5 Little-Known Instagram Content Tricks To Level Up Your Content Game

As Instagram marketers, we incredibly careful about how our content is going to perform, how much growth it brings to your pages and how many sales it helps us make.

And that’s why we’re always doing our best to take our content to the next level.

It’s the difference between life or death.

And that’s the reason why today I want to show you five little-known tricks to achieve the best results with your Instagram content.

You will love them. And that’s why I’m not going to make it any longer, and let’s dive in.

1. Use Scroll-Stopping Elements

scroll-stopping elements

Using scroll-stopping elements to grab our attention is effective.

Not only great headlines grab our attention…great scroll-stopping elements like eyes, gold, etc. help us do that as well.

People are wired to pay attention to certain things, and when you use them, it can help your Instagram content stand out and grab more attention than ever before.

Try including people on your carousel cover slides, using attractive elements like crowing, trophies, or anything else that’s relevant to your Instagram content.

Once you do it, you will instantly start to see incredible results.

But have you ever thought about engaging before and after you post the piece of Instagram content that you have scheduled?

2. Engage Before And After You Post

If you want to achieve some incredible results, you should engage before and after you post your post.

But what exactly should you do?

Well, that is the question that we need to answer.

First, it depends on whether you are a big account that gets a lot of comments on their Instagram posts or whether you are a small account that gets fewer comments on their Instagram posts.

If you are a big account, here is a list of things that you should do the 30 minutes before and after you post a piece of Instagram content:

  • Engage with stories of other creators
  • Reply to all comments and DMs
  • Check your post shares and thank all of them
  • Pin the best comments and engage with the responders
  • Engage with 50 posts on relevant hashtags

If you are going to follow this routine, the amount of Instagram reach and engagement your Instagram content is going to get will EXPLODE.

However, what if you’re a small account that doesn’t have so many followers?

Well, don’t worry, I have some tasks for you as well:

  • Promote your new post in stories
  • Engage with as many of your followers as you can
  • Go to the big guys and engage with their followers
  • Pin the best comments

If you follow this routine, your engagement will explode as well, and your Instagram content will get more reach than you will be able to handle.

And that’s what we want, right?

However, have you ever thought that whitespace can affect your Instagram content as well?

3. Use Whitespace

demonstration of whitespace

Using whitespace in your Instagram content is something that a ton of Instagram marketers and creators neglect…and they pay for it.

Whitespace is essential in every single post that you make.

Now, you may not even know what whitespace is, right?

Well, whitespace (or negative space) is a term used by designers that refers to an empty space in the design without any text or elements or any other thing.

As you can see in the example above, I always include whitespace in my posts, and I am glad for it.

When I started to pay attention to it, my engagement has almost DOUBLED.

It is something that you definitely shouldn’t neglect.

Stop trying to include everything you can in your designs and start making your designs breathe.

It is going to change your Instagram content game forever.

4. Remember, Less Is More

relevant elements in a post

Remove clutter from your slides to make your content easier to consume and only add elements with purpose.

That means you shouldn’t use a single element (even though it might look good) that IS NOT relevant to the core message that you want to say.

You want to ensure that you pay attention to that for several reasons.

First, when you use irrelevant elements it is going to confuse your readers and the whole message is going to suck for them.

Second, when you use irrelevant elements it is going to make the whole carousel more overwhelming as you will fill the whitespace.

That’s going to make your readers feel like, “Damn, that is just a big chunk of text and images…it will be hard to go through. I’m not going to do that.”

Well, and when they say that, you are doomed.

That’s why you always want to include only relevant elements.

And the last reason is that the whole Instagram content creation will take you several times longer.

Finding the right elements is not easy and it takes time. So, when it is not necessary to include them…don’t even waste time trying.

5. Left-Aligned Text

left-aligned text in a post

The big mistake that a lot of Instagram content creators make is aligning text to the middle or even to the right.

Unless you are using Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, or Urdu writing systems (and you probably don’t), this isn’t going to work.

You have to align your text to the left for maximum readability. It is way more natural.

Every single time we read something, we jump to the left to start reading. But when your text is middle or even worse right-aligned, it’s going to be extremely hard to do that.

And that can worsen the readability almost 3 times which repels your audience to check your posts.

It is something dangerous, and you should be careful that you don’t do it. ALWAYS align your text to the left.

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