7 Instagram Marketing Tips For Massive Growth

Everybody wants to grow their Instagram and get new customers. But not everybody wants to do what it takes.

That’s why today I am going to share with you 7 Instagram marketing tips for massive growth that you can use to succeed.

Most of the people who will read this won’t apply them, but if you will…

…you’ll be rewarded in form of a TON of new Instagram followers.

So let’s jump in…

1. It’s Just About Traffic And Conversion

the secret instagram growth formula

If you are doing Instagram marketing for a while, this is something that you probably already realized. Instagram growth is just about two things…

Driving new traffic to your profile and converting that traffic into followers.

So, if you are not growing you have either a traffic problem or a conversion problem.

First, let’s see what to do if you have a traffic problem.

If you have a traffic problem, you need to find out every possible way to generate more profile visits.

I am going to show you a few of the ways later in this blog post.

Some of the things increasing the number of profile visits are:

  • Explore page
  • SFY lists
  • Geotags
  • And many others

Don’t worry, as I said earlier, I am going to show the other things with you more in-depth later in this post.

If you have a conversion problem, then you need to optimize your Instagram profile or start creating better content.

These are the only two things that affect conversion you want to focus on.

There are many others like traffic temperature, etc. but that is not something you want to focus on. It is way too complex for now.

Now, when you know how the whole Instagram growth process works, let me give you some other tips that will help you with the traffic and the conversion problem…so that you can skyrocket your Instagram growth.

2. Create Better Content

instagram content

This tip is going to help you with the conversion problem and every other tip after this is going to help you with the traffic problem.

Your content is the only reason why somebody should hit the “follow” button on your profile.

And if your content sucks, there is no way on planet Earth that you are going to get more followers.

If you want to level up your content game, here are some tips that you should use:

  • Keep it simple
  • Designs matter
  • Focus on your audience not on yourself
  • Be relevant
  • Be valuable
  • Grab their attention using curiosity
  • Write a compelling caption using the “hook-transition-call to action” formula
  • Create unique concepts worth engaging with

Of course, there are many more tips, and if you want…

…I share everything you will ever need to succeed with Instagram content in my Elite Instagram Content Creation Cheatsheet, but for now, this is enough.

3. Have An Engagement Strategy

The right engagement strategy is going to help you with 2 things.

First, you will be able to drive more traffic to your profile and therefore increase your growth.

Second, your content is going to get more engagement, which increases the likelihood of being exposed to more people by the Instagram algorithm.

But how to create the right engagement strategy?

Well, you can use the one from Gary Vee called the $1.80 strategy.

Simply go to relevant hashtags, comment on 90 posts and you will be able to get more Instagram growth, engagement, and sales.

However, remember that the comments need to be valuable and not just some sort of emoji crap. That does not work.

Consume the post and then provide honest feedback in the comment section.

It is working incredibly well, but it takes discipline and consistent daily effort. Are you willing to pay this price for massive Instagram growth?

4. Guest Posting

This is an incredibly powerful concept that you can use to reach masses of your ideal customers who will follow you.

How does guest posting work?

It is pretty simple. You create a post for another Instagram profile, they will post it, and all of their followers will come to your profile and follow you.

That means if they have 100,000 followers, you will be able to reach them all with just one post! Do you see how powerful this is for Instagram growth?

Of course, there is way more to guest posting, but don’t worry, I give you what you need at the end of this article.

5. Cross-Platform Promotion

Cross platform promotion

If you are on more platforms than Instagram, one of the best things that you can do to immediately increase your growth is to promote your Instagram account on all of the other platforms.

That way, all of your current followers on those platforms will come to follow your Instagram account as well.

It is working really well, but you should do it definitely more than once. Otherwise, the effects are not going to be so big.

6. Hashtags DO Matter

Yes, there is a lot of conspiracy theories promoting crap like “Hashtags don’t work anymore.” or “Hashtags are dead.”

Hashtags are not dead.

I get thousands of impressions on my posts every day just from hashtags, so in my opinion, they are more alive than before.

You just need to have the right hashtag strategy.

Here is the one that I use:

  • 5 hashtags with 20% lower average engagement than my posts have
  • 20 hashtags with similar average engagement my posts have
  • 5 hashtags with 20% higher avergage engagement than my posts have

How do I find that data? I use Flick for it. It makes my life way easier. But if you want, you can do it through Instagram the old-fashioned way.

It is just going to take you a bit longer.

Remember, after you research the hashtags you need to create at least 5 hashtag sets that you are going to switch with every post that you reach as many people a possible.

It works like magic for Instagram growth.

7. Use Call To Actions

If you don’t tell people to follow you in the posts that you create, how can you expect somebody to do it?

Nobody will do anything unless you tell them to do so. And Instagram is no different.

Just one call to action in every post that you create can skyrocket your growth off-limits.

Headline for the build your Instagram empire bundle
Image of the build your Instagram empire bundle

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