The Best Small Business Marketing Tip Ever Given

Small business marketing can be really tough, especially when you have little or no budget for advertising. It can be hard to make dream customers come to your doors or buy your products or services online.

And that’s why today I want to give you the best small business marketing tip ever given that’s going to solve that.

Ready to see how it looks like?

If so, let’s dive in…

Use Social Media To Build Local Presence And Earn Loyalty Of Your Customers

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There is no better small business marketing tip that I could give you. Social media can change the game for you.

Not that only, you’ll build a strong customer base, but you’re also going to be exposed to masses of new dream customers, and literally dominate the area that you’re in (or if you’re selling online, flood your store or sales funnel with new traffic.)

That’s because regardless of the city that you’re in, social media is going to allow you to connect with your dream customers day and night.

Also, it’s an awesome way to turn all of your existing customers into promoters of your brand. If you’re on social media, it’s easy for them to share your business with their friends and refer to you as a possible solution to their problems.

I mean, the possibilities are endless.

And yes, if you want to run ads, social media has the most underpriced ads of all and you can run them to virtually anybody.

If you need the right people to visit your online store, this is the place where to get ’em. If you want to make people come to your physical location, social media is also a place where to get ’em.

In other words, it is one of the best places that exist where you can market your small business. But the more important part of this small business marketing tip is how to actually start?

How To Start With Small Business Social Media Marketing?

There are many things that you’re going to have to do to market your small business successfully using social media.

But it’s going to be one of the most important decisions that you’re going to make. So, what are you going to do?

First you need to define who is your dream customer.

There is no way, you can make your dream customer come to your place or buy online if you don’t know who they are. And no – it’s NOT everybody.

If you have “everybody” on your list of dream customers something is wrong. The only time it wouldn’t be luck for you to make a lot of sales is probably if you’re selling golden toilet paper for $1 apiece.

There are two main things your dream customers MUST have. First, they must have the ability to buy what you’re selling. Second, they must be driven to buy what you’re selling.

Look, if you’re selling steaks to vegans, you won’t be successful. If you’re selling diamond rings for $3,000 a piece to somebody who is having a planned marriage but can’t pay for their car, you’re not going to be successful either.

That’s why they must be qualified for these two things. They must WANT it, and can buy it.

This is a strong small business marketing tip on its own, and you want to know your dream customer regardless of the type of marketing you’re doing.

Example of a dream customer avatar

After you know who is your dream customer, you need to find out the right platform where you’re going to do your small business social media marketing, (and no) it shouldn’t be every platform that exists right now.

One of the best tips that I can give you, in the beginning, is to focus. That means don’t start marketing your small business on more than 2 platforms or you aren’t going to master any of them and instead of being successful, you’ll do a ton of work just to fail.

Ensure that the platform that you’re going to pick has your dream customers on it and the organic reach of the platform is great or you’re not going to get any great results.

After you know that, it’s time to find out EXACTLY where are your dream customers hiding on that platform.

The first thing that you’re going to look at is people or brands they are already following. For example, if I’d be in personal development, I’d look at Tony Robbins.

Your dream customers are already following somebody on the platform that you’re on and you want to make a long list of all the people that they do.

Also, you want to make a list of other features that are on the social media platform where they could also be hiding. For example, on Facebook, it can be groups or on LinkedIn, they search for certain keywords to find relevant content, and on and on.

It is really important to list those out as well if you want to reach your dream customers successfully with your small business social media marketing.

And that’s why you must also find out how to get in front of them.

If you’re not going to get in front of your dream customers, you’re never going to make this small business marketing tip work.

There are only two ways to get in front of your dream customers on any social media marketing platform.

The first way is by leveraging other people’s audiences. The second one is by leveraging the algorithm. For example, the best way to leverage other people’s audiences to reach your dream customers is by doing influencer marketing, engaging with the followers of the influencer, or by collaborating with the influencer.

The way you’re going to leverage the algorithm for your social media marketing is going to clearly depend just on the platform that you’re on.

Study the unique features the platform that you want to get on has, the best performing pieces of content there, and then model and test to get your content there too.

Simple, not easy. But definitely worth it.

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