How To Get Your First 5,000 Instagram Followers

The first 5,000 Instagram followers are the hardest part. It took me over a year to get to that number while others did it in two weeks.

Why? Because I was listening to take gurus, therefore using bad tactics that didn’t work.

And because I don’t want you to go through the same struggles like I did…

…today I’m going to show you step-by-step what you need to grow to your first 5,000 Instagram followers ASAP. Are you ready to see all of the things that you will need?

If so, let’s dive in.

1. Attraction

What do I mean by that?

Well, if you want to successfully get new Instagram followers you have to do one thing – get more profile visits.

And there are basic, advanced, plus bonus growth streams you can leverage to do that.

But in reality, you are going to need to focus on just 2 main things…

(Unless you have already congregated a massive amount of followers somewhere else. If you did, all you have to do is to promote your Instagram page on that platform and you will be able to get to the 5,000 Instagram followers really quickly.)

…your content and your engagement strategy.

Yes, I know that I am talking about many other ways that you can get a ton of profile visits like guest posting, but for now, let’s keep it simple.

Instagram Content

Suggested posts at the bottom of the Instagram feed

Why is everything evolving around content (even the part with profile visits?) Because not only your content makes a great first impression and is the part that lets you, convert strangers, into followers…

…if it is good, Instagram is also going to rank your posts on places like the explore page or hashtags which results in more exposure.

And the more exposure you get, the more profile visits you will have.

The secret is in making your posts savable, shareable, and in short…make them get as much engagement as possible.

When they do, the Instagram algorithm is going to start recommending it to people who might find it useful on places like SFY posts at the bottom of your home feed, explore page, hashtags, and so on.

Remember, content is the ruler of everything on Instagram…and it is not going to change.

Instagram Engagement Strategy

Example of a comment section

Your Instagram engagement strategy has to work on 2 things at one time – it has to attract new followers as much as it has to build relationships with the followers that you already have.

And that is why I have developed an engagement strategy that appeals to both of these audiences.

You can steal it here:

  • 50 Comments on Big Accounts
  • 50 Comments on Hashtags
  • 50 Comments on Follower’s Posts
  • Reply To All Comments on Your Posts

When you follow this every day, you are not going to attract just 150 people like you think.

You can attract from 150 – to an infinite amount of people.

Why is that?

Because the people who you reply to or the creators on whom posts you comment are not the only ones who are going to see the comment.

If your comment gets pinned it is going to be like a lighthouse that can be seen by thousands of people, or your comment might just get popular and the effect is going to be the same.

Of course, it is hard to measure but it works this way, so follow this Instagram engagement strategy like your life would depend on it as it is extremely powerful.

But now let’s move on to the second thing you need to get your first 5,000 Instagram followers…

2. Conversion

Once you have a flood of profile visits, you will need to convert those profile visits into Instagram followers.

And there are only two things that make any impact when it comes to hitting that “follow“ button.

First, it is your Instagram content (yes again) and second, it is your Instagram profile. Let’s take a look at both of these things more in detail…

Instagram Content

Instagram posts from Filip Konecny

I have already shared what you need when it comes to content but now I will dive more in-depth when it comes to the Instagram content creation part.

The first thing that you need to do if you want to create Instagram content that converts profile visits into followers is study your audience.

You have to know what Jimmy wants, needs, has problems with, and so on. (Jimmy is my buyer persona so I use this name as an example.)

If you are not going to do that and your content is going to be irrelevant…NOBODY is going to follow you.

So, the first step is to study your audience.

And the second one is to make sure that you are going to flood every post that you create with as much value as possible.

The posts have to be so valuable that they would be even willing to print them out just to make sure that they don’t forget what you said.

And the last step is presentation.

In other words, how you are going to convey your message. And this step consists of many things like:

  • Great headline
  • Being concise
  • Creating stunning designs
  • Using graphic demonstrations
  • And on and on.

It is an essential part of Instagram content and you must make sure that you give your best into presenting the value in the best way possible.

But even though the content is what rules the conversion – your profile matters as well…

Instagram Profile

How to optimize your Instagram profile

As you already know, the first impression is the most important and you have only one time to make it.

That means if your profile sucks nobody is going to hit the follow button and become your long-term fan.

In other words, you are not going to be able to get to the 5,000 Instagram followers that you are trying to get for so long.

Follow the infographic above to make sure that your profile is optimized and that it is going to convert strangers into Instagram followers.

Got it? Great, but we are not ending here, there is one more thing that you need to do to become successful…

3. Consistency

This is probably the most important step of all. I don’t care whether you like it or not, you will have to stay persistent and work on what I have shown you in this stunning article day and night.

If you are only going to create content when you feel like it, you are not going to be successful.

If you are going to post once per month, you are not going to be successful.

In short, you have to be consistent and you have to be consistent EVERY DAY!

There is no other way.

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