagram content creation secret that you must understand is to always keep everything you do super simple. The simpler the stuff that you talk about is explained, the more engagement your content is going to get and the more it is going to convert.

That is because value has to be consumed and understood before it becomes valuable.

It doesn’t matter if you share a post on how to get new customers using, for example, email marketing if nobody understands what you’re talking about.

Value that’s not understood is not valuable. That is just the way it is.

So, always keep your content simple.

And if you want to take your Instagram marketing to a whole new level and grow a six-figure business using Instagram, go here, and I am going to reveal to you how to do it in my brand new Build Your Instagram Empire course.

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