Why Is Social Media Marketing Important?

If you thought about doing social media marketing, but still can’t think of why is it important for your brand, then you have two options.

First, you can stop reading this blog post and read some others that will actually show you the secrets and strategies to use to be successful with social media marketing as you MUST do it.

Or second, read this blog post and after I show you why is social media marketing important, you can do the same.

It really depends on you, because in the bottom line, it is more than important. So, are you ready to find out why is social media marketing important for your brand? If so, let’s dive in…

Earning Your Audience’s Loyalty

If you run a blog and you depend on traffic from Google, then you probably know really well that 90% of the traffic just comes and goes…and never returns.

If you are smart, then you offer them a lead magnet and turn some of that traffic into email subscribers and follow-up.

And if you are REALLY smart, then you also make them follow you on social media.

And this is really important regardless of whether you run a blog or not. When you do a great job with social media marketing, you share amazing content, and you connect with people, you will realize that you start to create a strong brand…

A brand that people are loyal to and feel like a part of.

And those are the relationships that turn strangers into customers…

Because trust comes from relationships and making sales requires a LOT of trust.

It is tough to earn it when you just run ads and drive people to a sales page or a store. They will come to you only when they need to.

However, when they are loyal to your brand, they will start coming to you and BUY when you tell ’em to.

And that is a huge difference and also one of the biggest reasons why is social media marketing important.

And there are many ways to explain that, but there is no place on the internet where you can build relationships with your audience and earn their trust and dollars like social media.

It is the key to long-term success.

Surveying Your Audience

Another thing that social media marketing is absolutely amazing for and one of the biggest reasons why it is so important for any brand on the planet is the ability to get quick responses and answers to your questions through surveys.

To give you a quick example of what I mean by this, let’s say you are selling furniture and you are interested in creating a new piece of furniture that would sell, however you don’t want to invest a penny into the project unless you know there is demand.

One of the quickest and easiest things that you can do is to just go to your social media accounts on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. and run a poll or ask a question.

Then you are going to collect the answers and voila! You got a solid foundation that you can take action on.

Now, of course, if the thing you want to create is really big, you might want to wait for a lot of responses to get the most accurate data and if you want to even run ads to it.

However, in the end, you will quickly know what to do and the response will come directly from your audience.

It is super helpful.

Another thing is that it is an awesome way to discover more about your dream customers themselves.

This is also a MASSIVE reason why is social media marketing important. When you go through the comments or literally run a solid survey, you can easily find out what the want, like, struggle with, what frustrates them, what are their pains, desires, etc.

And when you know this stuff, you can easily adjust your entire marketing to it and skyrocket your conversions.

So, you definitely want to do social media marketing for this purpose as well. But let’s move on to the next reason why is social media marketing so important…

Underpriced Ads

That is the truth, especially for platforms like Facebook and Instagram. When you actually see the price of ads, they are so underpriced that it is not hard to get profitable on them when you have a product or service that people want and you have an amazing sales process that works.

If you do, what can commonly happen (and what should happen) is that for every $1 that you spend you get $2 back.

In other words, you will turn social media into your own money-printing machine.

it is one of the biggest reasons why you want to do social media marketing as well, and why it is so damn important…

It Has No Barrier Of Entry

This is one of the biggest reasons why especially small businesses are joining social media doing social media marketing.

Anybody can do it as it is absolutely free.

However, that also means that you will have to put in the work and pay for the exposure, traffic, and sales with value. Or in other words, you will have to share a lot of amazing content.

The only social media platform that I am aware of that has a little barrier of entry from the money standpoint is LinkedIn. However, that is only if you want the Premium version.

You can get fantastic results on the free version without any problems. The only thing that you get with premium is some fantastic tools that are going to make your life easier there.

Got it? Amazing, and now, let’s move on to another reason why is social media marketing so important…

Customer Support

I think this is another great reason why is social media marketing important.

Every day you can see a lot of companies who are providing their customer support and general help through nothing but social media. And the reason is simple, everybody can use it, it is quick, and it is free.

Sometimes you can even automate it.

All you have to do is to hire somebody who is going to respond to all of those messages or do it yourself.

But make sure that you handle messages every single day. Don’t leave anything for tomorrow. But now, let’s move on to another reason why is social media marketing important…

It Is One Of The Biggest Sources Of Traffic

That is just the way it is. Over 4 billion people are on social media, so, if your dream customers are not there, they probably don’t even exist.

When you have the right strategy and you have for example a blog, social media can get you so many extra readers that it is crazy.

If you have a podcast and you are going to share it on social media, you can get more listeners out of it than you can imagine.

But most importantly, if you sell a product or service, then it is one of the best places where to reach your dream customers, make them visit the sales funnel, or go through the sales process that your company has and turn them into customers.

And if that is not something that is going to move you to do social media marketing, then most likely nothing will.

Social media marketing is extremely important and everybody should do it regardless of the industry that you’re in or the niche you have.

It is going to change everything for you, forever. But you will have to put in the work and stay consistent.

And if you’re ready to begin, one of the best platforms that you can start on is Instagram…

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2 thoughts on “Why Is Social Media Marketing Important?

  1. You have already spelled it out. Whatever form of marketing you are doing, social media marketing is quite inevitable in carrying out a wide campaign for your goods and services. The biggest audience can be found in the social media circle if the strategy is well optimized.


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