Here’s How To Build A B2B Sales Funnel

If you’re not selling directly to consumers and your target market are entrepreneurs, you might ask yourself…

“How am I going to build a B2B sales funnel that is going to work for my company?”

Well, that’s the big question and I am going to show you the answer in this article.

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

Difference Between B2B And B2C Funnels

If you want to hear the big difference between B2B and B2C sales funnels, then I might disappoint you. Why?

There is none. You can’t find a difference between a B2B and B2C sales funnel because you’re selling to people at all times. It’s the same. The only slight difference is that in B2B sales funnels, you oftentimes ask people for contact information so that you can call them or schedule an appointment.

That’s only because what you sell is likely more high-ticket.

But if you’re selling let’s say mugs with custom print for companies, or you have a whole sort of products like that, you can still sell through normal funnels. If you sell design services, then you likely have to get on a call to get things done…

…but the sales funnel is going to be exactly the same as if you’d sell something to a consumer.

So, the truth is, there is no difference. The funnels are going to look the same, except the end action is oftentimes going to be “call us now” instead of “click to buy”, but it’s not a rule.

However, what is the best sales funnel for B2B that you can use and how are you going to build it?

The Webinar Funnel

The webinar funnel infographic

One of the best B2B sales funnels that are out there in the webinar funnel. Not only it is perfectly designed to sell high-ticket products and services, but it will also allow you to sell them on autopilot without having anybody call you or message you.

I’ve personally seen even $5,000+ offers sold through it like crazy, making the companies millions of dollars.

So, how are you going to build this insane B2B sales funnel?

Registration Page

This is the first page of the funnel, and it is pretty easy to create. First, you’re going to have a curiosity-based headline for the webinar.

It must make a promise on the outcome what you’re going to reveal to them is going to deliver, but mustn’t say what it is that you’ll deliver. Just mentioning would destroy all the curiosity and will significantly decrease the conversion rate of the page.

The second element of the page is going to be an image. The image should be completely irrelevant to the webinar so that it arouses curiosity. It can be you on a stage, you drawing something on a whiteboard, or anything else.

In this case, I don’t suggest that you use a video because it will break the curiosity, and based on various testing I’ve done, it decreases the conversion rate.

Webinar example

The third thing that you want to add besides the registration form where they enter their email address and name, is a short “secret #1-3 teaser” on what you’re going to show them in the webclass. It is NOT necessary but sometimes it boosts the conversion rate so, you can test using it.

Once they submit their email, you’re going to send them to the webinar page (if the webinar is already evergreen).

The Webinar Page

This is a simple page where you’re only going to include a headline that builds up curiosity for the webclass, a warning to NOT close the window and watch the entire webclass so that they stick on the page, and then the webinar itself.

There is not going to be a button, an offer, any copy…nothing.

Here’s an example:

All of the persuasion is done in the webinar, and when the time comes for the pitch, you’ll tell people to go to a certain URL by typing it into their browser, not clicking a button or anything like that.


If you use a button on the webinar page, people are going to click it before the webclass even starts, you won’t have a chance to rebuild their false beliefs, and go through the stack offer that persuades them to act…

…and they’ll instantly leave because they’ll be like – “Oh, this is just another pitch. I’m leaving.”

It’s a big mistake. On this page is going to be nothing but a headline and the webinar.

That’s it.

Here, I have to recommend reading Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson, because if you want to learn how to sell using webinars like crazy, there has not ever been a better book written for this.

And now, let’s move on to the last page which is the offer page…

The Offer Page

On this page, you’re going to do nothing but recap the offer, and then have a call to action for people to buy what you’re selling.

The offer should be irresistible if you want maximum conversions. The simple formula for making an offer like that is giving away 10X more value that the price you charge.

Also, on this page, you can include a video of you thanking them for watching the webclass and recaping the offer as well.

But again, DON’T SELL here. All of the selling has been already done and they’re already looking to buy. Selling them again will decrease the conversions, not increase them.

Here’s an example of an offer page:

Example of an offer page in the webinar funnel from Filip Konecny

And if you want to build this funnel in just a few minutes, with no technical skills, and for FREE, I’ve prepared a special free offer that will let you do that. Plus, I’m also giving you over $578.00 worth of sales funnel training for free.

No strings attached.

So, go and check it out right away! You’ll love it.

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