Best Copywriting Formulas [Infographics Included]

Because only rookies write from scratch, I have pulled together 5 copywriting formulas that will help you write super-persuasive sales copies… Listen: Few days ago, I was scrolling across the web. And I have found a so called “copywriter” that offers courses on becoming better in copywriting. But when I saw the sales page, IContinue reading “Best Copywriting Formulas [Infographics Included]”

2022 Best Email Marketing Practices

Many people unfortunately think that email marketing is dead. They just think that marketing emails can’t work! But that is a huge fraud… For starters, we send 102.6 trillion emails every year. And the numbers keep going up, with 126.7 trillion expected to be sent by 2022. The average email subscriber receives 13 commercial emails a day. Email marketing is nowContinue reading “2022 Best Email Marketing Practices”

Guide To Writing Stunning Email Marketing Subject Lines

When writing a marketing email, the email marketing subject line is the most important element you need to pay attention to. Maybe you are asking why? Well… It is the only sane reason on earth why your marketing email will be opened. A bad email marketing subject line can ruin your whole email marketing strategy.Continue reading “Guide To Writing Stunning Email Marketing Subject Lines”

What Is Copywriting And How To Learn It?

Well, can you answer? What is copywriting? Do you know the copywriting definition? Most people don’t. And I heared even the most ridiculous answers on ’What is copywriting?’ question you ever thought possible… Somebody thinks that it is writing copies of books. Somebody thinks that it is copyright. So I answered the question. And whenContinue reading “What Is Copywriting And How To Learn It?”

Seven Reader-Gluing Readability Tactics

First, you need to discover why readability is so damn important. And the best way I can explain that to you is in a story… Two days ago, I bought a newspaper. I’m not buying newspapers normally, in fact, this was the first time. But I had some free time, and the newspaper looked reallyContinue reading “Seven Reader-Gluing Readability Tactics”

Here’s How To Create A Head-Turning Sense Of Urgency

“Procrastination is an enemy of the sale! Urgency kills it.” – Victor Schwab Just recently, I was looking for a new hunting knife that I would be able to use in nature. I really like survival, the army, and all this stuff connected to it. And because my previous knife has broken, I needed aContinue reading “Here’s How To Create A Head-Turning Sense Of Urgency”

Discover How To Make The Price A Non-Issue

Correctly handling the price is a must for every sales message. Why is it necessary? For example, let’s say that you are selling some kind of premium product. And its cost is over $1,000.00. Your job is to handle the price in such a way that your prospect will not care about it. That’s whatContinue reading “Discover How To Make The Price A Non-Issue”

7 Shocking Psychological Triggers To Use In Copywriting

Psychological devices are an absolute necessity if you want to make the consumers buy what you are selling. But don’t get me wrong. Psychological devices are not pushing the consumers to do something against their will. That is unmoral and impossible. Psychological devices just make the purchase the sweet decision they want to make. AndContinue reading “7 Shocking Psychological Triggers To Use In Copywriting”