Why Buying Instagram Likes Kills Your Brand

If you’ve been thinking about buying Instagram likes before, then I urge you to stop thinking about it right away.

That’s because bought likes are from robots…regardless of what the seller says.

And even if you’d somehow get the likes from real people, then the truth is you’d still struggle.

Because it is not only going to mean your engagement on your next content will be the same as it was before…

But the algorithm will know it, Instagram will find out, and your REAL audience will find out.

It’s like unpinning a grenade and hoping it doesn’t explode. It will.

And if this didn’t persuade you to make the decision not to buy likes (or followers, comments, etc.) then let’s have a closer look at why you should never do it in this article.

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in.

It Completely Destroys Your Credibility

When it comes to building a strong brand, honesty and integrity has to be in place.

That’s why buying Instagram likes is so dangerous. People ALWAYS find out and the first moment they see your brand has tried to fool them with anything, you’ll lose all trust and they’ll never buy from you.

And if you already made this mistake, then the best thing you can do is to publicly apologize and ensure you never do it again.

Nothing works like that. People have understanding and even though some will unfollow you and leave, 95% will understand.

That means you’ll be fine. However, one thing you must never do even if the devil would try to make you do it is buying likes after you apologize.

When you apologize and then you do it again, you might as well terminate your current brand and start a new one because nobody will trust you again and you won’t make any sales.

So, in a nutshell if you already made the mistake of buying Instagram likes apologize for it and stop.

If you haven’t don’t even try it. And now, let’s move on to another GIANT reason why you should never do it…

It’s Against Instagram Policies And Sooner Or Later You’ll Likely Get Banned

If wasting your money and ruining your brand is not enough…

Instagram is also going to ban you if buy Instagram likes sooner than later. So, in the end, you’re going to lose your account as well.

The moment you buy Instagram likes, the algorithm will see a giant surge of engagement on your post and it will seem suspicious to it. So, it will start to control the accounts that liked you and disable them.

Yes, in short term even bot accounts can get you on explore page and boost your reach, however it is not worth a banana because the moment Instagram figures out you bought followers, your account is going to get disabled without warning, and option to get it back.


So, keep this in mind before you decide to make an Instagram marketing sin like this.

But now, if even that’d not enough to repel you from buying Instagram likes a hundred miles away…

You Flush Your Money Down The Toilet

In case you don’t care about getting banned or killing your brand, you also need to understand that it’s never free.

You’ll usually have to pay some big bucks for this service and it’s nothing but a scam.

Usually you won’t even get the Instagram likes that you paid for. But after you read this article that might even be a better option as you already understand.

Instagram won’t ban you…

Your brand will survive…

Your name will still be worth something…

And you’ll be fine except you’ll lose some dollars.

So, don’t buy likes or anything else. The only way you can get results is by working your way in or…running ads.

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