How To Do Instagram Marketing For Small Business Owners

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably heard how Instagram marketing for small business owners can be effective…

However, 90% of small businesses are still struggling to get any results.

And that’s because they’ve been doing it wrong all the time.

And that’s why in today’s blog post, I am going to show you exactly how to do it the right way!

Are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in.

Use Instagram Shopping

Instagram shopping is a really powerful tool to do Instagram marketing for small business owners…

You can literally list all of your products and services that you are selling online, and list them there with a redirection button to your website or a button to buy directly on Instagram if you have set up the shop that way.

Here’s how it looks like on Instagram:

Example of how Instagram shopping works

But there is one EXTREMELY important thing that I have to point out if you want to be successful with making a lot of sales using Instagram shopping…

And that is to use a keyword in your name and username on Instagram.

Not only that it is a great way to get new followers because of the SEO impact in the classic Instagram search.

It also is the differentiating factor that will get new potential customers to your Instagram shop. If you don’t use the keyword, you’re not going to show as a result when somebody is searching for something.

If you do, then chances are you’re already on the results page. And if you don’t see yourself that’s fine – it doesn’t mean that you’re not there.

Remember that the keyword has to be relevant to your niche and brand. Got it?

Share Behind-The-Scenes Posts

Behind-the-scenes posts are something that you definitely want to use in your small business.

Yes, you might be afraid to share them because you worry about what others might think of you.

And it is fine. However, the things that other people think are bad maybe about 1% of the time.

99% of the time it is a great thing for your Instagram marketing for a small business owner as it builds trust and relationships.

People buy from those whom they care about, not those they don’t know.

And by sharing normal and promotional posts, you are hardly going to achieve that.

But posts that go behind-the-scenes go more in-depth, they make you relatable, it shows people who you actually are, and VOILA, you make more sales.

It’s just incredible how it works.

But remember that doing too much of everything can hurt you. I don’t recommend making more than 20% of your posts behind-the-scenes. Be careful about that.

Follow The 80/20 Content Rule

The rookie mistake that everybody makes when trying to do Instagram marketing for small business owners is overpromoting.

You can’t overpromote and expect to be successful. Instead, what you want to do, is to follow the 80/20 Instagram marketing content rule.

It stands for this:

20% of content = promotion.

80% of content = super valuable content.

This way you are going to build incredible follower loyalty and a strong brand while driving a lot of traffic to your small business on Instagram and making sales.

Do Email Marketing

YES! The biggest secret to do Instagram marketing for small business owners actually lies outside of Instagram.

And the secret is called email marketing. If you follow up using email, you’re going to get zillion benefits, but here are a few of the main ones worth mentioning:

  • The return on investment of email marketing is 4,200%.
  • If Instagram goes down tomorrow, you have an email list that you can contact and reach customers (and with all of the stuff happening in the world, it can happen.)
  • Sending personal emails with stories builds loyalty and generates sales like nothing else.
  • Your competitors are probably not doing it, so you can get an advantage.

But how do you get the email list to contact? It’s really simple – just put the link to the lead magnet (something you give away for free in exchange for their contact information) in your bio and you promote it in your content.

If you want to find out more about it…

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