How To Make A Reel On Instagram That Sells

Instagram reels are a format that took over Instagram by storm and knowing how to make a reel that sells can help you drive a lot of traffic into your sales funnels and get a ton of traffic.

However, creating this type of Instagram reels requires something more than just dancing in front of a camera or following the latest trends.

And that’s why I am going to show you how to make a reel on Instagram that sells in this blog post.

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

Script It Out

Creating a reel that promotes your products or services is something more sophisticated than just taking off your phone and starting to talk to a camera to share some advice in a middle of a walk.

Unless you have a lot of experience and you can share a great sales message from scratch yourself then you should script out what you’re going to say in the reel if you’re planning to talk.

The script should be following one of the proven copywriting formulas like AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), PAS (Problem, Agitation, Solution), or Before-After-Bridge.

The key part of the Instagram reels, regardless of the formula is that it has to HOOK people in with something unusual.

For example, a mediocre hook is just standing in front of a camera and saying the headline that you’ve prepared in the script.

A great hook is something unexpected happening (like you jumping off the ceiling or something) and then saying the headline.

The second thing is going to get way more attention and therefore it is going to make the entire Instagram reel generate way more sales.

Then you are going to follow the script and make the reel as great as possible with you saying a message that converts and that is going to generate leads and sales.

That’s why scripting it out is so powerful. Scripts can make even the best reels better if they are used the right way.

Use Transitions

Using transitions in your reels is a great way to hold the attention of viewers and make them watch the entire message that you have to share, which is absolutely crucial if you want to get results.

And it’s especially important considering that the average attention span is just 8 seconds. That’s less than a goldfish has!

Now, what are some forms of Instagram reel transitions that you can use? Here are some easier examples:

  • Hand-to-camera transition
  • Hand swipe transition
  • Shirt pull transition

If you want, here is an Instagram reel where you can see transitions in action more than well…

However, transitions aren’t even nearly as important as the next thing I am going to show you when it comes to creating a reel on Instagram that sells…

Write A Great Caption

If you want to create a reel on Instagram that converts then writing the right caption is going to be a big differentiator between success and failure.

That is because a lot of people are going to read the caption without even checking the reel and they are going to make a decision solely based on what you write there.

So, besides the caption acting as a summary of the offer you shared in the reel it also has to be structured as a normal sales copy.

So, use the same formula that you would use for writing the reel script. It can be an AIDA or PAS or Before-After-Bridge, or any other formula that you know of.

That way the caption is going to flow and persuade people to take action on its own.

Also, don’t forget that the Instagram reel caption has to be optimized for SEO. Instagram is focusing a lot on SEO recently and it allows people to search for content as well using the search feature.

That means you can get a lot of exposure if you use the right keywords in the caption.

A one-size-fits-all solution is just adding 30 hashtags directly in the caption and besides just increasing your hashtag reach they are also going to act as keywords and ensure your reel is going to appear in the search results.

If that’s not something, for some reason, you want to do, then you will have to include the keywords directly in the caption message.

If The Reel Converts, Try A Promotion

If you see that the Instagram reel converts, then one of the things that you can try is promoting it. Even though I don’t generally suggest that you promote your content, if you can turn that reel into a great ad, it might be worth testing.

And if it works, then use it.

So, if you see that the reel is exceptionally performing, you can use the “boost” feature…

Or if you’re more advanced, then do what I suggest and just create a new ad using the reel in it using a Meta Business suite or ads manager.

Once you do that, it is important that you target the right people. If you share the advertising with the wrong audience, then you are going to struggle with people.

Also, track the ad carefully, and don’t sink your entire ad budget right into it. Spend like $100 bucks on testing and see if it works well.

If it doesn’t, terminate it. If it does, then you can increase the ad budget. Remember, if it doesn’t perform with $100, it is not going to perform with $1,000.

And if you want to discover more about how to grow your business online and get new customers using Instagram…

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