Uncommon Online Marketing Tactics To Win On Social Media

Online marketing is obviously one of the best ways to grow your business right now, and social media is probably the best way to reach your dream customers.

But we all hear common tactics and strategies that you should use like engaging with others, hashtags, etc.

That’s why in this blog post, I am going to show you some super uncommon online marketing tactics to boost your growth on social media and help you make more sales.

Here’s what we’ll go through:

  1. Incentivize Sharing
  2. Create An Affiliate Program
  3. Build An Email List

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

Incentivize Sharing

This is something that is not absolutely unknown but definitely uncommon as a lot of people just try to avoid it.

When you start to incentivize sharing, people are going to be about a hundred times more inclined to share your content and you are for sure going to get massive results.

What is important to remember here is that the reward they are going to get in exchange should be of absolutely no cost to you but super valuable for them.

It is a marketing tactic that works kinda like a lead magnet except the thing they give you in return is not their contact information but a “share”.

Here are some ideas on how to incentivize sharing:

  • Frequent giveaways to people who share your stuff
  • If you have a huge audience, you can offer a shoutout to one of the participants as a reward and they will find it super valuable
  • A discount for a product or service that you sell

The only thing that is going to limit you on how effective this marketing tactic is going to be is your own creativity.

If your content is valuable, a chain reaction is likely going to occur. That means, when somebody shares a piece of content and it is great, others are going to share it too.

And the end result will be just massive. So, go and try it out, it boosts engagement and reaches people like crazy.

Create An Affiliate Program

Example of an affiliate form

This one is not done often, but it is more powerful than I can emphasize. When you create an affiliate program for your products and services, it is going to be absolutely incredible…

With an affiliate program, you can get influencers on board to promote your products and services, make your own followers literally SELL them, and way more.

Also, if you have an affiliate program and you’re in a business partnership with somebody it will seriously strengthen the connection and you’re likely about to do more business in the future.

That’s why it is so incredibly powerful on social media. Nobody is going to spread your brand’s name among more people than your fan or influencer who is paid for it.

And that’s where the fun begins.

Yes, you PAY them, however only when they make a sale. That means it’s actually free revenue for your business.

Why? Well, let’s say your profit margin is 60% and you pay the influencer a 40% commission. That means you’re getting 20% of the margin and you had to spend no effort to make the sale.

In other words, free money. However, what’s the best part is that you actually acquire customers. And customers that have a good experience buy more than once.


Plus, if you have the right sales funnel in place, they are going to buy again, again, and again. Isn’t that incredible?

So in the end, it is actually getting paid to get new customers and grow your business.

But how are you going to get people on board?

Well, the first option is to obviously promote the affiliate program on your social media to your current audience. The second option is to cold call/email influencers and try to get them on board.

And last, of course, you can leverage any other platform that you built (blog, podcast, etc.) or even run ads.

But in my opinion, ads are not necessary. Yes, they will work, but you can easily get people on board without them.

Also, remember that the holy rule is not to make a commission higher than the profit margin and also pay only for a sale. Otherwise, the likelihood of turning things against you is pretty huge.

So, be careful. But now let’s move on to another marketing tactic which is…

Build An Email List

Example of a list building strategy

“Wait, what? I thought this is about social media marketing?” Well, of course, it is. But social media is 1 way of marketing. And 1 is the most dangerous number in business.

So, when the platform that you are on goes down (just like it happened to Instagram reach recently…and overnight), then what are you going to do?

Hardly anything unless you build your email list and start using email as a regular marketing tactic.

An email list is something you own and nobody can take away from you.

And that’s why it is so powerful. Whenever something where you just “rent” a space goes down, your email list can make up for it.

Do you know how many people are going to see the social media post you share? Of course not as the reach is not mainly in your control.

But do you know how many people will receive your email? 100% (in most cases).

And if you are great at writing those emails a lot of them are going to get opened and a ton of people will click. Which of course directly impacts sales.

You have full control over your email list but you have no control over your Facebook or Instagram account.

If Zuckerberg wakes up and feels that today’s not his day, he can open Facebook see your account and ban you just because he needs to distract himself…

But he can’t touch your email list. That’s why you need to build it. If reach goes down, emails will make up for it.

If you get banned, you’re lucky because you have all of your follower’s email addresses so you’re still going to reach them.

Did advertising costs go up?

Well fine, just email your list and you will drive traffic wherever you need. It is genius and it works.

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