Instagram Video: How To Create A Strategy That WORKS

Instagram made a huge change, not long ago. And that is to heavily focus on video content on the platform. That’s because they try to beat other platforms like TikTok at their own game.

And also because they believe it is a huge part of how people consume content (which is.)

So, they introduced features like Instagram reels, then they buffed video in stories and made clips 4x longer by turning 15-second segments into 60-second segments.

Then they stopped IGTV and they turned all videos into Instagram reels.

And on and on. The changes promoting video were just massive and regardless of your belief, video is a crucial element on Instagram.

That’s why today, you’re going to discover how to create a killer video strategy that works.

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

Instagram Reels Strategy

Instagram reels are the best-performing video content format on Instagram. That’s why you need to incorporate it in your video strategy if you want to be successful.

You see, reels have a huge potential and they go important FAR beyond just dancing in front of your camera.

However, to build your brand you will want to go behind the scenes to get the best results.

So, how are you going to create a reel strategy that is going to get you great results?

There are two types of reels you need to create:

  1. DISCOVERY REELS (80% of reels if you share normal image content, 50% if you share only reels.)
  2. NURTURING REELS (20% of reels if you share normal image content, 50% if you share only reels.)

Let’s look at both of these categories and why you need to share them.

First, there are discovery reels. These reels are going to be made with the purpose of exposure in your mind.

They are meant to reach people. And that is why they are going to be mainly created based on what is trending right now and what got you a lot of exposure before.

For example, if there is a trend of using certain audio then you are going to use that audio (unless it is exceedingly against your brand) or if there is a trend of combining audio with certain clip lengths, then you are going to do it as well.

There is an example of a trend you could easily leverage in any industry…

Example of an Instagram reel

Similar to things like these, you will want to create reels that get as much exposure as possible.

But the second type of reels you want to share is different. Nurturing reels are not focused on exposure. They are focused on building trust, authority, and relationships.

In these reels, you are going to go more behind the scenes, teach some more complex topics, and do your best work serving the audience with little focus on getting exposure of trying to get viral.

Based on whether or not you are sharing this type of content using images (educational carousels, behind-the-scenes single-image posts, etc.) then you are going to decide on whether or not this is going to be 20% of the reels that you create or 50% of them.

20% if you already share nurturing content using images (carousels, normal image posts, etc.) or 50% if you share only video content.

Here are some examples of nurturing reels:

  • Sharing a story about some achievement
  • Sharing your backstory
  • Sharing an in-depth explanation of some concept
  • Sharing a useful tip
  • Sharing a clip of a video where you delivered a ton of value
  • Sharing a clip of a value nugget from a livestream

And way more! The options are virtually endless. You just have to get really creative with it.

And the last type of reels you want to create are promotional reels. However, that is only going to be 10-20% of your overall content and if you promote using image content you don’t have to create them at all.

An extremely important thing to remember is that promotional Instagram reels are not supposed to generate sales. Reels are just supposed to drive traffic to your sales process.

That means you only want them to click the link in your bio. That’s it.

Here is an infographic that sums it up…

Instagram reels strategy

But Instagram reels are not the only type of video on Instagram. There are another two types left, so let’s have a look at them as well…

Instagram Video In Stories

Instagram stories are a powerful place where to share your content. However, not many people actually leverage them the way they should let alone leverage the video the way they should.

Using Instagram stories to share video content is extremely powerful. Recently Instagram has introduced 60-second clips to even support it.

Not that only it’s way easier to share new content.

People just love to consume them and when you leverage video the right way there you are going to get great results.

The only difference there apart from reels is that 90% of all video clips that you are going to share there are going to be nurturing your following and building trust with them.

That is because mostly only followers are going to see your stories. Of course, there is always somebody who is going to check the story even though they are not following you…but mainly they will be seen by your followers.

And that’s why it is so important to nurture them.

The nurturing content is going to be made the same way you’d make a reel. But DON’T reshare reels there. Stories are your second opportunity to cause people to take some action.

However, if your followers have already seen the reel in their feed, they won’t even bother to watch the story.

You can share that you made a reel but don’t show the video there.

And of course, you want to promote in your stories and video is a great way to do that.

As with reels you are going to sell the “click” but instead of redirecting them to the bio you’ll make them want to tap on the link sticker.

That is going to change the entire message from trying to hard sell them to just arousing curiosity enough to make them tap on the link.

Stories are really powerful and if you follow the 90/10 ratio, you are going to get incredible results.

However, sometimes when promoting it is often great to leave the entire video thing out and just create a promotional story sequence.

And the last thing that belongs to your Instagram video strategy is Instagram lives. The only thing you want to know about them is that you want to create them like a webinar and use them to sell.

Do at least one of them per month and you’re going to get amazing results when it comes to sales. However, you also can use Instagram lives for things like FAQs, or just to add value.

It all depends on you.

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