How To Sell More With Instagram

Want to sell more of your products and services using Instagram? Want to get new customers but just don’t know how?

Well, in this blog post I am going to reveal to you exactly what you need to know to sell more of your products and services on Instagram.

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

Why Are You Currently Struggling To Make Sales

The truth is this is pretty obvious.

If you are currently struggling to sell more stuff with Instagram it is because you don’t have the right system to generate sales in place OR you don’t know how to correctly apply the one you have.

Which one is it? Finding that out is not so hard. If you’re struggling over a long period of time and you tried almost everything you know, then chances are the SYSTEM is wrong.

If you tried to change something in the system (like a video sales letter) and your conversions suddenly went up, then it means you’re just implementing it incorrectly.

And last, of course, you might struggle to generate sales because you don’t have enough exposure. Regardless of which one it is, let’s look at how to fix it.

1. How To Drive More Traffic To Your Sales Process

One of the most important things you must understand is that to make sales, you need to stop selling and just redirect people to the sales process instead.

Selling directly on Instagram kills your reach and audience growth and literally makes more people unfollow you than follow you, and it’s just terrible.

However, when you make them go outside of Instagram and you redirect them to the sales process directly, then you are going to make more sales with Instagram than ever before.

That’s because in the sales process you have control. However, you don’t have it on Instagram. You can’t make people go through a particular experience, track what they clicked or didn’t, etc.

For that reason, it is tough to sell on the platform.

However, when you redirect them to the sales process, chances are that you are going to get far better results.

The question is…

How are you going to get more exposure and drive more traffic than you did ever before?

Besides sharing valuable content that totally dominates the space (if you don’t do that, you’re not going to make a single sale), you also need to start leveraging other people’s audiences and the algorithm.

Leveraging other people’s audiences for example means that you start collaborating with an influencer, you create a guest post for them, they share it, and all of his or her followers are going to see it and visit your page because they will get curious about who you are.

Leveraging the algorithm means modeling what is currently performing the best across all of Instagram’s features like explore page, hashtags, home page suggestions, etc. and testing and improving until you start to reach thousands of people on the platform that you are on.

And last, of course, you can run ads, but that’s a topic for another day.

Now, let’s move on to the second thing you must do if you want to sell more with Instagram.

2. Build Your Own Instagram Sales Funnel

The right Instagram sales funnel can generate more sales for you than you can imagine.

An Instagram sales funnel is basically a series of pages that are going to take your dream customers through a process that is going to warm them up, sell them, upsell them, and make them a promoter of your brand.

There are many sales funnels, and you can stack one on each another, for example, if you create a webinar funnel, after they purchase you can redirect them to the thank you page where you are going to ask them to go to another sales funnel and sell them another product or service.

It is really an incredible concept that you should try using at all costs.

Here’s what a basic Instagram sales funnel consists of:

  1. Lead-squeeze (opt-in) page where you are going to get the email addresses of your dream customers in exchange for a valuable lead magnet.
  2. Sales page where you are going to sell the product or service
  3. 1-2 upsell pages where you are going to upsell them something relevant to what they just purchased to double or even triple your revenue.
  4. Thank you page, where you are going to thank them for the purchase and redirect them to another sales funnel.

I highly recommend that you create a sales funnel as soon as possible.

And now let’s move on to another extremely important thing you must do if you want to sell more with Instagram.

3. Change The Sales Message And The Positioning Of Your Product Or Service

This is another really important thing that you have to do if you want to sell more with Instagram, but nothing is currently getting you results.

You can’t make sales because the sales message doesn’t persuade anybody to buy. Instead, it makes people confused and unsure of what your product or service is about.

If that is the case, go back and review your sales page immediately. Also, you must be able to write a great sales message in the promotional posts that you share.

When the message is bad, then nobody is going to take action, and even bother to go to the sales funnel that you have created and buy.

Second, you must change the positioning of the product or service that you sell.

Simply explain that, if you sell a plumbing service, you don’t sell fixed boilers or new gas heaters. You sell a warm home and warm bath and shower once your dream customer gets from the freezing cold back home in winter.

Most plumbers would position their service as a “let me install a new gas heater for you”…not “let me make your home a warm place which will be a pleasure to return to every time you come back from work.”

It’s a BIG difference.

So, make sure you position your product or service the right way. If that is not going to happen, you are never going to sell anything with Instagram regardless of how much you try.

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