How To Make More Sales On Instagram

The main and only reason why you should be on Instagram is to make sales. The problem is that not many people know how to make them.

And that’s why I am going to reveal to you how to make more sales on Instagram and grow your business online using this platform.

  1. 1. Stop Selling And Build Connections
  2. 2. Share Your Offer In Every Post
  3. 3. Use Highlights In Your Favor
  4. 4. Sell In Stories

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

1. Stop Selling And Build Connections

The main reason why you are likely struggling to make sales on Instagram is that every post that you share is nothing but a sales pitch.

You sell, sell, and sell however, you don’t get any results in the end.

And that is simply because selling is not the right strategy if you want to get results. Instead, you need to build connections.

And the way you are going to build connections and make sales on Instagram is by sharing valuable content that people actually want to consume…

…and have only one goal which is to DRIVE traffic to your sales process. In other words, leave selling for whatever sales process you have outside of Instagram.

Don’t sell in your posts. Use them only to drive traffic to the sales process and do it in a way that doesn’t hurt the main message of what you try to share.

Remember, if your content is bad, nobody will know you exist. When nobody knows you exist, you make no sales.

And that ties directly to the second tip to make sales on Instagram which is to…

2. Share Your Offer In Every Post

This is the key to making sales on Instagram because in 95% of cases, your dream customers are not going to buy the moment they see you offer something.

Likely they are just going to have a look at it. Instead, the moment when they are going to buy and when you make a sale using your Instagram is the moment when they’ve seen your offer for the 10th, 20th, or even 100th time.

For that reason, you want to share your offer in every post that you share. The thing that makes you a lot of money on Instagram is called FREQUENCY.

You need to frequently share your offer for a long enough time to get the best results and make sales.

If you are going to share just one post with the offer and expect people to buy, then you are not going to make any sales and you’ll be confused why your Instagram marketing isn’t working.

That’s because you want to share your offer in the content again, again, and again.

And what’s funny is that you should promote it as well. That’s right! I know in the point above I said something else, but you really need to promote.

It just has to be strategically planned as you shouldn’t promote more than 80% of the time.

Again, Instagram marketing is mainly about building the right connections. If you promote more than 20% of the time, you risk a giant loss of followers and low reach which will account for low sales on Instagram.

3. Use Highlights In Your Favor

Highlights are a fantastic way to promote your products and services on Instagram and sell them virtually non-stop without you being present.

You see, highlights are saved stories that are going to appear on your profile and that are absolutely permanent. It is absolutely amazing how well, they can be used and how effectively they work as an Instagram sales tool.

That is simply because when somebody visits your profile, they can check the highlight and instantly get sold.

Instagram highlights image

The most effective way, highlights should be structured is by following the AIDA formula. In other words, you’ll start by grabbing their attention, then you’ll dive deep into emotions, then you present the irresistible offer, and then you add a call to action with urgency.

Boom, a highlight offer has been created and you are ready to begin!

What’s really important to remember is that it doesn’t really matter if you share it as image content or visual content. Both formats work if you want to use highlights to make sales on Instagram.

4. Sell In Stories

Selling in stories on Instagram is going to generate more sales than you could ever think of. That’s simply because there are as many people checking stories as there are people going through posts.

And when you use stories the right way, they can become a perfect tool for making sales on Instagram.

Just as with any other part of Instagram marketing, you want to share the offer at the end of your stories and include the link sticker to redirect as much traffic to the offer as possible.

Don’t redirect them to the link in your bio. Include a link sticker. That is far better.

But including a link sicker in your stories is on its own going to do absolutely no good. To get the best results you need to have the right message in place.

So, create a sequence (when you promote) using the AIDA formula, or just create a simple hook-story-offer message.

That will be enough and it will for sure work like crazy.

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