When To Post Instagram Reels

That’s the question. When? When to post Instagram reels for maximum growth? Well, the answer will be quite different than you might think.

It’s NOT the time you see when you open your insights.

And that’s why in today’s article, I’m going to show you how to find the real time out.

So, are you ready to begin?

If so, let’s dive in!

First Prepare 28 Reels

That’s right! You gotta prepare 28 reels, and make sure that they are not much different. Try to do the same thing – entertain, educate, or inspire.

If you don’t then the results will be based on more factors than time and you’re not going to get the results that say the truth.

Yes, I know it will take some time to batch 28 reels, but if you want to discover the REAL best time when to post Instagram reels.

Choose 4 Different Times

This is the part where you can use your insights to pick some times. Why? Because the times you pick are just used as a foundation.

I highly recommend that you pick the times throughout the entire day. That means, don’t choose just a time that is in the afternoon, but also one around midnight, morning, etc.

Why? Because if you are not a local business then you have followers all around the world and they live in different time zones.

So, night for you can be morning for them.

Got it? Awesome, now that you’ve picked your times, let’s move on to the last part of figuring out when to post your Instagram reels…

Schedule 7 Reels For Each Time And After 28 Days Collect Data

That means you’re going to write down each reel into one of four sections for a 7-day period and you’re going to write down the exact data of every reel of that 28.

After you do that, then you want to follow these steps:

  • Calculate the total reach of all the 7 reels in the 7-day period
  • Do the same for engagement
  • The time with the highest reach and engagement WINS

Got the best times? Amazing! If you want, you can test it again at other times, and get even more accurate results.

By the way, I highly recommend that you create a hashtag strategy and use those hashtags across all of the reels that you share as it is going to boost your reach and make your reels appear in search results.

It works.

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