7 Best Landing Pages Examples To Model

If you don’t know how to create your landing page or you just ran out of ideas, sometimes you need a few landing page examples to model.

They are a great source of inspiration and they will help you go to the next level.

And that’s why in this article, I am going to share with you the 7 best landing page examples to model for your own business.

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

1. Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels has one of the highest-converting landing pages that I know and it is incredibly powerful. Clickfunnels is a wildly-known sales funnel software and you can clearly see how the entire homepage is optimized for one thing only – conversion.

That should be the main goal of any landing page that you create and if you want to sell something using this landing page example as your inspiration is more than a good idea.

It has gone through a lot of testing and optimization and that’s why you can know that it is likely the best version possible.

2. FK Sales Funnel Challenge

This is a perfect example of a landing page designed to get people to register for a free lead magnet that is designed to give people a lot of value while also persuading them to buy an affiliate service.

Landing pages promoting lead magnets are typically shorter than ones trying to sell some sort of a product or service as there is way less resistance to overcome.

One of the key elements that make this landing page so effective is the irresistible offer.

This landing page has a conversion rate of 65% and if you want to build a landing page that converts traffic into leads, then this is an amazing example to model.

3. Phonesites

Phonesites is another famous sales funnel and landing page software that you can actually use to model any of the landing page examples that I shared here, including their own landing page.

Phonesites has changed its main landing page several times over time and they optimized it as much as they could. And it can be seen. It is converting more than well and one of the standout features that makes it super effective is by identifying those who are really interested in getting the software without committing with money by using the “Get started free” email form.

Once you identify yourself as the one who wants the software, then they immediately ask for more necessary information. Not before though to make as many people who want to buy actually take action and not get turned off.

It is working more than well, and I highly recommend modeling this example.

4. Dan Lok Homepage

Dan Lok’s landing page is one of my favorite examples of personal brands. His entire career began based on marketing and that is why you can see the conversion focus instead of just trying to make a fancy landing page that has good looks but causes nobody to act.

In fact, it combines the best of both.

And that is why it is so effective. Immediately after you go to this landing page you build trust & rapport with Dan, and also instantly get interested in working with him and buying his stuff before you even get a chance to buy.

It acts like a STRONG pre-frame for all of his products and services and it is working remarkably.

So, it definitely pays off.

5. Webinar Secrets

The perfect webinar secrets landing page is one of the best landing pages for direct-response selling that I have ever seen. And that’s why I had to include it on this list of landing page examples.

You can perfectly see how it is structured as a long-form sales letter that asks people to take direct action and it destroys all the resistance people have to buy.

I highly recommend that you model this amazing landing page example yourself.

And now, let’s move on to the next one…

6. Express VPN

The most appealing aspect of this landing page is not what it includes, but what it excludes – a navigation bar! By eliminating the navigation bar, ExpressVPN highlights the main call to action.

We avoid using navigation bars on landing pages because they have a tendency to divert visitors from the desired action and cause distractions. This practice of removing navigation links from landing pages is not only a design best practice but it has also been proven to increase conversion rates through A/B testing.

That’s because it removes distractions, and the fewer distractions are there, the better. Remember, a confused mind always says “no.”

7. Curology

In my opinion, the top section of a landing page is just as crucial as the call to action. Curology’s top section is concise, visually pleasing, and straightforward, with a copy that contains fewer than 50 characters.

As a result, users can instantly grasp the offer and its potential benefits.

Even if you’re unfamiliar with the brand, its message is evident – Curology offers a personalized solution for all skin issues.

And that’s why I like this landing page and I consider it a great example to model.

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