How To Track Social Media Engagement

Tracking your social media engagement consistently is going to help you know how you are performing, whether there is something to improve or not, and how your audience likes the stuff that you share.

But how are you going to track social media engagement,

Well, that is exactly what I am going to share with you in this amazing post. So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the most amazing all-in-one social media management, data collection, and social listening tools that have ever been created.

When you are going to use it you’re going to get access to a ton of amazing features that can alone take your social media marketing to a whole new level.

But because you read this blog post, you are going to be interested in engagement which this social media marketing tool is going to show you as well.

And when you are going to use it, you will get the ability to increase it like crazy.

If you are interested, go here to find out more about it right away.

The Good Ol’ Way

Every social media platform that you can use for marketing always provides you with some sort of analytics. That is because they want creators and businesses be on that platform.

On some platforms, you are going to see the analytics in default, on some you have to create something like a creator account or business account, etc.

This all depends on the social media platform that you are using.

Then all you have to do is to set up some sort of a spreadsheet and monitor the social media engagement of everything that you share.

It is one of the simplest ways how to track social media engagement and it is going to work even though they may be no analytics on the platform.

Just go and check the likes of the post and you can track at least that statistic. It is going to tell you a lot 🙂

How To Boost Your Social Media Engagement

The truth is that boosting your social media engagement is far more important than just tracking it.

But only a few people actually know how to do that.

And that is why I want to share with you some of the best social media marketing tips for getting or engagement on social media, boosting your reach, growing your following, and in the end, making more sales.

So, here are some of the best social media marketing tips for boosting your social media engagement.

Engage To Get Engagement

If you want to get more engagement, you better give it as well. It is called social media for a reason. You need to build relationships with your dream customers and you need to interact with them if you want them to engage with you.

Now, what are some of the best ways to engage with our dream customers?

Well, they look pretty much the same, like the social media engagement that you expect to get on your own account.

For example, commenting, engaging in lives, replying to comments, replying to stories, resharing content, etc.

All of these are a form of engagement that are going to help you get engagement on your own page as well.

Just make sure that you don’t engage only for the sake of it, but you share something of value in the message.

That is really important if you want to be successful.

Ask People To Engage

It doesn’t matter what kind of content you share, if you want to get engagement, it is really important that you tell people to engage at the end of it after they receive the main value that you are trying to share.

This is called giving a “call to action” and they look like this:

  • Double tap if you agree
  • Comment below the best tip
  • Save if you found this helpful
  • Are you going to____? Comment below.

And the list goes on and on.

In fact, it is absolutely never-ending and it is going to depend purely on you how the call to action is going to look like.

Just ensure that it is simple, you ask for just one thing, and you are successful.

Create Better Content

The main reason why people don’t engage with you and why your social media engagement sucks is because you are not creating content that is great and valuable.

Your content is 80% of your success on any social media platform and if you fail to make it amazing you are doomed.

You don’t engage with content that sucks, do you? Of course not. That is simply because you are not getting any value out of it and in the end, it doesn’t matter.

Here are the 3 things every great piece of content follows and that your content needs to follow as well:

  • Gives massive value (educates, entertains, inspires, creates emotions, etc.)
  • Is incredibly presented (design, video quality, message simplicity, and flow, etc.)
  • Is relevant (content about steaks is not going to interest vegans.)

When your content is going to be created based on these š pillars of content creation, then you are going to get absolutely incredible results and you are going to be successful.

Also, don’t forget to measure the content and improve based on data every single day. In the end, that is the only way to improve if you are doing the basic stuff right.

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