The Best Email Marketing Strategy Ever

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to market your business but for it to work you must avoid using email the conventional way.

Promotion, discounts, and special deals emails are not going to work for getting a ton of customers.

Yes, the short-term effect is going to be there, however from the long-form standpoint promoting all the time is the fastest way to destroy the desire for people to open your emails…

…and therefore nobody is going to buy. That’s because they will already expect another promotion.

On the other hand, promoting is necessary if you want to make sales.

So, how will you promote and make sales without turning people away or making them throw you in the spam?

Well, that’s precisely what I’m going to reveal to you in this article…

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

The First 70% Of Emails You Send

The key to being successful with email marketing is to build a strong relationship with your email list, earning the trust of every lead on it, and persuading them of the fact that YOU are the ultimate solution to their problems.

That can be hardly done by just sending promotions. Instead, in this 70% of your emails, you’re going to focus on telling stories and adding value to your dream customer’s life.

Telling stories will be a majority of these emails as it will be the main way you’re going to persuade people about the opportunity your product or service offers.

Through these emails, your dream customers are going to practically sell themselves and you’re going to build a crazy level of trust and relationships.

Also, you’ll position yourself as an authority in your market. That’s essential to know.

I believe telling stories related to your product or service should be about 50% of all emails that you send.

Value emails in your email marketing strategy infographic

Don’t forget to end these emails with a call to action to get whatever it is that you’re currently promoting.

Second, you should share value emails that educate, entertain, or inspire. That’s essential to maintain a healthy relationship with your email list as well. You want people to fall in love with your emails because they will know your emails are going to help them as well.

Valuable emails usually educate, entertain, or inspire and they are an important part of this strategy as well as your email subscribers will literally fall in love with opening your emails when you send them.

It is a game-changer.

Just think about what emails you like opening yourself…

When you open the inbox are you thrilled about all of the promotional emails that you see, or are you thrilled about other value-adding emails that when you open you know will be a pleasure to read?

Of course, the second one. And therefore what emails are you going to open when they also send you a promotion from time to time…

One of the hundreds of “spammers” that promote to you every day or the email with a sender you know always provides value to you and you like to read emails from?

I think you know the answer.

And that’s why it is so essential that you have at least 70% of your emails add some form of value to the life of your dream customers.

Also, important to mention is that if you use the email to promote some sort of a helpful resource (like a YouTube video) that is free, then the email is considered valuable as well.

But now let’s move on to another part of this killer email marketing strategy…

Promotional Emails

Promotional emails in the email marketing strategy infographic

There is no question that promotional emails have their own irreplaceable place in this email marketing strategy (and virtually any other email marketing strategy that works on the planet.)

That’s because without promotional emails you are hardly going to make any sales…and if you can’t use email marketing to make money, then why do it, right?

There are two types of promotional emails that belong to this email marketing strategy and that you should use to sell your products and services…

  • The Fire Sale
  • Story Selling Emails

Let’s have a closer look at both of these emails and how you should use them in the promotion part of your email marketing strategy.

The Fire Sale

This is the first type of promotional email where you are going to basically share a direct pitch selling your product or service. You are going to use these emails mainly when some special sales, new launches, or some other unusual events that don’t happen on daily basis are going to take place.

Of course, from time to time you can share it even though these things are not going to happen but mainly the Fire Sale email is going to be used in these occasions.

In this email, you are going to heavily push your irresistible offer and urgency. Of course, you are also going to appeal to your dream customer’s emotions in the first few sentences they read after they open the email before you transition into the offer.

It’s just some good ol’ direct-response copywriting.

In case, you’re not an experienced copywriter, here is a simple template that you can use to write a fire sale email:

  1. On-point subject line (if a sale is happening, mention it, and on and on.)
  2. Personalized opening diving into your dream customer’s emotions (ideally add their first name, and make it feel as personal as possible.)
  3. Mention in a sentence what’s happening + a sense of urgency
  4. Call to action link
  5. Dive deeper into the offer (mention the biggest benefit appealing to their desire, unique selling proposition, etc.)
  6. Call to action link
  7. Quick urgency (deadlines, limited offers, etc.
  8. Salutation
  9. P.S. that arouses curiosity and makes those who skip to the end of the email first, read the email.

What a simple template, right? When you use it the right way, and you build a relationship with your email list, your emails are going to work like crazy. Definitely use this.

However, this is just one type of promotional email that you are going to use in your email marketing strategy…

Story Selling Emails

This is the type of email that you are going to use for regular emotion. They are going to be structured based on a simple formula that I learned from a Russell Brunson called “Hook-Story-Offer.”

Obviously, the story is going to be where most of the persuasion is going to happen and when you write it the right way, it is going to convince nearly everybody to click the email and check what it is that you have to offer.

First, you’re going to start these emails with a hook.

This is again the subject line and in this case, it should mostly be curiosity-based. If you are going to create it in a different way, then you are likely going to have a harder time making people open the email. And remember, an email that doesn’t get opened, doesn’t convert.

Second, you’re going to move to the story part of the email. This is where most of the persuasion is going to happen.

You are going to tell a story that is relevant to the product or service that you are trying to promote, that makes people switch their belief patterns and make them believe your product or service is the only way for them to solve their problem.

Here is the formula that you are going to write the story:

  1. Backstory
  2. Wall (The point where you got stuck)
  3. Epiphany related to what you sell (“And that’s when I realized…”, “And then I discovered…”)
  4. The Plan to make the epiphany work
  5. A conflict where it’s a do-or-die situation and which you successfully overcome
  6. Achievement – show the results you got

This is a crucial part of the story-selling email. If you don’t write the story the right way, then it’s not likely going to convert. If you will, it will outperform every other email you ever sent.

And the last part is the offer.

Here you are going to offer them the product or service that creates the same solution that worked for you or somebody else in the story that you shared. They will already be convinced it is what they need, and they will click the link to find out more (ready to buy.)

It is one of the most powerful ways to create a promotional email that converts like crazy and you definitely want to incorporate it in your email marketing strategy.

And that’s how this email marketing strategy looks like. I highly suggest that to get the best results you send at least 1 email a day and a maximum of 2 per day.

It will change your game.

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