7 Free Instagram Marketing Apps I’d Die Without

To do Instagram marketing the right way, you need to have the right tools.

And there are some Instagram marketing apps that you can download for free that will make your life so much easier you wouldn’t believe that.

That’s why in this article you’re going to discover some of the 7 Instagram marketing apps I’d die without that you can use to take your Instagram marketing to the next level.

  1. Inshot
  2. Not Just Analytics
  3. Meta Business Suite
  4. Voicella
  5. Canva
  6. Dropbox
  7. Bonus: Sprout Social

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…


Inshot image
Inshot image

This is probably the best video editor app that I have ever used. It is completely free to use without any limitations. All you have to do is to watch an ad if you want to get rid of the watermark.

So, if you are willing to put your phone under a pillow for 30 seconds, then it is one of the best Instagram marketing apps ever made.

And that’s especially because of Instagram reels. Reels are literally a format that took over Instagram and it gets reach like you would not believe.

With this Instagram marketing app you’ll be able to easily edit them, add text, music, and export in high quality.

How cool is that? But that is only the start of all the Instagram marketing apps that I am going to show you here…

Not Just Analytics

Not Just Analytics Instagram app image
Not Just Analytics Instagram app image

This is a great online tool as much as it is a great Instagram marketing app. It is absolutely free to use and the data you’ll get access to is incredible.

You will know everything from growth (tracked up to years), best-performing posts, and hashtags on your profile to similar statistics of profiles of others.

In other words, it is going to help you track virtually anything you need and get the results you want.

But you will have to check the data consistently yourself. There are no reports being sent out like with world-class tools like Sprout Social that will handle virtually everything for you.

And now, let’s move on to another incredible Instagram marketing app called “Meta Business Suite”…

Meta Business Suite

Meta Business suite image
Meta Business Suite image

Meta Business Suite is an incredible app that is going to help you manage your Instagram ad Facebook from one place for free.

However, what is the most important thing is that it will let you schedule your Instagram content, including stories.

Unfortunately, there is still no way to schedule your reels using it like you can with tools like Sprout Social, but it is amazing, especially for starters.

Also, you can use it to create ads and because it is not a third-party app, there is absolutely no risk of any problem happening on your side.

I highly recommend that you try this Instagram marketing app out yourself, and now let’s move to another one, which is…


Voicella Instagram marketing app image
Voicella Instagram marketing app image

Voicella is an incredible app when you are sharing video content because it’s going to let you add captions to your videos automatically without you having to write anything down for free.

That will seriously boost your results as 80% of videos on Instagram are played on mute so adding captions is going to skyrocket your results.

And if you have been typing out captions manually before, then you know how painful the process is.

This will save you HOURS of time. So, definitely use this Instagram marketing app, especially if you share video content like reels.

And now, let’s move on to another Instagram marketing app which is going to change the way you create content forever called Canva…


Canva image
Canva image

Canva is probably the best Instagram marketing app in the world.

First of all, it is going to easily let you create virtually any type of content from single-image posts to carousels or even videos for free, and if you are going to get the paid version it’s also going to let you schedule your content.

How cool is that?

And the best thing is that it is super easy.

Plus if you have zero design skills there are tens of thousands of templates that you can use for virtually anything.

To be clear on that, any design that you have ever seen on my website, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. has been created in this tool by an amateur designer like me.

(Even though over the years of content creation I got some experience.)

If you haven’t used it before, I highly suggest that you do so. And now, let’s move on to another social media marketing app which is…


Dropbox image

When it comes to saving content somewhere so that you can access it anywhere by yourself or by your team, Dropbox is the choice.

It has a free version that on default will let you store 2GB of any files and then it requires you to update to a paid version.

However, in my opinion, spending the few bucks for an Instagram marketing app like this is worth every penny.

It will also let you create Microsoft Office documents inside the app and edit them, which is amazing, and way more incredible things like scanning your documents.

The maximum storage size for one account is 2TB of data.

So, if your gallery on your phone is full of photos you tried to take for content, you can also back it up there if you want to.

If you haven’t used it before, try this Instagram marketing app out. And now let’s move on to the next one which is…

Bonus: Sprout Social

Sprout Social app image
Sprout Social app image

This is an absolute killer. Sprout Social is going to let you cover everything you need for virtually any social media platform…

It will let you schedule your social media content, track advanced analytics, do social media listening, engage your audience, prepare promotions, and on and on. And that’s for Instagram as well.

It can also be used for hiring social media managers and VAs and letting them manage your account without you risking it being stolen or something bad happening…

…especially when they’re working overseas. (It’s harder to bring them to justice.)

Every business should try it out. And if you’re going to start your free trial I have a special gift for you as well!

Definitely take a look at it, and now let’s move on to the next social media marketing tool that you should use for content creation.

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