Best Marketing Tactics To Get Customers Using Social Media

Do you want to get new customers using social media?

Then you need to start using the right marketing tactics that will let you do that.

And in this article, I’m going to reveal to you some tactics that you won’t find in an ordinary blog post.

Here is what we’re going to look at:

  1. Instagram Shopping Posts
  2. Qualify And Sell
  3. Sell Through Webinars
  4. Do Influencer Marketing

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

Instagram Shopping Posts

This is a marketing tactic that is often neglected and I have no idea why as it is extremely powerful.

When you create a business account on Instagram you can create your own Instagram shop and once you add a product or service share “shoppable” posts.

Instagram shoppable post example

When you tap on a shoppable post, you will see tagged products from the shop and when you tap on the tag you will be immediately redirected to the product page in your Instagram shop from which they can go to your website or buy if you are in the US and you use Instagram to handle a part of your transactions.

Either way, I would still recommend that you redirect them to a website as you have control over the sales process.

If you sell only one main product (like a service), then chances are that shoppable posts are not going to be as useful of a marketing tactic for you and it is going to be way simpler for you to just tell people to tap a link in your bio.

However, if you sell multiple products or services it can be a great way to concentrate their focus just on the thing you are promoting in the post, make them go to the right funnel without being distracted by other products or services, and make a sale.

So, if you sell multiple products or services using Instagram, then I highly recommend that you use this marketing tactic in your strategy.

Qualify And Sell

This is another extremely powerful marketing tactic that you want to use on social media if you want to get a ton of customers.

Actually, it’s an advertising strategy. And it might look pretty dumbass, but it is working like crazy. Qualify and sell works based on first qualifying who is in your warm audience and then nurturing them and selling them at the same time.

And of course, once they buy, you are going to retarget them with another campaign.

More simply and understandably put, as the first part of this marketing tactic for getting customers using ads, you’re going to share a content ad.

Content ad example

Those who are going to watch the content ad from the beginning to the end are going to qualify themselves as a part of the warm audience (people who are interested in buying your stuff.)

After that two things are going to happen.

First, you’re going to let those who didn’t watch the video drop off, and second, those who did watch it until the end will start to see more of these content ads and also direct sales ads.

Direct sales ads are going to be directly promoting the product or service you try to sell.

Direct sales ads

This strategy works because showing the first content ad to a broad audience of people is CHEAP. So, when you qualify them using a marketing tactic like this, not that only it is going to broaden the number of people you can target, but it is also going to be cheaper to do…

…and as a great byproduct you’re also going to grow your following.

Alright, and now let’s move on to another of the marketing tactics to dominate social media which is…

Sell Through Webinars

This is an extremely powerful marketing tactic, especially when you’re selling something more expensive (high-ticket).

On a webinar, you can deliver a perfect message that is going to break their false beliefs, give them value, and in the end make them sell themselves.

There are many webinar formulas that have been proven over time to generate sales, but I highly recommend that you try using the Perfect Webinar Script from Russell Brunson.

When you follow it, the entire webinar content part is going to be structured in a way to destroy the false beliefs about the solution your product or service provides, persuade them that it is the ONLY way to get the results they want, and practically make them sell themselves.

And in the end, you’re going to present them with an irresistible STACK offer that is going to make them buy.

It is absolutely genius but because I don’t have the right to share the concept with you in detail, I highly recommend that you go and read the Expert Secrets book from Russell Brunson.

He shares exactly how this concept works and you better bet it will change the way you sell your high-ticket product or services using social media forever.

And now, let’s hop to another of the marketing tactics you can use to get customers using social media…

Do Influencer Marketing

Even though this marketing tactic is talked about, it is not leveraged. There are two ways you can get in front of influencer’s audience and reach your dream customers – the free way and the paid way.

I highly recommend that you leverage both.

Here are some of the ways you can get in front of the influencer’s audience for free:

  • Guest Posting
  • Collaborations
  • Go Live Together
  • Be A Guest On A Podcast

There are dozens and dozens of other ways. You just have to get creative. One fo the most powerful ones is to create an affiliate program that is going to make them literally SELL your products or services for a commission from the sale.

Yes, you basically pay them but it is of no cost to you as unless you make money they don’t get anything. So it is a form of free influencer marketing.

It is a big deal and I highly suggest that you try creating your own affiliate program as well.


The other way is to pay them. And the best way to do that is by asking them to share a promotional post or video selling your stuff.

It is simple and effective.

However, you can get into more long-term partnerships and other things. That all depends on you.

However, keep in mind that WHO you pick to collaborate with is more important than anything. Unless that person has an audience full of your dream customers and the audience is engaged, don’t even consider doing business with them.

It is the most important part of this marketing tactic.

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