What’s My LinkedIn URL: Step-By-Step Guide To Finding It

“What’s my LinkedIn URL?” That’s the question I asked myself as well when I first was first starting off on LinkedIn because I just couldn’t find it…

But after I figured it out, I realized finding it is actually dead simple. And that’s why in this article I am going to reveal to you step-by-step how to find your LinkedIn URL on both devices – desktop and phone.

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

How To Find Your Personal LinkedIn URL On Desktop

This is the first device a lot of LinkedIn users use to be on the platform and you may be one of them. But here is the good news – finding what’s your LinkedIn URL is super easy on a desktop.

So, let’s have a look at how to do it

1. Go To Your Profile

Screenshot of the LinkedIn profile of Filip Konecny

The first step you just need to take is to log into your LinkedIn and then from your home feed navigate to your profile. It’s super easy, and because you are using a browser finding your unique resource link is going to be super easy now…

2. Go To The URL Bar And Copy The URL

Screenshot of the URL bar with the URL to Filip Konecny's LinkedIn profile

When you’re on your profile, then you just go to the URL bar of your browser and you’ll be able to see your LinkedIn profile URL. There is nothing else to it.

If you want to share it, then you just copy it, and then you can put it on your website, share it in direct messages, other social media platforms, etc.

Now when you look at the LinkedIn profile URL, you might realize one thing. It’s nothing but the LinkedIn domain + your LinkedIn username and /in/ in between.

That means, for example, if your username is @elitemarketer123 then your LinkedIn profile URL would be linkedin.com/in/elitemarketer123

This is true for everybody if you try to link to a personal profile.

But what if you want to find a company page link?

How To Find A LinkedIn Company Page URL On A Desktop

This is going to be quite similar to finding the LinkedIn profile URL, except you’re going to go to the company page and not your personal profile.

1. Go To Your LinkedIn Company Page

VanyerX linkedin company page

Just like with finding your own LinkedIn profile URL, here you’re going to go to the company’s page. So, after you log in and appear in your home feed, navigate there.

Once you do, you’re going to move to step #2…

2. Go To The URL Bar And Copy The URL

Screenshot of the search bar with URL to VaynerX LinkedIN company page

Again, all you have to do now is to just go to the URL bar of your browser and then you can copy the LinkedIn company page URL. After that, you can share it wherever you want and you’ll get awesome results.

How To Find Your LinkedIn Profile URL On Your Phone

This is going to be slightly different than trying to find it on your desktop because we are going to use the LinkedIn app instead of using the search engine. However, it is still super easy.

1. Open The App And Go To Your LinkedIn Profile

Screenshot of Filip Konecny's LinkedIn profile in czech language

After you open the app you must navigate to your profile. Then you need to tap on the little pencil icon at the top right corner below the banner. (The image examples are going to be in Czech because I’m from the Czech Republic and I can’t change the language.)

2. Edit The Contact Information

When you tap on the pencil icon, you’ll see the settings of your profile, scroll to the bottom and tap on “edit contact information”. That is going to bring you to this section where you will finally see your LinkedIn profile URL…

Screenshot of Filip Konecny's LinkedIn profile URL in the profile settings

3. Copy The URL And Share It

Now all you have to do is to copy the URL and share it wherever you want. Again, in most cases the URL is https://linkedin.com/in/yourusername. That means you don’t even have to look for it and you can share it directly like this.

However, knowing where to look for it is more than useful.

Ok, I hope you found this simple guide useful and if you want to find out more about LinkedIn marketing, go to my blog and read more articles on this topic or message me if you would want me to create a course on LinkedIn marketing that you could use.

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