How To Create Content Pillars For Your Instagram

Posting random content on Instagram is not an option. If you want to grow and get customers, you’ll have to create your own content pillars.

But creating them is based on more things than just using 5 of your most favorite topics.

You have to create them based on what fits you, your audience, and your brand.

Let’s break it down for you…

Factor #1: What You Love

passionate young woman with her hands up

The first thing that you want to create your Instagram content pillars based on is what you love.

There are some topics that you are interested in, for example, skiing or in my case marketing.

If you love this stuff, it is amazing.

You will want to incorporate it into your Instagram content pillars. Why?

Because otherwise, it is going to be really hard for you to create content.

There is no way you can stay consistent and post even three times per day on your Instagram (like me, Gary Vee, or other brands) and stay consistent over a long period of time if you don’t love the topic that you are creating Instagram content around.

That is why it is so necessary to find what you like or love, and use it as a foundation.

All right, have you thought about it? If so, let’s move on…

Factor #2: What Your Brand Stands For

laptop on a desk with a brand text on displayed on the screen

If you want to create content pillars for your Instagram that are going to help your brand, you need to create them based on what your brand stands for as well.

Now, how to do that?

If you are wise, you started your business around something that you love and know is profitable.

So, most likely you are already passionate about the industry your brand is in and it will be easy peasy for you.

However, if for some reason you didn’t and you own a marketing agency, while your biggest passion is hiking or sailing on a boat…

…then get on the boat, take off your phone and start recording a video about marketing while sailing!

That is probably the best way to combine it and don’t get torn down when creating content that helps your brand.

But in the end, most people are passionate about the business that you are in, so this is most likely going to be a no-brainer for you and you are fine.

I highly recommend that you write three things down when it comes to each factor and then we will use your notes in the end. It is going to be more than important.

Factor #3: What Your Audience Wants/Needs

woman sitting in an audience

This is another MASSIVE factor when it comes to creating content pillars for your Instagram.

If you want to become successful with the content that you create, your audience has to care about it.

And this is the last factor you need to pay attention to when creating your content pillars.

Of course, there is a high chance they care about what your brand stands for as they follow you…but I highly recommend creating a survey to find out more.

It is really important and if you start sharing content about a topic they don’t need, you are going to fail.

It is essential for creating amazing content pillars for your Instagram.

Again, write what comes to your mind down, and also check the results from the surveys that you made in the past.

Got everything you need?

Awesome, now we need to move to the last step which is actually creating the content pillars for your Instagram.

Creating The Content Pillars For Your Instagram

finding an overlaping part to create your own content pillars

When you gathered all of the data that you need, it is time to create the content pillars for your Instagram. You do that by finding an overlap in all of those three things.

Let me show you how to do it.

For example, if I would be selling outdoor equipment, here is how I would create content pillars for Instagram:

My Passions: Hiking, survival, skiing

My Brand: Outdoor equipment

My Audience: Running, Skiing, Fitness

Then you just find the thing that is between all of those three things and you use it to create the content pillar. In this case, it would be skiing.

Why? Because it matches all of these three things.

So, you, as an entrepreneur trying to market his products/services through Instagram you’d start creating content about skiing.

Of course, you can have way more than just one content pillar and the number is going to depend upon the number of things you have written down about each factor that affects the content pillar creation for your Instagram.

But I would suggest not having more than 7 content pillars for your Instagram.

If you will, there is going to be too much stuff that you will have to talk about which will result in the need for more content.

It is great to have your Instagram content pillars in place, but don’t overdo it. It can be bad for you and your audience as well.

And as you already know, overwhelmed and confused audience, doesn’t engage, follow, nor buy from you.

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