5 Instagram Lead Generation Secrets You Must Know

Instagram is a platform that goes far beyond just sharing square photos with your friends. It’s a great tool to get leads and grow your business online as well.

And even better, you can do it without spending a penny if you want to. Isn’t that awesome?

That’s why in this blog post I’m going to reveal to you the best Instagram lead generation secrets you MUST know.

So, are you ready to find out what they look like? If so, let’s dive in…

1. Use Your DMs Wisely

Your DM is one of the best lead generation tools that you can use on Instagram even if you would be doing cold outreach, which I’m not a proponent of but after enough messages, you’re likely going to get some leads.

However, though, DMs are an amazing tool to generate leads mainly because you can easily use them to handle all objections your new leads might have and also persuade people to take action directly there.

This approach is especially effective when you’re selling something high-ticket and you don’t target the masses.

To get the most leads through your DMs you have to reply to them ASAP, and set up a “CTA FAQ question” which means you’re going to create a prewritten question like “Do you want to work with us?” and when people tap it, it’s going to pop up a close.

That way, when somebody is trying to contact you and doesn’t need any type of persuasion will be “captured” and they’re going to act.

For the rest of the people, you’re going to take them through the sales process that you have.

Don’t ever underutilize DMs. It is such a powerful tool for your Instagram lead generation it would be a big mistake.

2. Use The “Lead Form”

A lead form is a special Instagram feature that is directly designed for you to collect leads directly through your profile. And it works like crazy.

Example of a lead form from Filip Konecny

To create it, it is necessary that you have a business account, and then through your “action button settings” that will appear when you tap “edit profile”, you can create it.

When you create the lead form, your dream customers can just go to your profile, tap the “learn more” button or any other button that you pick from the options available, and then they’ll just fill in the fields you ask them to fill and submit the information to you.

It’s a super powerful tool and I highly suggest that you use it to generate leads on Instagram for services (in most cases) or on-demand offers.

Definitely use it if you want to get more leads out of your Instagram.

3. Create A Strong Lead Magnet

Long gone are the days of people just “subscribing to an email newsletter.” Now you need to give people a more powerful incentive to make them become your lead.

And that incentive is called a lead magnet. Basically, it is a freebie that you’re going to give people for free in exchange for them giving you contact information and becoming a lead.

The problem with that though is that to generate tons of leads out of Instagram, the lead magnet has to be irresistible.

That means you can forget stuff like free reports and you should focus on creating something more irresistible like free courses, physical samples, discounts, etc.

That’s what is going to drive real conversions.

So, make the thing as irresistible as possible. Then you’re going to drive as much traffic to it as possible and you’re going to get a ton of leads.

It will help you use Instagram to get more leads like crazy.

4. Show That You Care

If you want to get more leads, the thing that you must do is show that you care about your audience.

This is a mindset hack that is going to get you more leads than you can imagine. When you are going to care about your audience and your content is going to build relationships, your Instagram audience is going to generate more leads than ever before.

That’s because you’ll add as much value as possible and your content is going to build strong relationships.

5. Use Advertising

Advertising is one of the most important stuff ever when it comes to using social media marketing…

Most entrepreneurs, especially small business owners are against it because they can do social media marketing for free, right?

Well, wrong. Not utilizing advertising is a really big mistake. When you make your ads profitable, then you’re never going to depend on the algorithm and you’re going to get far more leads and customers than the algorithm could ever give you.

Only when you can buy customers “at a profit” you’re going to make a lot of money. Otherwise, you’re going to depend on the mercy of the social media platform.

So, don’t skip this. And if you want to learn more about ads and get the best results possible, I am going to show you how to do it in the Make Your Voice Heard book. Get ready as it is already being finished and I’m preparing it for the launch.

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