Instagram Insights Explained: How To Get Them And Use Them For Marketing

Instagram insights are something you’re going to check every single day if you want to successfully grow your business on Instagram.

The way you’re going to improve based on data is going to determine whether you’ll be successful on Instagram or fail.

And that’s why I’m going to explain to you how Instagram insights work in this post. So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

How To Access Instagram Insights

The first thing that you must do is actually make Instagram insights available to you as they’re not available to be seen by everybody.

And the way you’re going to do that is by creating a professional account. There are two kinds of professional accounts on Instagram:

  • Creator account
  • Business account

Both of them have slight differences, but basically, if you’re going to pick based on the name Instagram has given those accounts (if you’re a business owner, use a business account, if you’re a creator, use a creator account.)

The way you’re going to create them is by going to account settings, scrolling to the bottom, and tapping on switching to a professional account.

Account setting example #1
Example of Instagram insights #2

By the way, it’s absolutely free to create it. Once you do it, you’ll get access to a lot of features that aren’t available to everybody, including Instagram insights.

However, it’s going to take a few days before they’ll start to show you the data you need.

But now, let’s take a more in-depth look at the insights…

Instagram Insights Explained

There are many things in Instagram insights that you have to understand. Each one of them is essential for your growth, and tracking it consistently to ensure you get results is a must.

So, let’s go through all of the metrics…

Reached Accounts

Example of Instagram insights about reach

Reached accounts is the number of unique accounts that have seen your content, at least once, including ads. Content includes posts, stories, reels, videos, and live videos. Reach is different from impressions which may include multiple views of your content by the same accounts.

This metric is super important because it will show you the number of PEOPLE who have seen your content. Not the amount of times your post has appeared on somebody’s feed.

So, it’s a perfect way to measure how effective your Instagram marketing is, and it’s one of the most important metrics in your Instagram insights.

When you go to the menu, you’ll also see additional breakdowns like reach based on countries, top cities where you reach the most people, content formats that reached the most people, and more.

Again the percentages are based on the number of ALL people you’ve reached.

Engaged Accounts

An engaged audience is the number of accounts that have interacted with your content, including in ads. The content includes posts, stories, reels, videos, and live videos.

Interactions can include actions such as likes, saves, comments, shares, and replies.

This is super important because it will clearly show you who, and from what country engages the most with your content.

Based on these metrics you’re going to work on engaging more of your dream customers and fewer of the people you don’t care about…

…while growing overall engagement.

It’s an extremely important metric in Instagram insights and you want to track it carefully to ensure improvement and see what content type works the best.


Image of follower growth insights on Instagram

These Instagram insights show information about the accounts that follow you and your follower growth or loss over a period of time.

This is especially important to track if you want to know if your overall strategy works, and if you are making your dream customers follow you, and not just some random people.

For example, if you’re a local based store in Boston…you don’t want to attract Indian followers.

That would result in only one thing – not getting any customers.

If you’re a nationwide franchise for watches based in the UK, you’re obviously not going to want to get followers from Australia as they won’t be able to come to your store and buy. (Unless you can send it to them via air transportation.)

So, you want to track this Instagram insight carefully and as frequently as possible. If something is not right and you’re not growing as fast as you’d want or you can’t get any customers…you will know what to fix.

Content You Shared

This is a place where you can view how your posts have performed for a certain period of time and see the BEST ones that you want to model, again, again, and again.

You can discover what are the best posts based on business address taps, call button taps, comments, email button taps, follows, impressions, likes, post interactions, profile visits, reach, saves, text button taps, and video views, and website taps.

Based on the data that you are going to see, you want to know what kind of content you’re going to create if you want to be successful.

This should become one of your favorite parts of Instagram insights. The power is just MASSIVE.

How To Use Instagram Insights For Marketing

This is probably the most important thing that I’m going to share with you today. But based on the data, you’re going to do nothing but test, test, test, and again test.

Testing is one of the most important things, and being successful on Instagram heavily depends on it. Because look, I can give you the best strategies ever, and you will get HUGE results from them, if you use them the right way.

But if you want to take the results through the roof, then you’ll use your insights for that. Why? Because you’ll be testing.

You’ll turn the best practices into the best of best of best practices and you’ll get a ton of results.

It’s that simple. Using your Instagram insights as a tool for testing is really important.

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