Building A Brand On Instagram: 5 Best Tips

Instagram is one of the key parts when it comes to building a strong brand. It can make people trust you, make them loyal, boost your prices, and help you get the results that you want…

And that’s why in this article I’m going to reveal to you how to build your brand on Instagram and get awesome results.

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

1. Get More Personal

This is key if you want to build a brand on Instagram. That’s because people need to relate to you.

And people can’t relate to somebody or something that is just throwing out one piece of content after another without any soul.

There needs to be a personality in it. And some of the posts that you share should be entirely personal.

For example, you can share something you’ve done a few days ago, some sort of a hobby, etc.

When it comes to getting more personal here are some things you can do:

  • Write The Way You Talk
  • Tell Stories, Share Relevant Personal Experiences

When that is in place, people will love that, the content is going to get more engagement and you’ll build a stronger brand on Instagram.

However, that’s just the beginning.

Being personal on its own is usually not enough, you have to add some sort of value to people’s lives…

2. Add Value In Every Post

This is incredibly important.

Adding value in every post is going to determine whether or not you’re going to be successful on Instagram…

That’s because content that is not valuable to your dream customers in any way is ALWAYS going to fail to get reach, sell your products or services or get you customers.

So, ensure your content is either giving some form of advice, is entertaining the audience, or is inspirational.

When it is, don’t forget that the valuable message also needs to be shared the right way so that it is easy to consume.

For that reason, regardless of the content format that you are using for your content, you need to create the right presentation.

To make this clear, a presentation may include:

  • Video Quality
  • Post Designs
  • Simplicity Of The Message
  • Using Simple Words And Avoiding Jargon
  • And Much More!

Nailing the presentation part is the key, and quite frankly, the only way that’s going to happen is by trying more and more things out.

There’s no way to skip this. And the last part of creating great content is relevancy.

If the content that you share is not relevant to your audience, then you’re going to fail.

And now, let’s move on to another super important to build brand on Instagram…

3. Create Your Own Branded Design

Creating your own branded design is one of the best ways to build your brand on Instagram.

That’s because your followers will be able to unconsciously recognize what content is yours and what’s not in a microsecond.

And that’s going to get your brand a lot of attention that you’d otherwise miss and it is going to train your audience to STOP when your post goes through the feed.

And the more content they’re going to see from you, the stronger brand on Instagram you’re going to build.

The most important part of your branded design is likely your color palette.

Your color palette shouldn’t consist of more than 4 colors that you’re going to use to make your brand recognizable.

Also, the colors should look together visually appealing. For example, don’t create a crazy color palette that consists of yellow, pink, red, and green. That would do no good.

Keep the aesthetics in mind. If the content you share is bot visually appealing with the colors you pick or something else is bad, change it.

That’s the key if you want to get results.

4. Begin To CARE

This is the best strategy for building a brand in Instagram that exists. The main reason why people don’t resonate with a brand is that the brand doesn’t care about them.

Instead, the business only cares about itself. So, they share promotional content, sales, and don’t do their best to make the lives of the dream customers better.

And that can be seen anywhere from their content to how they behave, to what they do.

And if you think the dream customer won’t recognize that you only care about yourself, then you’re wrong.

Outcare everybody, share the most valuable content, engage with people, go the extra mile and you will see that your dream customers will start to go the one extra mile for you as well.

Remember, people don’t care about you unless they see how much you care about them.

So, start caring and you’re going to see how much your brand on Instagram is rising. And now let’s move on to another tip to building a strong brand on Instagram which is…

5. Share Your WHY

This is the key. If you want your dream customers to truly become loyal and you really want to build a strong brand on Instagram, you need to share your WHY and you need to share it often.

People must want to become a part of the movement because they have a common cause, and they believe in the same thing.

That’s what makes people pick one brand instead of another one. That’s what makes people turn down better deals just to stick with a certain business.

It’s because they believe in the company’s mission. Apple is a perfect example. People stick with Apple because they want to challenge status quo. That’s what is the mission of the company.

So share your mission and your values in your content often. It’s the most important thing that you can do for building your brand on Instagram.

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