Can Social Media Marketing Really Help Your Business?

Social media marketing is a hot topic today and you probably heard about how you can use it to sell your products and services and build your brand.

The question is, does it can social media marketing REALLY help your business?

Well, that’s the big question and in this article, I’m going to give you the answer. So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

Why Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Business

Social media marketing is one of the most unique ways you can do marketing online, get new customers and build a strong brand. That’s because of its unique ability to connect with people on a new level, build relationships and generate sales.

However, one of the benefits you will appreciate especially if you are a small business is that it is FREE.

That means there is nearly no barrier to entry except for time commitment. In any kind of marketing, there are two ways to do it – buy your way in or work your way in.

If you don’t have a budget to rely entirely on the paid way, you have to do it the free way, which requires a time commitment. But even though the majority of your traffic comes from paid media, you still want to do organic social media marketing. It’s a unique way to connect with your dream customers.

And it works like crazy for building your brand.

And that’s another benefit of social media marketing. In most cases, when people do business with somebody, they just buy and leave. If they really like what you sell, they buy more than once.

If you’re REALLY good, they may stick with you for a longer time.

But if you connect with them on social media and build relationships with them consistently, you’ll become the only choice for them worth everything and they’ll buy for a lifetime.

Another way social media can help your business is that it’s a simple way to handle customer support. You’d be surprised at how many people prefer to go to social media customer support than to call you or email you.

Mostly because a lot of people are shy. So, chatting with you on social media is more comfortable for them. Also, it’s a place where people like to ask questions.

That brings two other opportunities. First, you’ll build strong relationships when you answer them. Second, if they indicate in any shape, form, or manner they are interested in something you sell, you can easily close them.

And that means more revenue for your business.

Another giant benefit is advertising. On social media, paid ads are generally underpriced and it’s not hard to make money with them.

When you have the right sales process in place, and you make your ads profitable, then you can drive virtually unlimited traffic to your sales process and scale your business online like crazy.

You can also do influencer marketing, collaborate with influencers, and much more. The list is endless.

So, to answer the question, “Can social media marketing really help my business”, the answer is YES. It definitely can. In fact, it can transform your business forever or even help you dominate markets just like I mention in my “Make Your Voice Heard” book that’s about to come out soon.

And that’s why I’m going to show you some of the tips for the best social media marketing for any kind of business…

Best Social Media Marketing Tips

If you want to take your social media marketing to a level where it is going to get you new customers and generate results for your business, then you need to know the right way to do it…

Engage Consistently

Person commetning on Instagram

This is a tip that is especially important if you are beginning with social media marketing, have no audience, and are struggling to grow.

In the beginning, it’s highly unlikely that social media algorithms are going to promote your content in any way. That’s why you need to bring attention to your business on the platform that you are on by yourself.

And the way you are going to do it is by engaging with other people. The more you are going to comment on other people’s posts, the more attention you are going to get and the better growth you’ll have.

That’s because when you engage with other people’s posts, those who see the posts are checking comments, and when you comment, somebody is going to see the comment you’ve made, and ask themselves “who is this person?”, then come to your profile and follow.

The important thing to remember is that the comments must be feedback-giving and REAL. Spamming “thanks for sharing this” comments won’t get you anywhere.

Content, Content, Content

The key to winning with social media marketing is sharing valuable content that people want to consume, that builds your authority, makes you relatable, and has the potential to reach the most people…

…and that also SELLS.

That’s because your content is 80% of your success on any social media platform. It doesn’t matter how much attention you get, if your content is bad nobody is going to follow you and you’ll fail. Nobody wants to have anything to do with an account that shares bad content or promotes all the time.

Instead, you need to share posts that are valuable and that people love.

The only way to create content like this is by studying your audience, and then delivering what they need.

Also, don’t expect to create the best posts the moment you join the platform. Just like anything creating the right content takes time to learn and you’ll have to post a couple of posts that are going to suck to get to a point where your content performs like crazy.

Don’t Quit And Always Learn

This is the last and most important of all tips I am sharing with you in this article. It is going to take some time before you start to get success on social media. And that’s why you must remember to NOT quit.

If you are going to give up, then nothing is going to change. Giving up is not the way. Instead, learn from your own mistakes and of others like myself.

That’s how you are going to win. In fact, you can start learning on my marketing blog right away.

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