Is Boosting An Instagram Post Worth It?

If you’re doing Instagram marketing, you’ve probably considered boosting an Instagram post.

It’s a paid way to make your post get more reach and chances are that you’re wondering whether or not it’s worth it. Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to show you in this blog post.

So are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

Is Boosting An Instagram Post Actually Worth It?

Example of a button that is used to boost an Instagram post

Boosting an Instagram post is basically a form of advertising and when you do it, your post is going to appear to people as “sponsored”.

Yes, it can be worth it sometimes, but it strongly depends on the character of the post that you want to boost.

If it is a promotional post, and you feel like it is going to act as a good ad that can get you more followers, website traffic, and most importantly, generate sales

…then you should try it out and test it to see if it works.

If you want to boost an Instagram post just for the sake of low reach or engagement, then run away.

You see, if the post is not performing without you paying money for it, it is not going to perform after you promote it.

Second, boosting a normal Instagram post that serves as content that purely adds value is dangerous because there is ZERO return.

So, it is definitely something that you want to avoid.

In short, if the post is promotional and you feel like it can act as a great ad, try it out. If it is a normal piece of content that doesn’t perform, forget it.

Which Instagram Post Is Worth Boosting?

Now that we have determined, that only promotional posts that can act as ads are worth testing, you must also know which ones tend to perform the best.

You see there are 3 ways you can promote your products or services in your content:

  • Indirect promotion (a call to action in captions, call to action on the last slide of a carousel)
  • Content promotion (the post shares a valuable point/advice and then transitions into how that is related to your product or service and shares the sales message)
  • Direct promotion (the entire post is promoting your products/services, it looks like an ad)

So, which one to choose?

First, indirect promotion content is not going to work, so you can cross that off immediately. But content promotions and direct promotions can work.

From my own experience, I can tell that content promotions sometimes perform better as ads than direct promotions, because people on Instagram want to see content, and boosting an Instagram post that does that in the first part is going to effectively hook them in and feel like you’re selling without selling.

In other situations, the good old direct promotion content works better if you boost an Instagram post.

So, you have to test both to find out what gets you results.

And if the results are bad, then totally forget about boosting Instagram posts and do this instead…

Using Instagram Ads Instead

Booting posts vs. Instagram ads infographic

Alright, after you heard this, and know what to do if you decide to boost a post, here is my opinion on this in a nutshell. DON’T BOOST THEM.

I know I’ve told you what to do, but chances are that 95% of the time, it is still not going to work out.

Instead, use Instagram ads.

They have way better targeting, better cost management, better tracking, and better EVERYTHING.

All you need to create them is to go to Facebook Ads Manager or Facebook Business Suite and go through the process there.

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