How To Write Amazing LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn articles are a major part of LinkedIn content and they are a unique thing when it comes to social media.

There’s no other major social media platform that allows you to share articles…

And that’s why in this article I’m going to reveal to you how to write amazing LinkedIn posts today…

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

Pick The Right Topic

The core of an amazing article is the right topic. If you pick the wrong topic, then people won’t read it as they won’t be even slightly interested in what you have to say.

So, the first step is to actually understand your target audience…

If you don’t know your target audience, and you’re writing about the wrong stuff, you’re never going to get results.

So, take the time to create a dream customer avatar and then move on to the next step – the right topics.

If something is currently trending, then you’re going to want to use that trend in your advantage so that you get more attention and so that your dream customers find the article helpful.

If there’s a problem that you know your dream customers have, then it is really important that you write an article that’s going to help them solve that problem…

…that will make them CARE about what you have to say, and if the article is great, engage with it and even take further action like hiring you or buying something from you.

If you want to find what your audience currently wants to see and do a deep social media listening then I highly recommend you use a tool like Sprout Social.

It will help you with analyzing important data out of LinkedIn so that you can write the best LinkedIn articles…

Make And Outline

Nothing makes writing LinkedIn articles easier than a good outline where you have all of the value points that you want to share and then you just…write.

Before writing a LinkedIn article you should create a simple outline that’s going to make you clear on how exactly the article is going to look like.

Is it going to be a long-form article or just a short article or just a short article with a few tips? What are the tips going to exactly talk about?

What’s going to be the title of the article? (Make it “sexy” so that it grabs attention.)

You want to be clear on all of these things  so that the writing process is quick and smooth.

It’s going to save you a lot of time as well as get you amazing results.

Back Up Your Claims

If you’re a known authority in your industry and people know that you know what you’re talking about because you got results…

Then this is not going to be as important.

However if you’re a newbie in the industry or you write for a blog that is not yours and people don’t know you, then it is important that you back up your claims based on something.

That thing can be data, past results of people , the results of the company you write for, etc.

However, back up your claims. People want to know that what you’re talking about is LEGIT and that it works…

And now let’s move on to another extremely important part of writing LinkedIn articles.


A heavily underestimated thing that you need to work on if you want to get results is readability.

Take this article as an example. Would you read it if it would be just a big chunk of text giving you these tips without any separation into paragraphs or being formatted in any way?

If you’re a die-hard and you want to write great LinkedIn articles really bad, then you would.

But 98% of people wouldn’t read this. And the reason is obvious…

That’s why it’s so important that you work on the readability of your articles. Unread articles are not going to add aby value and get you any results, even if you’d give away $100 bills for a $1 in the middle of the article.

That’s because the offer wouldn’t be seen by anybody. So, how are you going to make your LinkedIn articles readable?

  • Use 1-3 sentence paragraphs
  • Use headings
  • Write the way you talk
  • Use simple words and avoid jargon
  • Use images
  • Arouse curiosity throughout the article

These things are going to take your readership through the roof. So use them.

Write A Killer Title

A most important part of any LinkedIn article is not the article itself but the title of the article.

That’s because the title is the only thing that is going to determine whether or not your article is going to be read.

And as you already know, it doesn’t matter what the content is if nobody reads it.

The key to writing best titles is arousing curiosity. Curiosity titles look like “Secrets to____revealed!” or “7 hidden ways to____people don’t want you to know.”

This way you’re going to get a lot of attention.

Also, you can use numbers in the title as that makes it perform better as well. But make sure the title is as great as possible.

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