How To Create A Lead Magnet That Will 10X Your Sales

One of the most important parts of marketing is attracting new leads and then converting them into followers.

But how are you going to do that?

Well, it’s pretty simple.

You’re going to create a strong lead magnet. And now I’m going to show you exactly how to do that amazing. So, let¦s stop waiting, and let’s dive in.

What Is A Lead Magnet?

Before we even dive into the lead magnet creation itself, we have to take a look at what a lead magnet is.

And because I don’t want to be like all of the bloggers creating a 55-page explanation about what it is filling your head with crap that you don’t need, here is a simple explanation of what it is…

A lead magnet is something that you are going to offer in exchange for the contact information of your dream customers so that you can follow up with them and turn them in customers.

In other words, it is something that you use to get them in the door.

Here is an example of how a lead magnet looks like:

Social Media Marketing Industry Report pop-up

But right now, I know that you might be thinking if your business needs a lead magnet. And the answer is, YES!

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling doughnuts in a local store.

Lead magnets don’t exist just online.

They can also be offline things.

For example, offer them a free doughnut when they register for your email list online and send them emails about special offers, background, etc. of your company…

…and the thing that is going to happen is that they are going to come again and again. But this time they will pay.

Great lead magnet + great sales funnel = cash flow.

Isn’t that cool?

However, today I am going to be mainly focusing on the online part of how to use lead magnets for your business and how to create them.

But now that you have some context of how it works, let’s start with how to create the right lead magnet!

Lead Magnet Creation Principles

Well, the reality is that you don’t have to offer doughnuts as a lead magnet in order to get contact information from your dream customer and turn them into a buyer that is going to pay you again and again and again.

Your creativity is the limit here.

But you must follow certain principles for creating lead magnets that are going to work.

Here they are:

  1. Your lead magnet has to be so valuable that you would pay for it
  2. Your lead magnet has to be relevant to their needs
  3. Your lead magnet has to be unique

In fact, the third step is not that necessary…but if you can create something unusual as a lead magnet, it is going to EXPLODE your leads.

However, let’s check out these principles more in-depth.

Your Lead Magnet Has To Be So Valuable That You Would Pay For It

This is one of the absolute necessities. In fact, I have tried selling my lead magnets before and people actually paid for them.

And that is the principle you have to stick to. Even legendary marketers like Dan S. Kennedy have said it.

It is absolutely essential.

This is why my lead magnets look like this (and yours should as well – I have 85% conversion rates as a result):

Filip Konecny’s Social Media Monetization Webclass Bundled With 5 Free Marketing Bundles As A Lead Magnet.

You just CAN’T SAY A “NO” to stuff like that. Impossible. And that is exactly how your lead magnets should look like.

I know it might seem crazy, but the rewards that come after you put them on your follow-up program are more than worth the work.

So, if you are willing to spend one or two days creating something like this, it can be your lead magnet virtually FOREVER.

And it is going to get you more leads than you can ever imagine.

However, if you are in a hurry, the lead magnet can of course look like this:

  • Webclass…
  • E-book…
  • Report…
  • Checklist…
  • Templates…
  • Product Samples or Trials. …
  • Automated Evaluation. …
  • Real-World Evaluation. …
  • Training Videos…
  • And the list goes on and on…

However, when you bundle all of the stuff up or include more than one piece from the things, your conversions are going to be obnoxious.

You’ll be disgusted by how high the number is going to be.

(But when you’ll be driving your new Rolls Royce down the street, it is going to be a different feeling – you just gotta go big.)

But no matter what you offer as a lead magnet, you have to ensure that it is relevant.

Otherwise, you can even make some crazy lead magnet like I did (by the way, if you want to get it click here), it is not going to work.

Your Lead Magnet Has To Be Relevant To Their Needs

No matter what you are doing in marketing, it has to be relevant to your target audience’s needs.

And the only way you are going to do that is by studying your audience and getting them to know more than they need themselves.

Ask yourself these questions and create your lead magnets around the answers:

  • What do they dream about?
  • What do they desire?
  • What do they love?
  • What do they fear?
  • What frustrates them?
  • What angers them?
  • What do they hate?
  • What arouses their skepticism?
  • What embarrasses them?
  • What are they most thankful for?
  • What are their sources of shame and guilt?
  • What are their secret self-doubts?
  • What are they proudest of?
  • What makes them happy?

I want you to stop right here and answer these questions if you haven’t done so before. If you did, then you are ready to create your first lead magnet.

But also, you want to follow the third step as it can make your conversions go through the roof. And that is…

Your Lead Magnet Has To Be Unique

Why is this step so important? Well, have you ever been visiting a few different sites, and when you wanted to exit a pop-up window has appeared asking you to give the website owners your contact information?

Almost everybody did. But the problem is that we are not likely going to do that. Why?

Because everybody is offering the same lead magnet. For example, almost every blog, or company on the planet is offering some sort of an e-book or a free report.

Well, if you are going to be the next one, you can’t expect your conversion rate to be anywhere high. You must be different from other brands.

There are two ways to do that:

  1. Make an irresistible offer (like I did)
  2. Offer something totally different or unusual (like a physical CD or free sample of a physical product.)

You might notice that I have said physical CD or a physical product sample. And that is because almost nobody offers physical stuff in exchange for contact information.

However, the option that you are most likely going to go for is an irresistible offer.

In other words, make the lead magnet so freaking valuable that they would chase you down the street with baseball bats just to give their piece from you.

Got it?

All right, now that you know the principles of lead magnet creation, I am also going to show you the 3 highest-converting lead magnet types that you can use as inspiration…

3 Highest-Converting Lead Magnet Types

Now when you know how to create the right lead magnet, I also want to give you some inspiration that is going to kick-start your creativity when creating a lead magnet that works…

So, let’s begin!


This is the type of lead magnet that I like the most. In fact, when you go to the top menu on this website and tap on the “free resources” tap, you will see that I offer NOTHING BUT BUNDLES.

And the reason is pretty simple…they are converting like crazy.

Here is how they look like:

Filip Konecny’s Free Instagram Marketing Bundle

They work like crazy, and that is because of all the stacked value that you are offering in exchange for something as little as an email address.

You just can’t refuse something like that.


Now, this one is super hot! A challenge is a multi-day event that requires an email address from the side of the consumer which is a no-brainer.

You give them more value than they can consume…but the best part is that you have created a lead magnet in which you can SELL LIKE CRAZY!

Why? You are on a video for multiple days.

And when you have perfected a sales message that converts, not only that you will get your dream customer’s contact information, but you are also going to immediately make them buy.

Isn’t that amazing?

Here is an amazing example of a 10X Money Challenge lead-squeeze page from Grant Cardone…

10X Money Challenge Landing Page From Grant Cardone

You can’t refuse something like this…come on, it is just impossible.


Summits are in my opinion very similar to challenges and you can sell through them like crazy as well.

In other words, you gather a ton of experts in your industry, make them record a training video for you about something and you post it in the summit, demanding contact information in exchange.

And the best part? If you get some known names to say “YES!” they will are going to act as another magnet too and even more, people are going to say “yes” to your lead magnet offer.

Headline for the build your Instagram empire bundle
Image of the build your Instagram empire bundle

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