Guide For Writing Amazing Call To Actions

Every sales copy depends fully on its call to action. Unless you ask your audience to take some kind of action, they won’t. But maybe you think… “I persuaded them throughout the sales copy, and the few consumers who desire what I have to offer will just click on the button and buy. There’s noContinue reading “Guide For Writing Amazing Call To Actions”

Best Guide For Writing Powerful Headlines

If you don’t know it yet, in copywriting, the headline is the most important part of the whole sales copy. Why? That’s a good question. You see, the whole sales copy is written after the headline. But how the hell can the reader read the sales copy when you will lose them when reading theContinue reading “Best Guide For Writing Powerful Headlines”

“Free Beginners Guide To SEO Optimization”

I see so many websites with bad SEO optimization that it blows my brain out. They could achieve so much bigger results if they would have the SEO optimization, but they don’t. Why is SEO so important? Well, 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine and 53.3% of all website traffic comes from organicContinue reading ““Free Beginners Guide To SEO Optimization””

Best Copywriting Formulas [Infographics Included]

Because only rookies write from scratch, I have pulled together 5 copywriting formulas that will help you write super-persuasive sales copies… Listen: A few days ago, I was scrolling across the web. And I have found a so-called “copywriter” that offers courses on becoming better at copywriting. But when I saw the sales page, IContinue reading “Best Copywriting Formulas [Infographics Included]”

2022 Best Email Marketing Practices

Many people unfortunately think that email marketing is dead. They just think that marketing emails can’t work! But that is a huge fraud… For starters, we send 102.6 trillion emails every year. And the numbers keep going up, with 126.7 trillion expected to be sent by 2022. The average email subscriber receives 13 commercial emails a day. Email marketing is nowContinue reading “2022 Best Email Marketing Practices”