Proven Small Business Social Media Marketing Strategy

Marketing your small business can be a hard task, especially when you don’t have a multi-million dollar budget that you could spend on ads and you lack strategy.

That’s why social media marketing is becoming more and more powerful. The question is, how can you market your small business on social media effectively?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to show you in this blog post.

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in.

Determine The Right Goal

The right small business social media marketing strategy must always start with the goal that you have. Do you want to make more sales online? Do you want to make people come to your store?

Unless you know the goal, you’re never going to create the right social media marketing strategy that is going to change your business.

Once you know the goal, it is going to reflect in everything.

You’re going to promote based on the goal, build a sales funnel based on the goal, create content based on the goal, and on and on.

That’s why I want you to pick it carefully. Be specific with it.

Find Out Where Are They Hiding

List of followers of an Instagram account

Now when you know what is your goal, you must find out where are your dream customers hiding.

Regardless if you want more exposure, more sales, more leads, or whatever, unless you know where are they hiding, you’re not going to make your small business social media marketing strategy work, unless you know this.

The main place where they are usually hiding is simply an audience of another person or brand. Your dream customers are always following somebody, and you want to find out who those people are.

I highly recommend making a list of them.

And the longer it is, the better it is going to be for your small business’s social media marketing strategy.

The next place where your dream customers can be hiding are certain features of the specific social media platform that you are on.

For example, Facebook has groups, Instagram has hashtags that they can follow, on LinkedIn, there are keywords that they can search for when looking for people or content, etc.

You have to do your research. This is an essential part of the small business social media marketing strategy.

Define How Are You Going To Reach Them

This is the harder part as it requires knowing real raw tactics that you are going to use on the platform that you are on.

However, if you’re not going to reach them this small business social media marketing strategy is going to go bust super quickly.

The tactics that you are going to use are really specific based on each social media platform, but two things are always the same.

There are only two ways you can reach your audience:

  • Leveraging people’s own audiences
  • Leveraging algorithm’s own audiences

You can either get the followers of the influencer to somehow follow you like by doing influencer marketing or engaging with them…

Or you have to make the algorithm show your content to new people.

The simplest way you can get an idea of how to do that is by modeling those who are already successful with reaching your dream customers (i.e. the influencers you’ve just written down if you follow this step-by-step like you should.)

Example of an Instagram carousel from Filip Konecny

You want to start modeling their content and turn it into something your own. You want to study everything they do, and see model it into something your own.

DON’T COPY (especially with the content), model.

If you will, you’re most likely going to start seeing results, and then you’ll have to test, test, test, and test to see what works the best.

You’ll be blown away by the reach that you’re going to get when you do this right.

Prepare A Great Sales Process

This is another extremely important part of the small business social media marketing strategy as if you don’t have the right sales process in place, you’re not going to make any sales regardless of how hard you try.

And the best sales process that you can use is a social media sales funnel.

With the right sales funnel, you’re going to make the most revenue possible, while generating as many sales as possible.

A great social media sales funnel consists of 5 main parts:

  • Determine the traffic temperature
  • Create a pre-frame bridge
  • Qualify subscribers
  • Qualify buyers
  • Follow up

Let’s take a deeper look at it and why it’s so important for your small business’s social media marketing strategy

Determine The Traffic Temperature

Knowing the traffic temperature is more than important if you want to successfully make sales. Different traffic requires a different process to go through.

For example, it would be silly to make somebody who wants to buy now watch a webinar that would probably destroy his or her interest because he or she wanted to buy.

It would also be silly to tell somebody who sees you for the first time to buy a $1,500.00 product, right?

Of course, it sometimes happens. But it is so rare that I would never bet my entire business on it.

Traffic from social media is generally cold or warm.

But you will want to include handle all 3 of the traffic temperatures – cold (people who don’t know you), warm (people who know you and follow you), hot (people who know you have a solution to their problem and are interested in buying.)

Create A Pre-Frame Bridge

After you determine the temperature of the traffic (people) that you’re going to drive to the sales funnel, you need to create the right pre-frame bridge.

If the traffic is cold, then the pre-frame bridge will have to be huge. Usually something like a webinar.

If the traffic is warm, it might be a sequence of posts, a video, etc.

If it is hot, it might be a simple email, or a single post just telling them you have something to offer.

But regardless of what you are selling, if you want to ensure that the traffic that gets to the next stage is at least warm or hot.

It’s absolutely crucial if you want to build a successful social media sales funnel and make the small business social media marketing strategy work.

Qualify Subscribers

Now when you warmed up the traffic, it is time to see who is willing to give you their email address in exchange for something valuable.

Including this step in a sales funnel is more than important for you if you want to follow up. And I can guarantee you that if you don’t you’re going to miss out on 80% of sales.

Unless you qualify subscribers, you’re not going to be able to follow up. This is usually done through a lead-squeeze page.

Qualify Buyers

This is the stage where you are going to make sales. You’re going to qualify buyers through a sales page and upsell pages.

Make sure that you use the right words in the message (the right copy) as it is going to be the difference between making sales and not selling anything.


Not following up is going to cost you at least 80% of the sales. Most people just don’t buy for the first time. But they almost always tend to change their mind.

That is why you need to have an email marketing system in place if you want to be as successful as possible.

Do you want to find out how to do every one of these steps in detail and build a successful small business social media marketing strategy?

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Image of the build your Instagram empire bundle

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