Discover How To Make The Price A Non-Issue

Correctly handling the price is a must for every sales message.

Why is it necessary?

For example, let’s say that you are selling some kind of premium product. And its cost is over $1,000.00. Your job is to handle the price in such a way that your prospect will not care about it.

That’s what I mean by making a price non-issue. This will skyrocket your sales to another level. But you need to make it work…

And to make this work, you need to use specific techniques that will make this work.

To help you with that I’m going to show you five astonishing tactics for making even the most outrageous price an absolute non-issue:

  • Exclusivity
  • Sell Bulk
  • Greed
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Irresitible Offer

But I’m not going to talk your ear off about how much you need these techniques. I want to show you. So, let’s jump in…

1. Exclusivity

In a world where mass production is the name of the game, an exclusive offer is extremely appealing.

And it’s this ‘illusion’ of uniqueness that justifies high price tags or just compels them to buy.

And yes, it’s illusion. Don’t think consumers are idiots.

People will beg you to take their money if you’ll make them feel exclusive.

Make them think they’re a part of a special group of people, and you’ll make it rain.

But there is one exception to this rule.

Don’t try to combine exclusivity with popularity.

You would only confuse the readers, make them think you’re lying to them, and you’d doom yourself.

But despite what the consumers know, it’s what they FEEL. That will convince them to buy.

Use words like exclusive, special, unique, etc. in your message.

Tell them why only a few own your product or use your service. And the exclusivity is born!

Or you can create a limited offer, and you have created more than just exclusivity.

So, make the consumers feel that they’re part of a special group, and you will turn your sales message into a sales monster.

2. Sell Bulk

People do equate with bulk.

We want more! And wanting more is a great way to justify high prices.

If you are selling an information product like a book, course, seminar, or something else…

…one way to convey bulk is to create a huge list of ‘1,001’ benefits, pieces of information, or other things that are contained in your product or the things the product will deliver.

For example:

If I was selling a course, I would create a bullet list that contains every benefit, topic, piece of information, and feature that the course contains.

And you would do all that just to turn that measly course into a massive bulk of the value.

This tactic has a lot to do with greed. Because greed is one of the most powerful psychological triggers and one of the best ways to make your price a non-issue…

3. Greed

Greed is a powerful motivator…

This is why so many companies use language like:




Everybody is greedy in some way. Greed is driving humanity thousands of years…

And it is a powerful marketing technique to use.

Greed is good. Greed is right. Greed works.

Every person on planet earth wants to know “What’s in it for me?”

Prospects care about the benefits of your product. The things they will receive.

So when you will flood them with tons of benefits and sweeten the deal even more with bonuses…

And then show them some crazy price compared to the value they will get…


Also, you can show them why what you are selling will make the above someone else.

This is a slam dunk that will make them buy, no matter what the price is!

“Your ego is not your target audience…your prospects is!” – Dan Lok

4. Unique Value Proposition

Unique Value Proposition (UVP) includes presentation of price, and justification/minimization of price by various means, including, when building, the higher value of components if purchased separately, the value of the benefits to the user, money to be made or saved through ownership of the product or use of the service (Return on Investment).

The best UVPs find ways to make the product pay for itself.

An example can be new software that can increase your revenue by $14,125.00 but costs just $563.77.

The task is to make a believable case for a value far over the price.

5. Irresistible Offer

The offer is the heart of your sales message and of your whole marketing.

It’s the reason why the copy is written.

Your offer must align with your target audience’s desires and needs, and, as you know, it must appeal to their emotions.

It doesn’t matter what kind of copy you’re writing, your offer has to be clear, concise, and above all irresistible.

Also, before showing the price part the offer must summarize the key benefits and advantages of the product or service you’re selling.

The best way to do that is through bullet points that make the copy more readable and inviting.

In the offer, you want to write about all benefits the reader will get by using your product or service.

And to make your offer even more irresistible you can offer bonuses to the prospect.

It’s scientifically proven that bonuses increase response. Also when you offer bonuses, you appeal to basic human emotion – greed (we talked about that earlier). Also…

You never want to introduce the price until you have stated the offer.

If you will, most of the people will stop reading your ad, click off the website, or either throw your letter into the trash can.

The only exception is if the price is a bargain, or if the audience already knows the price.

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