3 Ways To Explode Your Instagram Reach

Instagram growth consists of two things: reach and conversion. If you don’t make your content reach more people you’re not going to grow.

The problem is that when you try to find how to do it, you’ll hear things like “buy shoutout” or “use paid ads”, etc.

Although that works, we’re not here to do it the paid way.

We’re here to do it the organic way and get tens of thousands of people to see our stuff for FREE. However, how are you going to do it?

That’s what you will discover in this amazing blog post.

Today, I will show you 3 killer strategies for exploding your Instagram reach for FREE and growing like crazy.

So, let’s dive right into it…

1. Get On The Explore Page

explore page

Getting on the explore page is probably the most powerful way to increase your Instagram reach that has ever existed.

Sometimes it is more powerful than paying $10,000 for Instagram ads. If you get your post there, you will be well rewarded.

Let’s take a look at how to do it…

Make Sure You Have A High Quality Score

Instagram quality score

To reach explore you need a high quality score.


Explore has its algorithm, based on the user’s interests. This is how to tell the algorithm what your content is about…

However, how do you increase your quality score?

Your quality score is all about how trustworthy your Instagram page is.

Getting tagged is like a vote of confidence – it tells the algorithm that your page is valuable. And that’s why it is so important.

Also, you want to write captions that are related to your industry, and your posts will be shown to similar accounts.

Other factors that determine your category are – alt text, hashtags, your bio, and more.

Here’s how the algorithm things when you post:

the explore page algorithm

When you understand this, you will be able to get your content to the explore page ASAP.

But remember one thing…before you will start telling me how wrong I am, you can get on the explore page only after you’ve reached the 1,000 followers milestone.

However, there are also other tips that can be helpful on your journey to the explore page…

Use Single-Image Posts

I honestly don’t know why, but single-image posts are getting more Instagram reach from hashtags, locations, and EXPLORE.

It is crazy, here is a statistic from one of the recent single-image posts that I’ve made:

my instagram insights

I was stunned when I saw this.

And the interesting part?

I’ve never, ever seen a carousel with Instagram reach even remotely close to this post.

However, I’ve seen a ton of my single-image posts close to this.

Again, I don’t know why this is happening but my loooong testing has shown me that this just works.

So, don’t forget to include single-image posts in your Instagram content strategy.

Use CTAs To Get More Engagement

Now, you’re probably telling yourself…

“Fiiiillliiiip, I heard that thooooooooooousands of times! Why the hell are you mentioning it here?”

Well, I am mentioning it here because it is important. But don’t worry, I am slamming my head into the wall as well because I don’t know what some people still don’t get about this.

But who cares?

Your call to action will help you increase your Instagram engagement, and because of that you will rank higher on hashtags and explore which is going to explode your growth…

Here are 20 CTA templates that I use quite often:

Goal: Boosting Likes

  • Like this post if_______
  • Like if you are committed to______
  • Double tap if you agree______
  • Double tap if you like this post_______
  • Did you enjoy this? Like this post if yes!

Goal: More Comments

  • Comment below if you have any questions
  • Let me know what you think in the comments
  • Do you agree? Comment below…
  • Which______is your favorite?
  • Drop a ❤️ below if_______

Goal: Boosting Sales (This has nothing to do with explore)

  • Click the link in my bio to check it out!
  • Order by clicking the link in the bio!
  • Book your spot by_____!
  • DM me______if you are interested
  • DM me for more info

Goal: Boosting Shares & Tags

  • Tag a friend who_______
  • Send to a biz buddy that would love this
  • Share to someone who needs to see this
  • Tag 3 people who can relate
  • Tag someone who______you!

When you will use these CTAs you will be able to increase the amount of engagement the post is going to get and that way there is a higher chance of hitting the explore page.

CTAs are something that you have to use.

Be Highly Valuable

This is a must if you want to get on the explore page. If your content is not valuable, nobody is going to engage with it. That is just the way it is.

However, to create a valuable post you need to pay attention to a lot of things and that is the reason why I will break it down for you here a little bit…

Create A Great Hook

christos nikas’s post
my Instagram post

The hook is usually the first image of the carousel or the image that you post when you create a single-image post.

If you don’t hook them in your post is going to suck and nobody going to engage with it. That’s why it is so damn important.

Here are some tips for creating a great hook:

  • Write a strong headline.
  • Use eye-catchy graphics like eyes or interesting drawings/images.
  • Use your branded colors.

Be Detailed But Don’t Overdo It

You want to make sure that in your posts you will go into depth about the topic that you want to talk about…but not so much into depth that nobody will be able to understand what you’re saying.

Be as valuable as possible but still keep the posts readable.

Be Relevant

Being relevant is a must. I always say, “You CAN’T sell a steak to a vegan.”

Study your audience and make sure that you create content that is of interest to them.

Be Unique

Let’s be honest here, nobody likes to see the same stuff over and over again.

That is the reason why being unique is so important.

Introduce new concepts and originally present known stuff. It will help you get on the explore page.

Create Stunning Designs

This is the problem when it comes to most creators and marketers. If you want to get your content to the explore page you must make people engage with it.

And there is no way that this is going to happen if your designs SUCK!

Instagram is an extremely visual platform and you must do everything you can to create as great designs as possible.

All right, now I’ve covered pretty much everything when it comes to getting your content to the explore page.

2. Use The Right Hashtags

Maybe you’ve heard that hashtags are dead.

Well, they’re not.

In fact, they can increase your Instagram reach more than you ever thought possible.

If you have the right strategy they can expose your content to not hundreds, not thousands, but to tens of thousands of people.

The problem with that is that nobody is going to show you how a great hashtag strategy looks like.

And that’s why I am here.

Here’s my hashtag strategy (I go more in-depth below):

Intagram hashtag strategy

Step #1 – Search Keywords

Go to the search and search for keywords relevant to your

Start with generic keywords rather than specific ones.

Instagram marketing > social media marketing.
Business > online business.

Step #2 – Filter Your Hashtags

Now it is time to filter your hashtags. You want to filter your hashtags based on your average engagement. Flick Tech is a great tool for that.

Step #3 – Check The Hashtag Contents

Make sure that the content on the hashtag matches your content and your niche.

Step #4 – Avoid Useless Hashtags

These are the banned hashtags (banned by IG due to the high amount of irrelevant posts) and the dead hashtags (no recent posts in the top 9 section – 1 month+ old posts).

Also try to avoid spam hashtags like #follow4follow, like4like, etc.

Step #5 – Create Hashtag Sets

Repeat steps 1-4 until you get 3-5 sets with 30 hashtags using this blueprint:

  • 5 small hashtags: 20% lower engagement.
  • 20 average hashtags: same engagement.
  • 5 big hashtags: 20% higher engagement.

Example: If you get 1,000 likes per post, your hashtag sets should look like this…

  • 5 small hashtags: 800 likes.
  • 20 average hashtags: 1,000 likes.
  • 5 big hashtags: 1,200 likes.

Then you will start switching each set of hashtags with every post to maximize your effectiveness and Instagram reach.

It is great and you shouldn’t neglect it.

3. Improve Your Engagement Strategy

Engaging with other people is one of the best ways to increase your Instagram “profile” reach. And I believe that you know how to do that. Exactly…


But there is one problem with that. If you will “just start commenting” you won’t get any serious results.

You need to make sure that you are strategic.

So, that’s why I want to share with you an engagement strategy that I use and that you might find helpful as well…

50 Comments On Hashtags

Commenting on hashtags is a great way to reach new people and skyrocket your Instagram reach. However, you need to make sure that you do two things…

Comment on relevant hashtags only and also comment only on high-quality posts (not some promotional, low-quality, shitty design post that sucks.)

Why are both of these things important?

Because when you comment on hashtags that are not relevant to your niche, you will make people that are no interested in your content visit your page.

And because they don’t care about what you have to say they won’t follow or engage with you.

That’s the way it is.

Also, I mentioned that you must comment on high-quality posts.

Well, there is a simple reason for that. If the post is high-quality, more people will check it which means that more people will see your comment!

And that is going to translate into more people that will visit your profile.

It is something that you should pay huge attention to. All right, now let’s move to the next step.

50 Comments On Big Accounts

Why I do this? Well, I already said it in the previous part.

The more people check the content, the more people see your comment, and the more people visit your profile.

That’s why.

And as a benefit, you will build relationships with the leading pages which means they may agree to do a guest post with you.

However, I also do one last thing…

Reply To All Comments

Well, this is not going to help you reach a new audience, but it is going to help you build a strong relationship with the audience that you already have.

It is really essential as they will like to engage with you, recommend you, and buy from you.

Don’t neglect this.

Headline for the build your Instagram empire bundle
Image of the build your Instagram empire bundle

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