Instagram Marketing: The Only Engagement Strategy You Will Need

Let’s get this thing straight right now. If you want to grow on Instagram and make the most out of your marketing strategy, you need to have engagement.

Without it, you will never grow.

It is like being on a date and just sitting in the restaurant eating the food without saying one word to each other.

It just doesn’t work that way.

That’s why you need another strategy. And that is your engagement strategy.

Some of the guys are getting ready for what they are going to say to their girl, what does she like, and they literally do the investigation to be ready for the date.

They want to have a strategy that they are going to use to impress the girl.

Well, on Instagram it is the same.

You want to have your engagement strategy that will boost your growth everywhere.

But, I know. You have probably tried all of the different things.

You did this. You did that. And nothing seems to be working.

Well, if that’s you, you should be glad that you found this post.

Because today I am going to show you the only engagement strategy you will ever need to grow, get more traffic, and increase your sales.

So, let’s take a look at how this engagement strategy works…

Step 1: Find 3-5 Leading Accounts In Your Industry

Leading industry accounts

Now is the time to find 3-5 leading accounts in your industry.

You can do that in many ways. The first and the easiest one is to get on Instagram and type in the search bar your desired keyword.

Suddenly you will have a whole bunch of accounts that will pop-up to choose from.

The second option is to use online tools like Storyclash. However, I prefer option N.1.

But if you have access to some great influencer search tools, you can use them.

Now when you have a list of Instagram accounts before you, it is the time to start choosing from them.

The things that you should look at are:

  • Their Niche
  • Their Content Style
  • Their Audience
  • Their Engagement Rate

These are the four essential things that you need to pay attention to when choosing the accounts that will be on your engagement list.

First, you have to pay attention to their niche. The niche of the Instagram industry leaders you are going to choose should be similar to yours.

And when I say similar, I mean similar.

That means if you are in Instagram marketing, they should be in Instagram marketing as well.

If you are a fitness coach, they should be fitness coaches too.

(In that case, their location would matter as well, because fitness coaches are not operating globally…unless they make some kind of paid online classes, etc.)

Got it? Alright, let’s move on to the second step and that is their content style.

This step matters for your engagement strategy, even though you might think it doesn’t.

If you are creating carousels, you should find an industry leader that is creating carousels as well.

That way, the audience you are going to appeal to will be conditioned to like carousels, so you will get a higher engagement on your content.

The same applies to, for example, quotes.

If you are in motivation and you are sharing quotes, you should find somebody that is sharing quotes too.

That way the audience will already be interested in the type of content you are creating.

Alright, once you determined this you have to move to the third thing and that is their audience.

You see, if their audience is not active, and they have no relationship with the Instagram account, you will hardly be able to make them follow and engage with you.

That is why you have to always choose accounts that have a high engagement rate and their audience is waiting for every piece of content they create…

And that brings us to the fourth thing, which is their engagement rate. It doesn’t matter if the account has 150K followers if it has only 100 likes per post.

I see that almost every day. That kind of audience is a dead audience. For that reason, you have to look at the engagement rate as well.

Alright, did you choose the accounts? Great, so let’s move on to the second step…

Step 2: Find Their Biggest Supporters

their biggest supporters

Now you have to take a look through their recent posts and find the people who regularly comment.

These are the truest fans of their craft and there is a high chance that they will be engaging with you as well.

When going through the comment section, pay the most amount of attention to the big, more complex comments.

Those followers are willing to put in the effort when they see the value in the post. And if your posts are valuable, they will start frequently engaging with you as well.

So, pay attention to the way you choose your comments. Make sure that every profile that you chose has written a comment that “Oooo-ed” you from your chair.

Step 3: Make A List Of 30-50 Of These Supporters

list of their supporters on Instagram

Now you have to make a list of 30-50 of these supporters.

These are the people that you are going to build relationships with. And that is more than a good reason to choose them carefully.

You should like their personality and their content.

Otherwise engaging with them will be a hard thing…believe me.

I also highly suggest adding them to your Close Friends list so you can easily find them on Instagram.

Typing the name into the search bar each time you want to engage with them is a frustrating thing.

So, that is the reason why I suggest it.

Now, when you have those Instagram accounts on your engagement list, it is time to jump into step 4…

Step 4: Build Relationships With These Users

Building relationships with these users

In this step, you want to start building relationships with them.

That is the only way to make them engage with you on Instagram. Also when they start engaging with you, they will bring more exposure to your account.

Start following them and turn post notifications on to make sure that you don’t miss any of their newest posts.

And when they post something, be sure to go through it and leave a supportive comment that they are going to appreciate.

It is a fantastic way to build engagement.

And a bonus is that every other person that follows them will see your account, visit it, and there is a high chance that they will start following and engaging with you as well.

Believe me, when you start following this tactic, you will be able to skyrocket your engagement rate forever.

And last but not least, here are a few things to keep in mind when using this strategy:

  • Look only for the commenters who seem like they actually read the post.
  • Don’t be afraid to follow people FIRST as a sign of support and give them TIME to get to know you.
  • Don’t just look for the LONGEST comments. Short comments are great support too!
  • It’s okay to introduce yourself in the DMs.

Are you going to use this amazing engagement tip? I believe so, but there is much more to Instagram marketing than that…

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