LinkedIn Content: How To Amaze Your Audience

If you want to take you’re LinkedIn marketing to a whole new level, it’s really important that your content is amazing.

That’s simply because your content is the majority of your success on this platform.

And that’s why I’m going to reveal to you the exact steps that you need to take to create the most incredible content that your dream customers will ever see.

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

Study Your Audience

Studying your audience is the first step that you need to take to create amazing LinkedIn content.

That’s because you’re going to create content for your dream customer. If the value that you share is irrelevant… it’s not valuable and the post will fail.

That’s why you have to take the time to study your dream customers:

  • Create A Dream Customer Avatar
  • Talk To One Of Your Dream Customers
  • Study Your Dream Customer’s Psychographics And Demographics

You also want to dive in-depth into their daily routine because it is going to tell you A LOT.

Isn’t that incredible? It’s absolutely essential if you want to create awesome LinkedIn content.

But now let’s move on to the ONLY formula that you must follow to create incredible content…

1. Value

This is the core part of your content and if your posts lack it, they’re never going to perform well. There are 3 main value  pillars on LinkedIn:

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Inspiration

If your content doesn’t do at least one of them, you’re not likely going to get much reach or another type of result.

That’s because the post won’t just be worth for anybody to consume.

And that’s why adding value through your content is so important.

You want to be so VALUABLE that the post must glue them to the screen and they have to feel like, “I’d pay for this stuff even though it’s free.”

When your LinkedIn content can do just that, you’re going to win.

So, get clear on what kind of value you share and then outvalue everybody

If you educate, share the best tips in the world, and astonish them…

If you inspire, make sure you’re going to share something that hits so hard that will feel obligated to share it elsewhere and act on it…

If you entertain, make sure they laugh their stomach off on when consuming the post…

The moment you outvalue everybody is the moment your LinkedIn content is going to perform and you’ll win.

2. Presentation

This is the second part of your content and it is extremely important as well.

Presentation is the thing that’s going to make whatever you share DESIRABLE to consume.

Remember, a value that is not consumed is not valuable.

It takes a great presentation to make your dream customers go through your posts, articles, videos, etc.

Here are some of the things that make an amazing presentation:

  • Strong Hook
  • Great Design Of The Post (If Image / PDF Is Included)
  • Amazing Video Quality + Editing
  • Message Simplicity
  • Avoid Technical Jargon

Remember, to make the presentation as great as possible.

Otherwise, your content is going to get no attention, it’s not going to be consumed by anybody and nobody is likely going to engage with it.

So, pay some special attention to it as it is extremely important.

3. Relevancy

This is the last thing your LinkedIn content had to do at all costs.

That’s simply because, as I always say, you can’t sell a steak to a vegan. Trying to sell a steak to a vegan is a one-way ticket toward failure and burnout.

Ensure, the value points that you share are relevant to your dream customer avatar.

If they’re not, your dream customer avatar is not going to care about anything you have to say and you’ll instantly lose all attention.

So, before sharing a piece of content, ask yourself:

  • Is this something my dream customer wants or needs to see?
  • Is this relevant to my niche?
  • Is this relevant to my industry?

If the answer to just one of these things is a “no” then it’s time to delete the post and start over. So, it’s better to ask these questions the moment you pick the topic.

Get More Personal

Just because LinkedIn is a B2B medium doesn’t mean your content should sound corporate.

In fact, it shouldn’t. Instead, it should be personal as well.

You’re never talking to a company (a thing). You’re talking to people…always.

So, when your content is going to be dead fish and nobody is going to relate to it, it will get less readership, and you’ll get less results.

For example, which one of the statements below gets you more excited?

“We’re announcing a new event happening in Las Vegas.”


“I’m so excited!!! I and our team have announced a mind-blowing event happening in Las Vegas that I planned on for the last 12 years…and it’s finally happening!”

I bet the second sentence is better, right? Same message, same point…

But there is personality in the second sentence. Adding your personality has a big impact on your LinkedIn content.

So, pour your personality into every post that you create. Write the way you talk, and share your values, and you’ll see your content get better results.

Measure And Improve

Another extremely important part of LinkedIn content is to measure and improve the content with every post that you share.

A lot of people skip the step of consistent measurement and that is one of the major reasons why they struggle. They simply don’t know what works the best and what doesn’t.

Without a great measurement system, you’re just blowing smoke and you’re not going to get any great results.

So, make sure that you are measuring whatever it is that you do consistently. Take a look at the data and ask yourself…

…based on the results of the post, what could I do better? And then improve.

And after you share the improved post, repeat the process. It’s extremely important for you to get results.

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