How To Hide Likes On Instagram Step-By-Step

Hiding likes on Instagram can be useful for various different reasons. First of all, if your post gets low engagement, the engagement is not going to influence the behavior of other people as regardless of how much you may deny it, people are influenced by the opinion of others.

Second of all, it is just fun to try it. However, if for some other reason you might not want your followers to see the like count on your posts, then it is something you should try.

And that’s why in this article I am going to show you step-by-step how to hide likes on Instagram.

1. Pick A Post

First, you need to pick the post where you want to hide likes. Usually, it is going to be a post with a low like count, but it can be virtually any post you want.

The content format doesn’t matter. You can hide likes on any kind of post.

Instagram post by Filip Konecny

2. Tap On The Three Dots

Another step that you need to take is tapping on the three dots in the top right corner of the post. That way you’re going to display a menu where you’re going to tap on “hide your like count” and you’ve successfully hidden your like count!

Now everybody but you is going to see the like count as hidden and the number of likes is not going to influence the decision they have on something.

Hiding a like count example

However, the obvious fact is that if you try to hide likes, you don’t likely have many of them compared to the reach you get.

And that’s why besides just showing you how to hide like count on Instagram I’m also going to reveal to you how to get more Instagram likes and engagement overall as well.

Create Better Content

The first thing that is likely keeping your content from getting more likes and engagement is that your content sucks.

That can happen because of many reasons. However, there is a specific formula that you need to follow if you want to create better content on Instagram that gets likes.

It’s called VPR, which means Value-Presentation-Relevancy.

If you want to create content that gets attention, engagement, and likes (which are a part of engagement), then you must get this formula right. I talk more about it here.

Another thing that’s absolutely essential if you want to get more likes on your posts is the non-stop measurement that you’re going to use to determine what’s working and what is not.

If you don’t measure, you’re never going to know what performs and what doesn’t. Therefore, you’re never going to improve or get results as you’ll just shoot in the dark with no night vision, hoping that you’ll hit something.

If you want to get real results, then it is absolutely essential that you track the data of every post that you share.

After you collect the data, then you’re going to see what needs to improve and you’re going to test some other things to make that part of the content better.

Engage With Your Dream Customers

This is another extremely important thing that you need to do if you want your content to get more engagement and likes on Instagram as people engage with those who engage with them and who they feel care about them.

That’s why I highly suggest that you have an engagement strategy in place.

The basic thing that you can do to boost your engagement is to reply to all comments on your posts.

That on its own is going to have a giant impact on your engagement and your followers will start to engage with your content way more. However, if you are just beginning, it’s important that you engage with your dream customers that don’t follow you and never engaged with you as well.

That is going to boost your engagement too, you’ll get more likes on your content and you are also going to get more exposure for your account which will result in the growth that you need so much in the beginning.

Leverage Trends

This is another extremely powerful thing that you can do if you want to take your Instagram engagement to a new level and get more likes than you did ever before. However, you also have to be careful because leveraging the wrong trends can totally kill your brand.

For example, if you are an investment banker, then it is not likely going to be a good idea for you to dance on reels as no big entrepreneur would want to do business with that person.

However, when it is a trend in your industry that you can easily leverage and that is relevant to your brand’s mission, then I highly recommend that you do so as it can boost your reach and skyrocket the number of likes you get on Instagram.

Published by filipkonecny

Filip Konecny is an elite entrepreneur, marketer, and author of 5 marketing books who helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and marketers in over 80+ countries get new customers, grow their businesses online, and make their voices heard. He has reached over 8,000,000+ entrepreneurs, built a following of tens of thousands of people, and been featured and written for some of the top marketing blogs like Jeff Bullas,, and Social Champ. Filip has entrepreneurship in his heart and believes that if you sell a product or service that helps people and makes this world better, it’s your DUTY to make your voice heard, sell it, and change the world. And he’s here to show you do that.

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