How To Create A Killer Sales Funnel

The classy way to make sales online was by sending people to a sales page, but do you know about a sales funnel?

Creating a sales funnel is one of the best ways to make a ton of sales online. But how are you going to build one and how does it work?

In fact, it is not that hard and that is why I am excited to share with you how to do it right away…

Traffic Temperature

The first, and one of the most important things that you have to determine before even starting building a sales funnel is the temperature of the traffic that you are going to drive in.

It is super important as some people are ready to buy now, some don’t trust you that much yet, and some people don’t know you at all and had absolutely no interest in you or your products and services.

And as you already guessed, the traffic temperature is going to entirely determine how the funnel is going to look like.

For example, it is going to be almost impossible to sell somebody with absolutely no interest in your product or service when you send them directly to the sales page.

Instead, you gotta first send them to a follow-up program, and warm them up in the funnel.

But you are also not going to put any obstacles in a way of people who are ready to buy from you now. You are not going to make them read an article or anything else. You will just send them to the order page and make them buy.

So, to make this clear, here are the three types of traffic that we determine:

Cold – The person has no interest in your product or service, doesn’t know you, and sometimes they don’t even know they have the problem you solve with your product or service.

Warm – The person is aware of their problem, they know you, and they are aware that you sell something

Hot – They are convinced that your product or service is the only solution to their problem, they know they have to solve it, they follow your craft, and they are ready to buy NOW.

For example, most of the traffic that you send from social media and email is going to be cold. When it comes to Google, the traffic is most likely going to be cold (or hot) depending on what they search for.

For example, a person searching for the phrase “marketing tips” is not aware of what problem they have and they don’t have an interest in what you sell. But a person searching for the term “copywriting services” is aware that they can’t sell anything because their copy sucks and they are willing to pay for a copywriter now to solve the problem. That means that they are hot traffic.

Or also there are ads. It depends on whether the traffic comes from retargeting ads or cold-audience ads. (Retargeting ads = warm/hot traffic. Cold-audience ads = cold traffic.)

Now, that you know the three traffic temperatures, you need to determine what type of traffic you are going to drive to the sales funnel.

It is absolutely essential as it is going to totally transform the way you are going to build your sales funnel.

Building The Funnel

A great sales funnel consists of many pages that you want to use and as I mentioned, it is highly going to depend on the traffic that you are going to drive there.

There are pages that are used to:

  • Turn cold traffic into warm
  • Turn warm traffic into HOT
  • Turn hot/warm traffic into customers

I am going to show you exactly which pages to use for which purpose, so let’s hop into it.

By the way, one of the best and easiest ways to create a sales funnel is through Phonesites. If you want, click here, and find out more about it now. (I also have a “little” gift for you.)

However, let’s dive into the pages that you are going to use…

Pages Turning Cold Traffic Into Warm Traffic

There is certain traffic that you want to use for turning cold traffic into warm traffic so that you can make them buy.

Oftentimes, you can do that just through free content, but there are two pages that I absolutely love the most when it comes to turning cold traffic into warm traffic.

Those pages are:

  1. Lead-Squeeze Pages
  2. Article Pages

Let’s take a look at both of them.

Lead-Squeeze Pages

An Opt-In Page For Funnelflix, Made By Russell Brunson

This is working really effectively because there is no resistance in giving you their email address and using the lead magnet to warm the person up.

But the biggest power is in the email. You can make EVERYBODY buy when you can leverage email effectively.

However, right now, I am going to show you how to create an amazing lead-squeeze page.

(By the way, you can easily use this to turn warm traffic into hot. It really depends on the lead magnet that you offer and the emails that you are going to send them out.)

Creating the lead-squeeze page is really simple. It consists of a curiosity-based headline, a short copy, an image/video, and the sign-up form.

As you can see in the example above, you will see everything that I talked about in action. It takes as little as 10 minutes to create it in Phonesites but it can get you more customers over time than you can handle.

But now, let’s take a look at the article page.

Article Pages

Filip Konecny’s Article Page Warming Up Cold Traffic To Get His Book Called The Instagram Crown
Example Of An Article Page

Article pages are extremely helpful when it comes to making cold traffic understand the concept and the problem that they have…which you are going to later solve with a solution.

You can use more than one article page in your sales funnel but I highly recommend not going over 2 of them before you get to the sales page.

It is crucial because when you make them read 7 articles before they get to the sales page, they are all going to leave during the process and you are going to make 0 sales.

But how are you going to create an article page?

Well, it is actually really simple. You are going to write an article related to the thing that you are selling (not mentioning it) and you will use stories to make people understand the problem and the way to solve it…

…at the end, you are going to include a button that is going to redirect them to the next page in your funnel (usually the sales page.)

This page is used for turning cold traffic into warm, but also warm traffic into hot. However, in both cases, you can sell after they go through this.

But now, let’s take a look at some pages in your funnel that are going to turn your warm traffic into hot traffic and make them buy.

Pages Turning Warm Traffic Into Hot

When it comes to turning warm traffic into hot, you can oftentimes do that in your sales copy, but it is not the most effective way to approach this.

I already mentioned that you can use your lead-squeeze page to warm your traffic up using the lead magnet and the email sequence.

But even though the lead-squeeze page is going to be the thing that you are going to use most often, there are other pages that you can leverage.

A Bridge Page

Filip Konecny’s Bridge Page For A Hashtag Tool Called Flick

A bridge page is extremely useful and widely used when it comes to selling affiliate products or services. You can literally create one in Phonesites within a few minutes but it is a game-changer.

The bridge page can be structured in many ways, but the format I like the most is using a curiosity-based headline, adding a video sales letter/testimonial, a short copy, and a call to action.

You can use the bridge page that I shared above as an example.

A Survey Page

A survey page is one of my favorite types of pages that you can use to turn warm traffic into hot traffic.

A basic quiz can skyrocket your conversions on whatever page comes immediately after. This works even when you ask something as simple as “where did you hear about us?”

Simple questions like this get people engaged and more likely to sign up.

You don’t even have to collect the answers.

If you like, you can do more advanced quizzes.

You can ask people questions to find out who they are. Then you show them a specific sales message based on who they are.

For example, you could ask someone if they’re a man or a woman.

Then, on the next page, you send them to a video that sells to men or women depending on their answer.

Example of a quiz page from proect life mastery
Example of a quiz page from proect life mastery 2

It is an instant way to turn warm traffic into hot traffic because of personalization. And when you make a personalized VSL (video sales letter) at the end, you will be able to make a ton of sales.

Pages Turning Hot Traffic Into Customers

Now that you did the job of creating all of the pages for your sales funnel that you are going to need in Phonesites, what you need right now is to turn all of the hot traffic that you have accumulated into customers.

And that is why you are going to use the most important pages in your funnel:

  • Your sales page
  • Your upsell pages
  • Your thank you page

Let’s take a better look at each of these pages so that you can create a high-converting sales funnel that is going to work.

A Sales Page

Example of a sales page from Grant Cardone

Sales letters started before the internet when marketers would actually send out long-form physical letters through the post office to sell their products.

These sales letters have proven to be effective offline, and even more so online.

Sales letters are still one of the best ways to convert visitors into buyers. In
fact, a few years ago, most people thought that video would completely beat out
long-form sales letters.

Yet the opposite has been true. Sales letters often convert better than video because there are so few people still using this modality

If you want to create yours, you can use classic copywriting formulas like PAS, AIDA, Before-After-Bridge, H-O-C-O-B-T-V-C-U formula, or others.

To find out more about that, you can go to Amazon and read my Billion Dollar Scripts Book which is also going to save you a ton of time with the copy creation.

It is absolutely essential that you have your sales page created in the best way possible, otherwise, you are going to lose a ton of money.

But now, let’s move on to the second page that you need to include which is an upsell page.

Upsell Page

An Example Of An upsell Page From Grant Cardone

Adding these simple upsell pages to your offer is going to make you a ton of money if you use them right.

Upsell pages look just as simple as you can see in the example above.

They have a headline, video, and a button + super short copy if you want.

You can literally create one in Phonesites in less than 4 minutes, but when you add them, it can DOUBLE if not TRIPLE your profits.

So, you want to definitely use upsell pages in your funnel. But make sure that you don’t go over 2 of them as it can start annoying people and hurt your future conversions.

Thank-You Page

This is usually the last page of your funnel where you are going to give them clear instructions on how to get what they have bought, or give them shipping information and redirect them to the next sales funnel by adding a “step 2” to it.

It is super simple and you MUST have it.

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