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“I am super impressed with the Elite Instagram Content Creation Cheatsheet!
Not only is it designed perfectly, but the topics discussed are so easy to digest, yet VERY useful. I’ve read a lot of content creation books & help sheets in my time, but this really sucked me in. If you’re starting out on social media OR you’re a seasoned veteran, I’d highly recommend giving this a read. You will definitely learn a thing or two!”


Digital Marketing Wizard
Founder of
Birmingham, United Kingdom

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“Wow! This is such an in-depth guide into all things Instagram growth, content, and of course, how to create high-performing carousels! Whether you’re a beginner at carousels or a pro – this eBook is filled with detailed insights to help your Instagram page get the attention it deserves. From preparation, design, and execution, Filip’s passion and attention to detail is incredible. What I love most, is that you can tell Filip genuinely wants to help others with their own Instagram content, and it shines through the entire guide.😊 ”

Sophie James

Strategic Brand Consultant
For Female Business Owners
London, United Kingdom

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“I enjoyed Filip’s book to the fullest! I am a creator myself but I learned some solid stuff reading this book. I recommend it to anyone who’s looking to level up their content creation skills!”

Gent Huruglica

Graphic Designer And
Instagram Influencer
Pristina, Kosovo

“Filip’s book definitely has most of what you need to know about content creation on Instagram. It doesn’t leave any shadow zone. Very clear and well explained. I highly recommend it!”

Hanna Woa

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Instagram Influencer
Bobigny, France

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Yes! The secret tactics that you are going to discover are working for every industry you can imagine – healthcare, pets, e-commerce, etc. It works!

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In order to be issued a refund, and keep track of the shipping progress when you order hardcover or paperback, you are going to need it.

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