LinkedIn Content Strategy: How To Dominate The Platform

Just like with all social media platforms, to be successful on LinkedIn, you’ll need a LinkedIn content strategy. Without the right strategy, there is no chance for you to get great results as you’ll be just drifting around with no direction.

The question is, how are you going to create the right content strategy that will get you results?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to show you today. So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

Promote But Not Often

It’s really important that I list this thing here. Even though it is extremely important that you promote your products or services on LinkedIn, you must do it carefully.

Being overly promotional and promoting too often is a one-way ticket to killing your engagement, losing followers, and also getting fewer sales.

Here is an example of a promotional post on LinkedIn

So, here is a hand thing to keep in mind…

For every 10 posts that you share, there can be 1 promotional post selling something. That way you are going to get maximum results while not making your followers upset by seeing nothing but promotions from you.

However, this rule doesn’t come to play when you promote at the end of valuable content. You can do that as often as you like.

That’s because you will give people a lot of value upfront and they won’t mind if you share your product or service at the end.

Don’t forget to include this part in your LinkedIn content strategy…

50/50 LinkedIn Content Rule

This is an extremely important part of your LinkedIn content strategy as it is going to ensure that you do all of the 3 necessary things:

  • Get Followers And Connections
  • Nurture Your Audience
  • Convert Attention Into Sales

So, what is the 50/50 content rule about? It’s quite simple, yet extremely important. 50% of your content is going to be focused on getting attention and the next 50% of your content is going to be focused on building a strong brand, relationships, and trust.

Let’s break down the first 50% of your content more in detail…

Attention Content

This is the first 50% of the content that you are going to include in your LinkedIn content strategy.

That means if you share 10 posts a week, 5 of the posts are going to be focused on getting attention and attracting new dream customers and connections.

This type of content is going to be created around what gets you the most exposure, relevant trends, and other things that get you the most attention.

For example, here are some attention-grabbing content types:

  • Posts leveraging trends
  • Quotes
  • Carousel content (THIS ONE IS IN BOTH PARTS – Attention and Relationship-Building as well.)
  • Fake Tweet Posts

And the list goes on and on. These are just examples from the top of my mind. Except for carousels, not one of these things makes you super relatable or adds MASSIVE value.

But they add some value and they are getting a lot of attention. That’s why 50% of your content is going to be created like this…

That way, you are going to get people into your ecosystem and you’ll get results.

And now, let’s move on to the next thing…

“Nurturing” Content

This is the type of content that most people don’t create because it doesn’t get as much attention. However, it is extremely important.

This is the type of content where you go more personal, you add as much value as possible and position yourself as an authority, become relatable and build your brand.

For example, these are the posts that share a story about something that has happened recently and then at the end add a conclusion with takeaways from it.

It makes you more relatable as you talk about your life and it also adds a lot of value. POWERFUL.

There are much more content types that fit this like personal greetings and questions, and carousels/pdf docs (these get a ton of attention and also nurture the audience…sharing them can be 100% of your content if you know how to create them.)

Definitely don’t skip this part.

Again, if you share 10 posts a week, then 5 of those posts are going to be mainly nurturing.

And of course, you can add 1-2 promotional posts to sell your products and services…

Post At Least Once A Day

Another thing that is big deal when it comes to your LinkedIn content strategy is the frequency of posting. If you are posting once a week, you are likely going to get results but it will take too long…

If you post once every 3 days, it will be a little faster but it’s going to still be slower…

That’s why I highly suggest that you share at least one post a day (sharing multiple posts per day is way better).

Why? If your content itself is great then it’s a simple equation…

More posts = more attention, more often talking about offers, more reliability, more call to actions, more relationship building, more authority positioning, etc. = more follower growth, connections, and sales + other opportunities.

In other words, more input = more output.

However, remember that this is only going to be true if your content is high-quality. If you post more low-quality content, you’ll still get horrible results. More bad content won’t solve the issue that it is “BAD CONTENT”.

Keep that in mind.

Show That You Care

The performance of your content is also going to depend on things that you do before and after you post.

In other words, you need to show people that you CARE about them, and it’s an extremely important part of your LinkedIn content strategy as well (indirectly).

If somebody makes a comment, respond to it. When somebody shares your post, thank them for it. And on and on.

Example of engaging on LinkedIn as a part of a content strategy

Show that you actually appreciate your audience and all of the attention besides just creating amazing content.

That will help you build a strong brand and cause more people to engage and share your stuff, which will again result in better results.

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