The Very Best Email Sales Funnel Ever

In the new Internet world, email is one of the most important communication tools that you have to leverage if you want to be successful…

It allows you to follow up with your dream customers, convince cold leads to buy, and get a ton of new sales.

However, your email marketing is not always going to necessarily work. It is going to be really tough sometimes.

And that’s why, in today’s article, I am going to reveal to you one of the most powerful email marketing tools ever for generating a massive amount of sales and making your customers buy again and again from you – the email sales funnel.

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

The Email Sales Funnel Structure

This email sales funnel is one of the best sales funnels that I have ever used. It is working based on using stories as the main sales tool and acts kinda like a soap opera.

At the end of every email they are going to be teased to read the next email and at the end, you are going to ask them to buy.

Here’s how it is going to look like:

The email sales funnel structure infographic

It is basically a big sales story that is split between many different emails, that is going to be written using the epiphany bridge script that I learned from Russell Brunson that will transition into a more “pitch-like” part where you will share the irresistible offer and tell people to buy whatever it is that you are selling.

It works like crazy, so how are you going to create it?

Well, the first part is that you need to write a longer-form sales story that will be related to the solution you are selling, using this formula:

  • Backstory: Share what your life has been like before you got your initial epiphany and reached the goal. Share your main desires which caused you to go on the journey to reach the goal. One desire is going to be the obvious thing, like “I want more money”, the second desire is going to be more behind the scenes and personal like “I wanted to finally be able to take care of our family and stop relying on my wife supporting me.”
  • Wall: This is a part of the story where you got stuck and something is holding you back from reaching your goal. For example, “I couldn’t find any investors for my new company.”
  • Epiphany: This part of the story is going to reveal the moment when you got your initial epiphany which is directly related to the solution you sell. It usually starts like this “And then I realized…” or “I found out that…”
  • Plan + Journey: Once you got your initial epiphany you made a plan to reach your goal with it. Share it here, and also share the journey you went on to make the plan work.
  • Conflict: Before the major achievement share the big struggle that you had to face. The major obstacle you had to overcome. That will make the story more exciting and persuasive.
  • Achievement: This is where you are going to share the end result. It is important that you are where your dream customers want to be for this story to work. In case, you’re not, you can use a case study from one of your customers in this sequence as well.

This story is going to be the foundation for this entire email sales funnel and it must be well-written. Remember that story is dramatic, people can imagine what is happening, and it creates emotional reactions.

That means you want to paint the picture with words in the mind of the reader. If they can’t imagine or feel some feeling from the sentence you wrote, it probably needs to be rewritten.

Once you have the story, then you are going to separate it into different emails that will be a part of one major “soap opera sequence” that will then transition into the “final pitch” part of the email sales funnel.

Let’s look more in-depth into how to structure every email of this email sales funnel…

Email #1: Welcome Email

This is the first email of the sequence that you are going to send to people immediately after they subscribe to your email list.

Here you are going to thank them for joining the list, you’ll provide them with access to the lead magnet, and you are going to make them excited about the upcoming emails that are going to come.

Don’t make it too long, it is just going to set the stage for what is going to happen in the next few days in which you are going to send them this sequence.

Email #2: Backstory + Wall

In this email, you are going to start telling the sales story you just wrote using the formula that I have shared with you.

You’re going to share the backstory and the point where you reached a wall, and of course, you’re going to end the entire story with a cliffhanger that is going to make them open the next email that you’ll send them tomorrow.

A cliffhanger usually looks somewhat like this…

“And then I realized that what this manager was doing could change business as we know it forever!

Want to find out what I discovered? If so open the email that I’m going to send you tomorrow.”

It’s super simple but super effective.

Of course, the cliffhanger is going to be fixed on the epiphany that you are going to share with your dream customers in the next email that is going to be directly related to the solution your product or service is providing your dream customers with.

Email #3: The Epiphany + Plan

In the third email, you are going to share with your dream customers the major epiphany that you had and the plan and journey you went on to make the epiphany work.

Again, at the end, you’re going to have a cliffhanger that will tease people to read the next email that you will send them.

In this part, you can also include a short call to action in the P.S. message that will promote the product or service that you are selling in this funnel and start driving some traffic to the main sales funnel.

Email #4: Conflict + Achievement

In the fourth email, you are going to share the major conflict and the achievement that you got. In this email, you’re also going to include a close that will tell people to get the product or service that you are selling as well to get the same results because it will do for them what it has done for you or for the person which gave you the case study you are sharing.

This part is really important. If the achievement is not desirable enough and great enough for your dream customers and it doesn’t match their goal, they will abandon the solution because they will think “it’s not for them.”

Email #5: Irresistible Offer

Once you sold them on the solution that your product or service is providing people with using the sales story, it is time to present your dream customers with an irresistible offer that will make them want to buy what you sell even more.

An irresistible offer is an offer that your dream customers will say more easily “yes” to than a “no” to.

It is usually at least 10X more valuable than the price you ask them to pay and it will throw the right hook that will make them buy.

Share it with them in this email and to increase its appeal make it limited.

Email #6: Urgency

In this email, you’re going to create urgency by telling your dream customers that the irresistible offer is going down soon and that this is their last chance to purchase.

It is an important part of this email sales funnel as it will push over the edge even the last procrastinators and make as many people buy as possible.

This is the last email in this sales funnel and after they receive it, you’re going to transition to sending them regular daily marketing emails or you will make them go through another email sales funnel that you prepared for them.

Here’s an infographic summarizing how this entire email sales funnel is going to look like. You can download it below:

The storyselling email sales funnel infographic

You can download the infographic here:

Alright and this is it! I hope you found this article helpful and if you want to build this entire email sales funnel in just a few minutes, go here, and I’m going to show you how to do it right away!

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