The Best Social Media Marketing Tip That All Brands Neglect

What I’m going to show you today is the best, most powerful social media marketing tip that’s going to totally transform your brand for the better and that almost EVERYBODY neglects.

Isn’t that awesome?

But don’t think that thing is going to be a 20-step blog post. No, it’s really simple but I promise that it will change everything.

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

The Biggest Mistake Every Brand Makes

No matter what social media platform you are on, you’re always going to see 99% of brands do the same thing…promote, promote, promote.

They are sharing product photos, testimonials, and on and on.

The problem with that is that this brings no real value to your audience. Instead, it is focused on who? YES – the business.

And your dream customers can sense it. They feel like that “you’re just there to get their money”.

And that’s the reason why you can’t grow, why nobody buys from you, and why you hardly get any engagement on anything you share.

So, instead of posting promotional posts 5x a day, what’s the approach that you need to take? Well, here’s the best social media marketing tip that will show it to you…

The Best Social Media Marketing Tip: CARE


And just by applying this simple social media marketing tip, everything you do is going to change. Yes, this is an original saying from Gary Vee, and he is more than right.

When you start to care, you’re going to create different content, you’re going to create different stories, and you’re going to get more results.

Suddenly, instead of promoting all the time, you’re going to start delivering VALUE.

And that is what performs. I bet you that you probably never seen any promotional post go viral (unless somebody like Kardashians posted it). Why? Because nobody cares.

If you don’t care enough to provide them with value, they’re not going to care about your brand.

And that’s why all of the content that performs on every social media platform is always valuable. Stuff like quotes, infographics, videos with tips, and entertaining content.

All of that matters to people and that’s why they engage with it and share it with others. And because the algorithms react to that, it will also reveal the post to more people.

It’s so simple.

So, if you thought the best social media marketing tip is going to be an exact strategy, it’s not. IT IS A MINDSET SHIFT.

Start caring about your audience, start caring about their results, and start caring about what they care about. If you care about them, they are going to care about you.

That’s the best social media marketing tip that I can share with you.

But if you have no idea what they like and dislike, you also need to do your research. Here is how to do that.

How To Find Out What They Want And Deliver

This is how you’re going to show them you really care. And that’s by delivering what they want and need.

Here are the 14 questions that are going to give you all of the information that you need and that you can create content based on:

  • What do they dream about?
  • What do they desire?
  • What do they love?
  • What do they fear?
  • What frustrates them?
  • What angers them?
  • What do they hate?
  • What arouses their skepticism?
  • What embarrasses them?
  • What are they most thankful for?
  • What are their sources of shame and guilt?
  • What are their secret self-doubts?
  • What are they proudest of?
  • What makes them happy?

Once you know the answers, you are going to use this as a foundation for EVERYTHING in your marketing. And most importantly, you’re going to create valuable content based on this.

So, remember…CARE and you will win.

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