The 2 Most Important Factors For Instagram Growth

If you’re tired of growing by just a few followers per month then this will be the most important message that you will ever read.

You see, everybody on Instagram wants to get more followers, but only a few do.

Why? Because they don’t understand the principle of traffic and conversion.

First, you have to drive traffic.

You can do that easily by guest posting, getting on the explore page, commenting (use this as support), or, for example, hashtags.

All of these things generate profile visits (traffic) but the truth is that traffic is useless without the second part of the principle.

And that is conversion.

If the people who decide to visit your profile don’t follow you, you don’t grow. And that’s fatal.

This is the place where most people fail. Why? Because to really take off your conversions, you have to create THE BEST CONTENT you’ve ever seen.

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Yes, I understand – everybody says that the key to more conversions is an optimized profile – and it is helpful.

However, when your content looks like the piece below, do you think anybody is going to follow you? NO.

You wouldn’t follow a person or a business like that by yourself, am I right?

example of a bad content

Instead, you want to use proven strategies that will change your content into something that looks like this:

There is no comparison, right? (Yes, it is my carousel but I don’t try to brag so please don’t take it that way.)

However, it is almost impossible to create content like this that will not only increase your growth but also sales unless you know what to do.

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If You’ve Read This Far, You’re Serious About Instagram Growth…

Maybe you’ve got a business.

Maybe you’re a social media manager who wants more clients.

Maybe you’re just getting started with Instagram marketing.

Or maybe you just want to grow your Instagram page and impact lives of people in a positive way.

Whatever it is, without jaw-dropping content it is going to be impossible. That’s why most people on Instagram will never succeed.

So, click the button below to discover the proven strategies that will let you create it.

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