Revolutionary Digital Marketing Strategy To Sell Online

The digital marketing strategy I am about to show you in this blog post will skyrocket the sales and value of every customer you get.

And it is going to be such a big deal that it may make a revolution in how you do business online. No kidding.

So, are you ready to find out what this incredible digital marketing strategy is about? If so, let’s dive in…

What Is A Sales Funnel?

As the heading already reveals, the digital marketing strategy we will discuss is sales funnels.

Sales funnel is basically a series of strategic pages that are going to walk people through a specific process that will turn them even from a most cold-fish prospect into a loyal customer that will scream about your brand everywhere they go from high heavens.

What is a sales funnel infographic

They can easily let you double or even triple the customer value, make those who say “no” and leave buy, and turn people into your own brand’s promoters.

Or if you are selling affiliate products and services, they will let you DOMINATE and get more sales than you could imagine.

It is a digital marketing strategy that is going to transform your business online forever. But how are you going to create sales funnels for your business online?

How To Create A Sales Funnel

If you want to create a sales funnel that is going to sell your products or services online, every detail matters.

But there are 5 main steps of building a sales funnel that you have to create it based on if you want to make a ton of sales…

The first step is to determine the traffic temperature.

As you already know, there are 3 types of traffic:

  1. Cold Traffic
  2. Warm Traffic
  3. Hot Traffic

The structure of the sales funnel is heavily going to depend on what type of traffic you’re going to drive into it. Let me explain what they mean…

Cold traffic is people who have never heard of your brand before and who don’t even know that there is a problem that is keeping them from getting the end result.

Then there is warm traffic which is people who are problem-aware but are actively looking for a solution. They usually know your brand.

And last, there is hot traffic.

Those are the people who are aware you’re selling the solution that they need and have the desire to get it.

Obviously, the sales funnel in this digital marketing strategy is going to be structured differently for those who are cold traffic, and those who are hot traffic.

That’s because both of these traffic types are going to require you to create something called the pre-frame bridge.

A Pre-Frame Bridge

A pre-frame bridge is a crucial part of this digital marketing strategy as you need to warm up the traffic that is going to go to the sales page.

They have to know that they have a serious problem, and they have to know that YOUR product or service is already a solution.

So, the goal with the pre-frame bridge is to make them problem and solution aware.

For example, if you are selling a weight loss supplement, they might not understand WHY they need it and that there is a problem that they have.

So a pre-frame bridge for that would be talking about how it helps them burn as many calories as possible during training so that they lose weight faster or something like that and you’d also explain how it works.

That will make them realize that they are not getting as great results as they could and there is actually a problem that needs to be solved if they want to get results.

How does a pre-frame bridge look like? Well, it can be something like an article page, webinar, or video.

Example of a webinar page

When it comes to the webinar, it can actually act as a pre-frame, lead-squeeze, and sales tool at the same time.

So, when you know how to create it the right way, sometimes all it takes to sell something that is even really expensive is a simple webinar funnel that consists of:

  • Registration Page
  • Webinar Page
  • Offer Page

Isn’t that incredible? But again, depending on the traffic type the pre-frame can be even as simple as a social media post or an email.

It all depends on traffic temperature.

Qualify Subscribers

One really important part of this digital marketing strategy is to always qualify subscribers. This is the first commitment they are going to make with you.

If they are willing to give you their email address, they are likely going to take even more serious action with you as well (i.e. purchase)

And most importantly, when you get their email address, you are going to be able to follow up with them if they won’t.

Or even if they do purchase immediately, you’ll be able to sell them other products or services through email, therefore skyrocketing the customer lifetime value.

Here is one of the ways you can qualify subscribers using the lead-squeeze page:

Example of a lead-squeeze page for qualifying people

But there are dozens of other ways you can do that.

For example, when you create the webinar funnel which I already gave you a peek into, it is going to be done using the registration page.

The key is to remember that to make people give you their contact information you’ll need to offer them something in exchange.

Of course, somebody will react to “Join Our Newsletter” stuff, but in the end, to really make the conversion rate go through the roof, you want to do what I’ve done in the example that I shared with you above which is to offer them a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is a freebie that you are going to give them in exchange for the contact information.

Lead magnet infographic

Remember that the lead magnet should be of no cost to you, but of a massive value to them.

And now it’s time to move on to the most interesting part of this digital marketing strategy which is to…

Qualify Buyers

This is a part of this incredible digital marketing strategy where we are going to turn dream customers into REAL customers.

Usually, it is done through a sales page, but again the funnel can be structured differently like the webinar funnel where the selling part is going to be in the webinar and then you will just have the order page where you’ll recap the offer.

What is really important to remember here is that the sales page is not a headline, an image of a product, and a “buy now” button.

That’s not going to sell anything unless you pre-framed people in a way that has never been done before.

You need to write words that are going to persuade people to take action. You need to have a SALES COPY in place.

Here is an example of what a high-converting sales page looks like:

Example of a sales page in a sales funnel

One of the best formulas even total beginners can use to write a great sales copy is called H-O-C-O-B-T-V-G-C-U.

In other words, this formula consists of 10 steps:

  • Headline
  • Opening
  • Credentials
  • Offer
  • Bullet Points
  • Testimonials
  • Value Justification
  • Guarantee
  • Call To Action
  • Urgency

It is really simple and even a total beginner can make it work. The only thing you might be concerned about is the “Value Justification” part.

There you are going to explain why the product or service is worth way more than the money they are going to spend. Basically, you are going to compare apples to oranges.

You will tell them that they can either get your product or service and get the desired outcome or save their few pennies and live with the pain.

It will make buying the product or service a total no-brainer.

It’s extremely crucial for this digital marketing strategy to make the sales page work. If you won’t then you are never going to get any results.

So, always write the right copy. And now let’s move on to the next part of this digital marketing strategy which is to…

Upsell Pages

Upsell pages are incredible. When you go to a McDonald’s and you buy something you’ll often hear the question “Do you want______as well?”

That’s what an upsell is, and that is how the company makes most of its money.

You can do the same thing online. Instead of just selling them a product or service and ending the loop, you can upsell them through little pages like these:

Upsell page

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be as complex as this. It can be just a headline, a short video, and “YES! Add This To My Order” button.

Isn’t that cool?

These simple upsell pages can double or even triple the revenue you make. So, always add them.

And if you don’t have a tool that you could use to do that, then I highly recommend that you use Phonesites.

With it, you can get your sales funnel up and make money for you in just a few minutes even if you have no technical skills.

I hope you found this blog post helpful and that you are going to use this digital marketing strategy as soon as possible.

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