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This is the only site on the Internet where you’ll learn the virtually unknown Instagram success secrets that Instagram “gurus” and “experts” don’t want you to know!

Dear Instagram-Obsessed Friend,

My name is Filip Konecny and what I’m about to show you will change your business or freelancing career forever.

Imagine getting three times more followers and engagement by doing half of the work.

How would it feel like to finally breakthrough after months of exhausting content creation and finally get the results you deserve?

Or how about getting loyal customers that LOVE your brand without spending a penny on ads?

If you read every word of this message, you’ll discover the secret strategies, which almost nobody knows about, that will let you do that…

Image of a Filip Konecny

But Who Am I To Talk About This?

My name is Filip Konecny and I’m an elite social media marketer, copywriter, email marketer, and author of 5 incredible books. 

Last year, I made thousands of sales, grew my page by 10,000+ followers, and reached 4,000,000+ entrepreneurs, marketers, and freelancers all over the world!

I’ve also been featured on and written for many top social media marketing blogs like Jeff Bullas, Social Champ, Bulk.ly, and Alexandra Ceambur and earned more certifications than I can count.

And now I’m going to show you the Instagram success secrets that I’ve used to do that in my brand new, and unique…

Instagram Mastery Vault

This incredible vault contains hidden Instagram success secrets Instagram ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ don’t want you to know because they have something like “Top 500 Hashtags To Use For Growth” to sell you…

Secrets that when used will INSTANTLY triple your growth and engagement even if you’re a total beginner and you’ve never done any kind of social media marketing.

And that will let you create customer-magnetic content that most can only dream about even if you’ve NEVER made a post in your life.

No more under-performing posts.

No more less-than-average growth and losing followers.

No more hopeless refreshing of sales dashboards, praying for new customers, realizing that nothing you do is working.

Wouldn’t that be amazing? Just imagine how would it feel like.

How would it feel like to finally after all of the hard days, lay back, take a deep breath and say, “I’ve done it”?

What would it mean for you and your business to get thousands of new followers and customers per month on your Instagram?

With this incredible vault, it can become a reality.

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Here’s Everything You’re Going To Get Inside This Amazing Vault

Each item in this incredible vault is immediately downloadable and chocked-full of golden nuggets of insider success knowledge…making them nearly invaluable for anyone interested in growing their business using Instagram.

For example, in the first amazing thing…

Elite Instagram Content Creation Cheatsheet

Image of the Elite Instagram Content Creation Cheatsheet e-book

You’ll discover…

  • The most important thing you must do before you spend a split second creating new content. (If not done right, it can KILL your brand.)
  • The most powerful Instagram content secret that will let you turn strangers into LOYAL followers who are more than happy to prove their support with their credit cards.
  • 10 questions you must ask yourself before you create any post, story, or try to sell anything to your audience.
  • A kick-ass Instagram sales funnel that is almost guaranteed to double the sales and profits you get from Instagram…and that has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for all kinds of online businesses around the world.
  • Why you shouldn’t rely on conventional posts…or…even worse use them as the main part of your content strategy, and what to do instead.
  • The biggest carousel-creation secret almost nobody knows about, that will let you create eye-gluing carousels your audience will love 3x faster!
  • 4 best-kept secrets for creating eye-catching carousel cover slides that can cause your post to go viral. (Just using these 4 secret things will put you far ahead of the game and cause your engagement and growth to explode.)
  • How to make EVERYBODY swipe through the entire carousel, actually consume the message, and do whatever you want as a result. (This next-level tactic has NEVER been shared with anybody else.)
  • The 10-second secret to making your carousels twice as attractive by doing LESS.
  • The N.1 mistake that instantly kills your content’s performance no matter how valuable it is or what you have to share.
  • How adding one slide can ROCKET the saves of your carousels and make your followers smash the “share” button once they see it. (Almost every leading influencer is doing this, but it’s so powerful they just don’t want to share this with you.)
  • 5 hidden carousel layouts that will turn your carousels into an engagement magnet that attracts more likes, comments, saves, and shares in a day than all other content you shared in the last week.
  • A content atrocity that will make your followers unfollow you like crazy that almost EVERY business or freelancer on Instagram is making!
  • The biggest content conversion-killer that makes you lose more sales than you can think of in your greatest nightmare.
  • The little-known secret is to save 40% of potentially lost post reach.
  • How to get UNLIMITED content ideas in a few minutes and make creating new content EASY.
  • The secret to writing high-converting captions that resonate with your audience, generate engagement, and drive new customers to your business!
  • Why you must NEVER use classic square photos again and what to do instead. (Making this simple change is going to take your post performance to a whole new level.)
  • Top rock-solid strategy for building huge authority and win the trust of your audience regardless if you’re new to your industry.
  • How adding a simple sentence in your posts can double your growth.
  • How to create viral infographics that reach more people for FREE than you would after spending $3,000 on ads.
  • Secret hashtag strategy that will expose your brand to new people and accelerate your growth.
  • 7 little-known tools to easily create new content that makes your audience begging for more even if you never made a single post before!
  • How to create mega-popular Instagram reels that will reach masses and accelerate your growth!
  • The secret to creating entertaining reels without dancing, singing, or anything else.
  • How to make your followers come back to watch your reels again, and again, and build strong relationships with them.
  • The major key to make everybody who sees your reel actually watch it and not just scroll by.
  • Secret reels formula for maximum reach, engagement, and conversion that works every time.
  • And MANY MORE!

In item number two…

10X Instagram Secrets E-book

Image of the 10X Instagram Secrets book

You’ll discover…

  • The ONLY way to successfully leverage the Instagram algorithm and get access to an ‘unlimited’ number of dream customers without spending $1 on ads or shoutouts.
  • The inside scoop on common mistakes beginners make when starting with Instagram marketing. Save yourself a lot of time and eliminate a ton of headaches.
  • How to 10X your Instagram business goals and REACH them.
  • The secret to CRUSHING all competitors, standing out in the marketplace, and becoming the go-to brand in your market! (Failing to do this can be fatal to your success on Instagram.)
  • How to instantly get 4X more followers without any extra effort. (No joke. This is one of the most powerful secrets you’ll ever see.)
  • Insider content creation secrets that will make people come to you and generate new leads for you on autopilot.
  • How to get access to endless proven strategies, designs, and content tactics.
  • The ultimate key to DOMINATING any industry on Instagram regardless of how saturated the market is or your budget.
  • 5 critical trust-building secrets that will win you new followers and leads.
  • Secret engagement strategy that almost nobody knows about.
  • How to stay consistent no matter what happens, avoid burnout, and guarantee business growth on Instagram.
  • 3 levels of Instagram growth streams top brands use to grow their following faster than anybody else.
  • The only way to successfully sell your products and services using Instagram.
  • And dozens more!

In item number three…

The Instagram Crown E-book

Image of the Instagram Crown e-book

You’ll discover…

  • How to reach 100,000+ of your dream customers in less than 7 days without spending a penny on ads. (Nobody has EVER revealed this Instagram marketing secret before.)
  • The insider secret to make influencers promote you for FREE! (You’ll regret not knowing this.)
  • How to easily make influencers accept almost any offer.
  • How to GUARANTEE landing at least 10 FREE influencer promotion deals per week!
  • The key to making their followers come over to your profile, follow you, and buy.
  • And many more!

In item number four…

The Instagram Content Creation Mastery Training Video

Image of the Instagram content creation mastery training video

You’ll discover…

  • The only thing that will determine whether you’ll succeed or fail on Instagram.
  • Why no matter how much you comment and engage with people, you can’t get any growth and engagement.
  • 3 secret pillars of content creation that make or break any post.
  • How to use the 4 main content formats on Instagram and generate a FLOOD of leads for any kind of business.
  • The most effective way to build a strong brand and become a trend creator instead of a trend follower.
  • How to sell anything, to anyone, anytime regardless of the industry you’re in.
  • The most important content principle of all time that if you don’t follow will STOP your growth and make you lose followers.
  • And way, way more!

And in item number five…

The Elite Design Hacking Framework E-book

Image of the Elite Design Hacking Framework e-book

You’ll discover…

  • How to ethically steal over $10,000 worth of post designs from your competitors.
  • The key to making your content perform like those on the top of your industry do.
  • Make the post look brilliant in 3 minutes and grow your brand off-limits.
  • How to create attractive, proven-to-work designs even as a total beginner.
  • And way more!

And in item number six…

5 Promotional Caption Formulas

5 Promotional Caption Formulas image

You’ll discover…

  • How to persuade anybody to take any action you want without any resistance.
  • How to minimize the impact of price on the prospect’s purchase decision.
  • The best formula to sell low-ticket products as easily as lemonade on a hot summer day.
  • The secret to destroying the prospect’s skepticism and making them believe in whatever you say.
  • And way more!

And with item number seven…

50 Elite Canva Post Templates

Preview image of the 50 elite canva post templates

You’ll be able to…

  • Take a 50-day break from content creation.
  • Create new posts in minutes! Just replace the text, change the colors and you’re ready to go.
  • Max out the number of people you’ll reach with every post and leverage the algorithm.
  • Save thousands of dollars you’d pay for a designer to create these templates for you.
  • Create amazing content even if you’re not creative.
  • And way more!

As you’ve read about everything you’ll get access to, I’m sure you realize the value of this rock-solid Instagram marketing information.

As you can tell, you get reliable business information to successfully grow your brand on Instagram and make a ton of sales.

But wait until you hear the price.

For A Limited Time, I’m Going To Give All This To You…

  • Elite Instagram Content Creation Cheatsheet E-book ($297.00 Value)
  • 10X Instagram Secrets E-book ($297.00 Value)
  • Instagram Crown E-book ($297.00 Value)
  • Instagram Content Creation Mastery Training Video ($357.00 Value)
  • Elite Design Hacking Framework E-book ($157.00 Value)
  • 5 Promotional Caption Formulas ($97.00 Value)
  • 50 Elite Canva Post Templates ($199.00 Value)
Total value of the offer

That’s right! You’ll get $1,699.00 worth of pure Instagram business success secrets for just $39.99!

You can literally get this unbelievable Instagram Mastery vault for less than 2% of what it’s worth, which makes it one of the best deals in the history of Instagram marketing!

Isn’t that incredible?

After Clicking The Button You’ll Be Redirected To Gumroad Where You Can Complete The Purchase

“OK, But For Real, How Can You Possibly Give Away All This For Less Than Forty Bucks?!”

Simple: First off, digital products have virtually zero overhead or shipping costs…

Secondly, I have spent years helping folks launch and scale their businesses on social media, and thought…

“How cool would it be to exponentially increase the number of people I can serve by creating an insane level of value at a price just about anyone can afford?!”

That is something that I’d kill for when I was beginning on Instagram myself.

And now when I know what works and what doesn’t, I feel like it’s my obligation to give you a chance to get the secrets you need to succeed.

After Clicking The Button You’ll Be Redirected To Gumroad Where You Can Complete The Purchase

And The Best Part?

All you need is just ONE customer to make this vault pay for itself. But don’t think that you’ll get only one customer.

You see, after you use the secrets inside this vault, you’re going to get dozens, hundreds, or even THOUSANDS of new customers. Can you imagine what would that mean for you and your business?

But what if they buy more than one thing? Or what if they become loyal customers and come to buy again, and again?

The more you read, the more you understand that you must get this vault and turn this into reality right away.

After Clicking The Button You’ll Be Redirected To Gumroad Where You Can Complete The Purchase

Here’s My “Elite” Guarantee

100% guarantee that you’ll love this vault, or I’ll return your $39.99 and let you keep the vault anyway.

That’s right. You’re going to keep the access. Just email me and I’ll give you back your money with no questions asked.

Sound fair?

After Clicking The Button You’ll Be Redirected To Gumroad Where You Can Complete The Purchase

But This Vault Isn’t For Everybody…

This is not a typo. This vault is only for the few determined people who are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed on Instagram.

It’s only for a few chosen entrepreneurs who have a real goal, want to make a positive impact, and share their passion with the world.

It’s for those who are willing to stand out, go against the crowd, and WIN.

And if that’s not you, it’s ok. This vault isn’t for you.

But if you’re willing to stand out, and do whatever it takes, then you need to get this extremely powerful Instagram Mastery vault right away.

After Clicking The Button You’ll Be Redirected To Gumroad Where You Can Complete The Purchase

So, Now You Have Two Choices…

1. You Can Try To Figure These Secrets Out Yourself

You can go back to Instagram, try to consume every piece of content, and pray that something is going to work.

You can walk the trial-and-error path for YEARS, see everybody else win new followers and grow their business, while you’re struggling.

You can wake up every morning exhausted, feeling like your head is about to crack in a half, wondering why nothing works.

And if you’re lucky, then maybe…just maybe get some success.

2. Or you can get this vault, skip all of the struggle, and get everything you need to succeed on a silver plate.

If you choose to do that, all you have to do is to spend a few hours going through the secrets that I’m going to share with you, follow them step by step, and get results in as little as weeks!

No more struggle with getting new followers.

No more burnout and never-ending content.

No more under-performing posts you’ve put your heart into creating.

Can you imagine how would that feel like?

If so, with this Instagram Mastery vault it can all become a reality. So, click the button below and get it before it’s too late!

After Clicking The Button You’ll Be Redirected To Gumroad Where You Can Complete The Purchase

If You’ve Stuck With Me This Far, You’ve Passed The Test

You’re probably serious about succeeding on Instagram.

Maybe you want more followers.

Maybe you want to get more engagement and sell the thing you’re so passionate about.

Or maybe you’re just starting and you want to skip years of struggling.

You now know why this isn’t ‘just another course’.

You are familiar that this is one of the best and most valuable deals in the history of Instagram marketing.

You understand that you will never be able to learn these secrets anywhere else.

And you know that you are ready to get this Instagram Mastery vault today.

After Clicking The Button You’ll Be Redirected To Gumroad Where You Can Complete The Purchase

But Time Is Of The Essence…

There is only a limited number of these vaults available. And once they’re gone…well they’re gone.

If this page is up, then the offer is still live, but I reserve the right to take it down anytime.

So, hurry up and get this Instagram Mastery Vault before it’s too late!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy the vault!


Filip Konecny

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

I’m giving you my Instagram Mastery vault that contains the virtually unknown secrets to TRIPLE your Instagram growth and engagement, worth over $1,699.00 for just $39.99. Yes, that’s right!

This is one of the best deals in the HISTORY of Instagram marketing. And there’s no catch…no gimmick…you will not be signing for some “trial” to some monthly program or anything like that.

In fact, if you don’t like the vault and you let me know within 7 days, I’ll give you all your money back plus let you keep access to the vault anyway. Isn’t that amazing?

If so, click the button below to get your Instagram Mastery Vault before it’s too late. You’ll love it.

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After Clicking The Button You’ll Be Redirected To Gumroad Where You Can Complete The Purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

Why The Checkout Is Done Through Gumroad?

Gumroad is a San Francisco-based company and is one of the most trusted and convenient e-commerce tools that are out there.

I’ve chosen to use it entirely for your convenience and to make sure you have the best experience when you get this vault. The checkout is 100% safe and once you purchase you’ll have INSTANT access to the vault that will last forever.

Is This Vault Applicable For Local Business?

Yes! All of the secrets that you are going to discover are fully applicable to local businesses (dental practices, local stores, etc.) as well.

How Do I Access My Purchase?

After you decide to buy, you are going to be instantly redirected to the page where you get your vault.

Is This Vault Applicable For Freelancers?

Yes! The secrets that you’ll discover will flush you with new followers and also clients as a result (if you use them the right way as intended.)

Is There A Guarantee?

Yes. To request a refund email me or use the contact form on this website within 7 days of the purchase and you’ll get your money back PLUS keep access to this vault.

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IMPORTANT: Earnings and Legal Disclaimers

I don’t believe in get-rich-quick programs. I believe in hard work, adding value, and serving others. And that’s what my books are designed to help you do. As stated by law, I can not and do not make any guarantees about your own ability to get results or earn any money with my ideas, information, programs or strategies. I don’t know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? I’m here to help by giving you my greatest strategies to move you forward, faster. However, nothing on this page or any of my websites or emails is a promise or guarantee of future earnings. Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of my sites or emails, are simply estimates or projections or past results, and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings – all numbers are illustrative only.

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