The Best Strategy To Get Instagram Followers

Would you like to grow your Instagram faster and get a ton of customers?

Then, you need to change your approach, chances are you’ve been doing it all wrong.

Instead, you can use a killer strategy that I’m going to share with you today.

It’s effective, useful and it will take off your Instagram marketing to a whole new level.

Let’s take a look at it…

  1. Niche Down
  2. Create Content Pillars
  3. Optimize Your Profile
  4. Create Great Content And Post 1X Per Day
  5. Build An Engagement Strategy
  6. Stay Consistent

1. Niche Down

This is the first step and it is absolutely essential for you if you want to succeed.

Nobody can become a successful generalist unless you have a HUGE team that is going to handle all of the responsibilities that come with it.

However, even though you might have the team, it is still better to be a niched-down specialist. Why?

First, people are willing to pay more for them, and second, it will be way easier for you to differentiate yourself and thrive.

Isn’t that awesome?

But how are you going to find your own niche? Well, the answer is simple.

Find out your market (social media marketing) find a submarket (Instagram marketing) and then carve out your own UNIQUE niche (Instagram marketing for woman business owners.)

When you have a niche like that, who do you think people will come to? To the generalist or to the specialist? Of course, to the specialist.

It feels safer, you’re different, and it is most likely going to suit their needs in a better way.

That is why it is so essential. And even though this step might seem like a slam dunk, make sure that you don’t skip it.

It could be deadly.

2. Create Your Own Content Pillars

If you want to be successful on Instagram, you can’t afford to post random content. You have to make sure that you are going to follow a certain structure, that keeps it strategic.

Well, and the structure is your content pillars.

Content pillars are the main “topics” your content is going to be about. For example, my content pillars are copywriting, Instagram marketing, entrepreneur motivation, etc.

But I didn’t make them based on the thoughts running in my head. I had to follow a certain formula to create them to ensure that they will work.

And what is that formula?

finding an overlaping part to create your own content pillars

For example, if I would be selling outdoor equipment, here is how I would create content pillars for Instagram:

My Passions: Hiking, survival, skiing

My Brand: Outdoor equipment

My Audience: Running, Skiing, Fitness

Then you just find the thing that is between all of those three things and you use it to create the content pillar. In this case, it would be skiing.

It is simple, isn’t it? But it works!

So, make sure that you will follow it to get the best results.

Also, I recommend having no more than 4 content pillars to ensure that your content is not too spread between all of them and that it stays relevant.

3. Optimize Your Profile

An infographic showing how to optimize your Instagram profile

Optimizing your profile is something you might have heard about dozens of times.

And yes, I am going to mention it again because it is of crucial importance to your Instagram success.

If you want to be successful and convert profile visitors into followers, your profile has to make a good first impression.

It has to appeal to your dream customer at the highest level so that they are going to decide to hit the “follow” button and win.

There are many steps that you need to take to successfully create a profile that converts.

Here they are:

  • Make sure that you have an attention-grabbing and memorable profile picb
  • Put a keyword in the headline and username
  • Optimize your bio with an authority statement, promise, and a call to action
  • Use the right bio link to fill your sales funnel with leads
  • Optimize your highlights to build immediate relationship
  • Make sure your feed is aesthetic (not necessary) and full of valuable content
  • Don’t ever decide to post a post that sucks

Whoa, that is a huge list right! To get more clarity on this, you can check the infographic I have shared above.

But now, let’s take a step forward…

4. Create Great Content And Post 1X A Day

Instagram marketing is about one thing only – and that is great content.

If there is a single change that you need to make to become successful, this is it.

However, it is not an easy change to make. You need to know many factors like your audience, branded style, future goals, etc.

But once you do the work and make the change that is necessary, your Instagram growth is going to rocket through the roof.

There is also one last thing that I need to mention and that is your posting frequency.

Somebody posts once per month or once per week. And if that is your case, you are going to FAIL at this.

You have to get in front of the face of your audience at least once per day. Don’t forget to do it or you are doomed.

5. Build An Engagement Strategy

Why is this important?

Your engagement strategy is the thing that is going to cause your content to perform. Why? Because it is going to get engagement.

And when a post gets a lot of engagement, the Instagram algorithm decides to do one simple thing – show the post to more people using explore page, hashtag “top” pages, and way more.

However, creating an engagement strategy that works for you is not easy and that is why I want to give you 3 rules you MUST follow when creating your own.

  1. You need to appeal to the cold audience (people who don’t know you)
  2. You need to appeal to the warm audience (people who follow you)
  3. You need to appeal to the hot audience (your most loyal fans)

For example, my engagement strategy looks like this:

  1. 50 Comments On Follower’s Posts (Warm, HOT)
  2. 50 Comments On Hashtags (Cold)
  3. 50 Comments On Big Accounts Posts (Cold, Warm)
  4. Reply To All Comments And DMs (Warm, HOT)

Do you see how it appeals to all three kinds of audiences?

It is essential and you should create your own engagement strategy based on these audiences as well.

It is going to EXPLODE your results.

6. Stay Consistent

Being consistent is probably the most important step of all. You can do all of these things, but if you do them only when you want, not when you’re supposed to do them, you will fail.

Find your own schedule and stick to it no matter what.

If you are not going to do it, chances are that you will never get the growth you deserve.

Headline for the build your Instagram empire bundle
Image of the build your Instagram empire bundle

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