Instagram Reach Down? Try This.

It’s frustrating. You’re consistently sharing content, using hashtags but your Instagram reach is still down. Why is this happening?

Well, that’s because you’ve been following false advice. Hashtags ARE NOT that important and reaching people on Instagram is mostly about different things.

Things that most of the “gurus” are never going to share with you.

And in this blog post, I’m going to show you 3 of the most important secrets to you. So are you ready? Let’s hop in.

3 Levels Of Reaching New People

The biggest mistake that you have been doing is that you have tried to reach new people on Instagram using just the basic strategies over and over again.

However, you don’t know that there’s an entirely new world of unbelievably powerful tactics that you can use to take your reach to the next level.

Tactics that can literally take your reach to MILLIONS that go way beyond hashtags.

I call it the 3 levels of Instagram growth streams or the 3 levels of reaching new people.

That’s why I want you to open your eyes to all of the amazing things that you are going to discover and let’s hop into it.

The Basic Level For Instagram Reach

This level consists of the basic Instagram reach strategies that you have been probably using up to this point:

  • Commenting
  • Hashtags
  • Location Tags
  • Reels

Let’s take a look at them.


Example of writing a comment on Instagam

This is the strategy that almost everybody is using to grow their Instagram and reach new people as it has been heavily popularized by Gary Vee.

And the $1.80 strategy he talks about is a great way to reach new people using commenting.

Here is how it works:

  • Pick 9 relevant hashtags
  • Make 10 comments on the posts on every hashtags
  • Repeat that every single day

Also, make sure that the comments you share are relevant, and CONSUME the post before commenting. Otherwise, you are not going to get results.


Example of Instagram hashtag - #londonfood

Using hashtags is so commonly talked about that it is almost a cliché. Everybody says that using hashtags is the “holy grail” to reach new people.

And it’s not the truth. They are helpful but you are going to find out that there are way bigger players when it comes to reaching new people.

So always add 30 hashtags to your posts to max out your reach, but don’t think that it is a one-stop solution to your Instagram reach down.

Location Tags

Example of a location tag on Instagram

Using location tags is a great way to reach new people when you are a local business, but even if you’re operating worldwide like me, they can be useful.

Here’s how to use them:

  • If you’re a local business, always use the location tag of the city you are based in
  • If you’re an international busines, use location tags of the most popular places where your dream customers are congregating or living.

That way, you’re also going to be able to easily boost your “location” reach on your Instagram posts and reach more people.


Example of Instagram reels

Reels are great for reach because the algorithm is heavily promoting them. Instagram is trying to beat TikTok in their own game just like they did it with Snapchat in the beginning…

…and that is why it has introduced reels.

If you want to be successful with reels, remember that the format is used to be entertaining, but you also must not forget to stick to your niche.

Otherwise, you’re going to hurt your brand.

All right, all of these things are a part of the basic level to reach new people on Instagram and fix your Instagram reach that’s down.

But let’s move on to the second level which is…

The Advanced Level For Instagram Reach

Now, we’re moving on to the next level. These tactics are going to truly SKYROCKET your results. Here’s what this level consists of:

  • Guest Posting
  • Explore Page
  • SFY Lists

Excited to see what these things are about? If so, let’s take a look at them as well.

Guest Posting

Exampl of guest posting for more reach on Instagram

Guest posting means creating a post for another influencer and making them post it on their own page so that all of their followers see it.

And most importantly, it is FREE. That’s right!

You can literally do influencer marketing for your own business using this tactic for free.

If you want to find out more about it, I go into detail in the Instagram Marketing Domination Vault For Small Business Owners.

Explore Page

Instagram explore page #1
Instagram explore page #2

Explore page is the page that appears when you click on the magnifying glass on the bottom menu and you want to search for something.

It is a page where Instagram recommends new content and when you get there you can reach hundreds of thousands of people without spending a penny.

And the way you do it is by getting a ton of engagement quickly and creating an engagement overlap with other creators.

Again, if you want I talk more about it in the Instagram Marketing Domination Vault For Small Business Owners.

SFY Lists

Instagram SFY list example

Suggested for you lists or SFY lists are a great way to effortlessly get new followers and reach more people.

These lists are going to appear when you follow somebody, scroll to the bottom of the home feed, or sometimes even in stories or in the middle of your feed.

The way you are going to get on them is by creating follower overlap with the person whose SFY list you want to get on.

Again, I talk more about it in my Instagram Marketing Domination Vault For Small Business Owners.

Got it? Awesome, let’s move on to the last level which is…

The Bonus Level For Instagram Reach

This level is the last level to reach new people. It consists of these things:

  • Cross-plaform promotion
  • Pinterest resharing of posts
  • Advertising

Again, let’s take a quick look at all of these things…

Cross-Platform Promotion

Cross-platform promotion basically means promoting your Instagram on other platforms like your Twitter, Facebook, Blog, LinkedIn, and many others.

It is an instant way to reach more people and get more growth.

Pinterest Resharing

As you already know, Pinterest is another image-based social media platform that mainly acts as a search engine.

That means when you reshare your posts there and add keywords to the pin, you can get a ton of extra reach for a long period of time.

Always do it.


If you have a bigger marketing budget, you definitely want to tap into advertising. It is a great way to reach new people and make a ton of money if you do it the right way.

I show you how to do Instagram advertising in my Instagram Marketing Domination Vault For Small Business Owners as well.

If you’re on Instagram doing marketing for a while, you know that jumping on content trends in an amazing way to boost your reach…

…if you do it the right way.

And that’s why today I want to show you 5 Instagram content trends you must be aware of that can explode your reach in 2022.

Ready to begin? Let’s dive in…

Headline for the build your Instagram empire bundle
Image of the build your Instagram empire bundle

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