What Are The Best Practices For Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels have taken over Instagram by storm. But what are some of the best practices for you to grow your business using them?

Well, if you take a look at the Internet, you’ll find a whole bunch of them.

But in this article, I’m going to take it to the next level, so that you can get REAL results.

So, are you ready to begin? Let’s jump in…

The 3-15-3 Instagram Reel Formula

Let’s begin with the first of the best practices for Instagram reels, and that is the 3-15-3 formula.

It is called that way because it follows this simple pattern.

First, 3 seconds is the hook. The 15 seconds in middle is content (it can be more or less.) And the last 3 seconds is a call to action.

If you follow this pattern, your reels are going to get a lot of attention, you’ll be able to hold it, and in the end, you’ll turn it into the desired action.

Let’s break it down a little bit.

Hook (First 3 Seconds)

Example of a reel from Lucas O' Keffee

This can be anything from saying something ridiculous to making a cool transition, and many other things. You have to get creative here.

The better the hook is, the more successful the reel is going to be, remember that. But remember that you have only 3 seconds. If you count to 3 and the hook is still not there, people will just scroll by and your reel will fail.

So, make sure the first 3 seconds of the Instagram reel perform.

Content (15 Seconds)

This is the main part of the reel. Here you are going to deliver the content. It can be some entertainment, it can be some tips and a lot of other stuff.

The key is to ensure that this part delivers some sort of value. And no matter what you share, it has to be shown in a more entertaining way than you would in a “cold-fish” feed post.

Make a little dance, add a transition, but make it interesting. It is super important.

Call To Action (Last 3 Seconds)

This can be as simple as just pointing your finger at a text saying to read the caption or click the link in your bio.

Remember that your reel can go viral, it can gain serious momentum, and not capitalizing on it is something you’d regret. Imagine it gets 1 million views and you don’t put there a call to action. It’s not sweet, right?

Well, even if it doesn’t, adding a call to action is essential. It’s the key to making more sales or getting more engagement.

Here is a recap of all these steps once again in an infographic:

3-15-3 instagram reels formula infographic.

But now let’s move on to the next one of the best Instagram reel practices.

Use Transitions

What does a transition mean? It simply means transitioning from one video to another suddenly changing outfit, background, the whole environment, etc.

It is used entirely to make the reel more entertaining and hold the attention of the viewer (or grab it.)

There’s an uncountable number of transitions that you can use for your own reel. Below is an example from @pinksparrowsocial:

example of a reel transition part 1
example of a reel tranisiton part 2

Try adding some transitions out as it is one of the best practices and it is going to take your Instagram reels to a whole new level.

But now, let’s move on.

Don’t Just Dance, Add Value

The thing that you’re going to often see when you will look at reels of other people, you will realize that most of them are dancing too much and adding too little value.

And that way, people become less interested in watching them.

You have to give them something that is going to make your dream customers follow you and visit your profile again, again, and again.

Here are the 3 basic pillars of value:

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Inspiration

Reels, where you dance, are entertaining, but when you combine them with some education or inspiration, people will love them.

So, add some tips, make some inspirational quotes pop up, or structure it in a way that will tap into two pillars, and you will start winning the attention of your dream customers.

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