Instagram Brand Building Secrets Nobody Talks About

Building a strong Instagram brand is going to take your Instagram marketing to the next level, you’ll be able to explode your engagement, and because you’ll also have trust, you’ll make a ton of sales.

The question is, how are you going to build an Instagram brand that dominates and your followers will love.

That’s exactly what I’m going to show you in this blog post.

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

Involve The Audience

Involving your audience is one of the most powerful things that you want to do to build your brand. When you involve your audience, it will make them feel that they are a PART of it and they will come back again and again.

But how are you going to involve your audience on Instagram?

For example, you can ask them a question in stories about what kind of content they would love to see from you, or make a poll if you can’t decide on, for example, what color of carpet to put in the office and let them decide between the two choices that you like the most.

It’s so simple and the impact is just unbelievable.

Involve them in little things, and see a big impact on the power of your brand.

Outvalue Everybody

This is another really important thing that you want to do if you want to build an Instagram brand that crushes every one of your competitors

Outvaluing everybody is going to give you an advantage like nothing else you’ve ever seen before.

First of all, it is going to position your brand as the go-to brand in your industry, and second, it is going to show people that you CARE and give them a reason to come to you again and again.

The more valuable you are, the more will people consume your content, the stronger relationships they are going to build with you, and the stronger brand you’ll build.

Remember that there are 3 main ways to be valuable on Instagram.

First, you can educate them – with how-to posts, educational videos, tips, hacks, tricks, and others.

Second, you can inspire them – all the inspirational quotes, motivational videos, etc.

Third, you can entertain them – most reels, memes, etc.

Make sure regardless of what industry you’re in and what value pillar you’re creating content about…be the best.

It is a magnet for reach and followers, and it’s also one of the best ways to build a strong brand.


Showing your audience that you CARE is one of the most powerful ways to build a strong Instagram brand. People don’t care about you unless you show that you care about them.

This is more of a mental switch than it is an actual tactic.

When you start caring about your audience, you are going to create better content, engage more and get way better results.

I mean, it is incredible how much is everything going to improve.

So, start caring about your audience and they will start caring about you. It is priceless.

Use Your Branded Style

Your branded style is one of the most important things that you will have to use if you want to successfully build a brand that converts your followers into your dream customers.

Your branded style includes many things like your branded colors, brand voice, and on and on.

All of these things are extremely important as the more your followers are going to see them, the more they will be able to identify with your brand, and the more trust and sales you are going to make.

You must also make sure that your brand values are clear and that your following is going to be able to identify with them.

If they are, it’s going to be way easier for them to identify and relate. When that happens they will start to engage with you like crazy, and you will grow, and make a ton of sales.

And that’s priceless if you want to build a strong Instagram brand.

Engage With The Audience

Something that is going to make your audience feel like you CARE about them and make them trust you is engaging with them.

You want to respond to their messages, respond to their comments, and show that you’re not just another “BUY MY THINGS” brand…but you actually care.

Can you remember the last time somebody bought you a gift? How did you feel? That they care, right?

Well, when you’re going to engage with your audience on Instagram, they will feel the same way. They’ll say, “If this important brand has the time to do these little things and they appreciate me, I will stick with them.”

Take some time every day to engage with your audience, and if you have a bigger brand, I even recommend hiring somebody to help you with it. It is incredible.

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