How To Make Your Voice Heard And Get Customers On Social Media

This is going to be a bit unusual article as I’m going to talk about some concepts from my new book that is coming out soon called Make Your Voice Heard and how you can apply them for your own business so that you can get more leads and customers than you can possibly handle using social media.

The book that I am just finishing is likely one of the best social media marketing books ever written and it is the only framework that you need to grow, monetize, and dominate markets on virtually any platform.

I can’t even express how excited I am for the moment when the book launches. The thing is, there’s a lot of work to still do, that’s why there is no exact date for the book launch, but it is going to be soon and it’ll be absolutely incredible!

And now, let’s have a sneak peek into one of the most important concepts that you’re going to find out…

6 Parts Of A Successful Social Media Strategy

6 parts of a successful social media strategy

Creating a successful social media strategy is something that you need to do in the very beginning of your social media marketing journey and failing to create the right social media strategy is going to have a devastating impact on your success on any platform that you are on.

This is from the beginning of the book, and it’s something you need to pay massive attention to from the very start. Every successful social media marketing strategy consists of 6 steps:

  • Reaching People
  • Building A Tribe
  • Generating Traffic And Leads
  • Turning Traffic And Leads Into Sales
  • Follow-Up System
  • Turning Followers And Customers Into Brand’s Promoters

When you do all of these things right, then your business is going to thrive on any social media platform and get more customers than you can imagine. Let’s have a quick look at each one of these steps.

1. Reaching People

There are only 3 ways to reach people on any social media platform. You can leverage the algorithm, other people‘s audiences, or you can run ads. Every one of these ways is extremely powerful and has some pros and cons.

However, if you want to be successful, you want to leverage all 3 of them on all social media platforms that you’re on. That way you’re going to get the most attention, which will result in more growth, traffic, leads, and sales.

Remember, work as hard as you can to get as much attention as possible. When you can effectively scale the amount of attention you get using these ways, then your growth will get nearly unstoppable.

2. Build A Tribe

This is another big part of social media marketing. To engage your followers and earn their trust, you need to make them feel like they’re a part of a movement. They must relate to your brand, believe in its mission, and have similar goals and values to you.

This is going to be a big part of your social media marketing strategy as well. And even if you’re a direct-response guy, don’t skip it.

3. Generating Traffic And Leads

All you’ve done up to this point was only to get to this point. Unless you can turn your followers and the attention you get into traffic and leads, you’re never going to make a sale. This is a crucial part of your social media marketing strategy too and include in it how you’re going to make this happen.

4. Turning Traffic And Leads Into Sales

Without a kick-ass sales process that’s going to convert all of the traffic into leads and sales, everything you’ve done up to this point is absolutely pointless. That’s why you must create a sales process that is going to convert traffic and leads into customers.

Get really clear on how it is going to look and send all of your traffic there.

5. Create A Follow-Up System

Social media is amazing to get attention, but it is absolutely horrible for following up. This is going to be done OUTSIDE of social media but it is a part of your social media marketing strategy as well as it is going to make all of your followers who don’t buy come back and purchase.

A kick-ass follow-up system must always exist if you want your business to grow using social media.

6. Turn Followers Into Brand Promoters

This is another extremely important part of your social media marketing strategy that is going to change the game for you. When you have an effective system in place to turn your followers into brand promoters, you have no idea about the chain reaction this is going to cause.

More hot leads are going to come to you ready to buy than ever before. It’s something so powerful, it is hard to explain it and that’s why you must have a system for doing this in place as well.

In the book, I am going to show you how to create every single part of this strategy in depth and a thousand other secrets that are going to change the way you do social media marketing forever.

Everything single secret that I am about to show you is tried, true, and working right now. In fact, I think it’s absolutely fine when I say it is one of the best social media marketing books that have ever been written. That’s because this strategy is just a tiny part of one big, evergreen framework for growing business empires with social media.

And it’s going to be unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

So, get ready for the moment when the book launches because it’s going to be truly incredible.

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